reachy - that has a long reach

skeer - to poke out (ashes), clear out (a fire) by poking;              skid row* - any run-down area of a town where the unemployed, vagrants, alcoholics, etc., tend to congregate.

coed - a co-educational institution or system; a girl or woman student at a co-educational institution.

tomboy - a girl who behaves like a spirited or boisterous boy

thwacker - one who or that which thwacks (to beat or strike vigorously, as with a stick), a beater.

teaser - one who teases

have to know

awhile - (for) a short time, (for) a little                                                                                                                                 a time

nowadays* - at the present day, in these times

beehive* - a hat shaped like a beehive

Elizabeth* - a coin of Queen Elizabeth (obs.)

sov - colloq. abbrev. of sovereign                                                                                                                                        save

pur et simple* = pure and simple

pet name* - a name expressing fondness or familiarity, as the various abbreviated and altered forms, diminutives, etc.

passim - here and there, scatteredly

novelette* - a story of moderate length having the characteristics of a novel. Now freq. applied to a short romantic or sentimental novel of inferior quality.

buttercup - a name popularly applied to species of Ranunculus bearing yellow cup-shaped flowers, esp. R. bulbosus, R. acris, and R. repens.

monitress - in a girls' school, a pupil having special duties assigned to her.

missy - pertaining to, resembling, or characteristic of a miss or young lady.

forsake - to decline or refuse to bear, encounter, have to do with.

gracecup - the cup of liquor passed round after grace is said; the last cup of liquor drunk before retiring, a parting draught.

brooder - one who broods over things                                                                                                                         brother

cissy = sissy - effeminate, cowardly

shellback - a marine turtle

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing;
casket - a small box or chest for jewels, letters, or other things of value, itself often of valuable material and richly ornamented.

Grecian - of or pertaining to Greece


spray - a graceful shoot or twig of some flowering or fine-foliaged plant or tree, used for decoration or ornament; an artificial imitation of this.

Passiflora* - the genus of plants containing the Passion-flower.

heliotrope - a name given to plants of which the flowers turn so as to follow the sun; in early times applied to the sunflower, marigold, etc.; now, a plant of the genus Heliotropium.

amaranth - an imaginary flower reputed never to fade; a genus of ornamental plants (Amarantus, N.O. AmarantaceŠ) with coloured foliage, of which the Prince's Feather and Love-lies-bleeding are species.

marygold - the name of several plants having golden or bright yellow flowers.

and lead us not into temptation

charisma* - Theol. A free gift or favour specially vouchsafed by God; the capacity to inspire devotion or enthusiasm.

intriguant - one that intrigues; intriguing, scheming

bambino* - a child, a baby; spec. an image of the infant Jesus in swaddling-clothes, exhibited at Christmas in churches in Italy.

Decameron* - the title of a work by Boccaccio containing a hundred tales which are supposed to be related in ten days.

little bit

handmade - made by hand. Formerly distinguished from the work of nature (= artificial), now usually from that of machinery.

in mid - in the middle, in the midst; amid, in the middle or centre of.

Mother of God* - a frequent designation of the Virgin Mary in Catholic use.

dormition - sleeping, falling asleep; righteous sleep of Virgin Mary

doth - arch. 3rd pers. pres. ind. of do

hath - arch. 3rd pers. sing. pres. ind. of have


petticoat - the wearer of a petticoat, a female

gentleness* - the state of being gentle                                                                                                                       gentle nest

bab - a former nursery word for dad or papa (obs.)

enticer - one who, or that which, entices; an instigator (obs.); a seducer, tempter.

stirrer - one who or something which excites or provokes something, as strife, passion, etc., or incites a person to something.

forty winks* - a short nap, esp. after dinner

biddle - dial. var. beetle