promiscuous - indiscriminate in sexual relations

diva - a distinguished female singer, a prima donna.

huff - blow, pant, puff; an exclamation attributed to a swaggerer or bully, esp. when introduced on the stage.

blackout - Theatr. The darkening of a stage during a performance; temporary complete loss of consciousness.

circus - a circular arena surrounded by tiers of seats, for the exhibition of equestrian, acrobatic, and other performances.

corridor - a main passage in a large building, upon which in its course many apartments open.

flat - Theat. A part of a scene mounted on a wooden frame which is pushed in horizontally or lowered on to the stage.

spotlight - Theatr., a lamp used to cast intense illumination on a small area of a stage; also, the light cast by such a lamp.

cloth - Theat. The curtain which separates the auditorium from the stage. Also, a large piece of painted scenery, etc.

spill - a diffusion of light, esp. beyond the area intended to be illuminated.

rake - a way, path; esp. a rough path over a hill, a narrow path up a cleft or ravine.

haying - the process of making and storing hay

queue - a number of persons ranged in a line, awaiting their turn to proceed, as at a ticket- office.

Old Hundredth* - a hymn tune which first appeared in the Geneva psalter of 1551 and was later set to Psalm 100 in the 'old' metrical version of the Geneva Psalter (hymn 166 in 'Hymns Ancient and Modern'); the psalm itself.


pawn - to deposit with or hand over to some one (usually a pawnbroker) as security for the repayment of a loan.

quick time - Mil. A brisk rate of marching consisting of about 120 paces of at least 30 inches each in a minute.

ark - obs. form of arch;                     wright - one who works in wood; a carpenter, a joiner.

chequered - marked like a chess-board; hence, having a pattern of various colours in more or less geometrical arrangement.

notwithstanding* - nevertheless, still, yet

stalemate - Chess. To subject to a stalemate

backgammon - to defeat at backgammon, or by winning a backgammon.

trestle - transf. and fig.: esp. (pl.) applied to the legs

double corner - one of two diagonal white fields in the corner of the chessboard.

whist - to become or be silent, cease or refrain from speaking, hold one's peace; to play whist.

game - to amuse, please, give pleasure to; to play at games of chance for a prize, stake, or wager.

scenic artist - a painter or designer of scenery for the stage

realter* - to alter again


limen - the limit below which a given stimulus ceases to be perceptible; the minimum amount of stimulus or nerve-excitation required to produce a sensation.


the daddy of them all* - the best or finest example of something pleasant or unpleasant.

chump - a short thick lump of wood chopped or sawn off from timber; fig. A man as unintelligent as a chump of wood; a block, blockhead.

ado - to do

ominous* - of doubtful or menacing aspect or appearance

ain't it

yesse - obs. f. yes

begrave - to bury (a corpse, treasure, etc.); to engrave, to ornament with graved work.

naggin - variant of noggin - a small drinking vessel; a mug or cup.

Aladdin's lamp* - a magic lamp whose genie could grant any wish of the holder.

booty - that which is taken from an enemy in war; the collective plunder or spoil                                                                beauty


fordo - to destroy, ruin, spoil, wreck (a place or thing) (arch.)

newly - very recently or lately, within a very little time (before that spoken of); immediately or soon (after a particular time); in a new fashion or manner.

to steal (the) picture, scene, show* - (colloq. (orig. U.S.)) in theatrical contexts, to outshine unexpectedly the rest of the cast; also transf., to become or make oneself the centre of attention.

newspapers;                     bagger - one who encloses in bags; spec. a miser (obs.)

on this wise - in this way

Bartholomew - name of one of the twelve apostles, the festival in whose honour is held on the 24th of August; on this day, in 1572, took place the great massacre of the Protestants in France.

astern - at the stern or rear of (a ship); in the rear, behind (at any distance).

peruke - a periwig or wig

forefather - an ancestor, a progenitor

leading lady - the chief actress in a theatrical company or a film

poppyhead* - the capsule of the poppy;            poop - the aftermost part of a ship, the stern; a stupid or ineffectual person, a fool.

saffron - the orange-yellow colour of saffron

nightdress - a night-gown or other dress intended for wear during the night.

chevelure* - the hair of the head, a head of hair

masterkey* - a key that will open a number of different locks, each of which has its own key that will not open any of the rest.

bally - a euphemism for bloody, used as a vague intensive of general application; 'jolly', 'confounded'.

streamline - line of flow, a fluid line

ken - to descry, see; to discover by sight; to have knowledge of or about (a thing, place, person, etc.), to understand; to know, understand, or perceive (a fact, etc.)

costume* - the mode or fashion of personal attire and dress (including the way of wearing the hair, style of clothing and personal adornment) belonging to a particular nation, class, or period; (with a. and pl.). A complete set of outer garments.

sup - fig. To have experience of, to taste

zest - fig. Something that imparts a relish, savour, or piquancy; a piquant quality which adds to the enjoyment or agreeableness of something                                                                                                                                                                             Z

divine - to make out by sagacity, intuition, or fortunate conjecture; to obtain insight into what is future or unrevealed by auguries, portents, magical or occult devices.

hable - early form of able