reachy - that has a long reach + derecho, izquierdo (sp) - right, left + reach

skeer - to poke out (ashes), clear out (a fire) by poking + skid row - any run-down area of a town where the unemployed, vagrants, alcoholics, etc., tend to congregate + skeer (Danish) - spoons.

Stella + still higher.

Vanessa + til h°jre, til venstre (Danish) - right, left. 

FDV: Here are two rooms on the upstairs, on the fork side and the knife side. Whom are they for? Why, for little porters, to be saved. Who Ah, so? Who sleeps in number one? A pussy. How sweet of her! Has your pussy a name? Yes, indeed, and she is named Buttercup. How very sweet of her! And what an excessively charming name to forsake now that I come to drink of it, a cups cup fulled with butter. Alone? Alone what? I mean does she do asleep with herself? She is never lonely for she can always look at and talk hands to her little playfilly when she is sitting down on the floor plush plosh mat. O she talks, does she? Ah Biddles es ma plikplak plikflak ah plek wat ma Biddles. A nice light baritone she has will have but I much prefer the her name of Buttercups in buttercups. So do I, much. She strikes the one onlooker, at least, as a beautiful promise, more so than Selina or Teasy or Fauna or Flora.

Kante (ger) - edge + (left hand holds fork, right knife).

world + Babes in the Wood (pantomime).

coed - a co-educational institution or system; a girl or woman student at a co-educational institution + coed (Welsh) - a wood.

tomboy - a girl who behaves like a spirited or boisterous boy + bottom.

thwacker - a person who strikes a blow with a flat object

teaser - a person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way

ought to know

awhile - (for) a short time, (for) a little + once upon a time (phrase).

nowadays - at the present day, in these times

Ach so? (ger) - Really? + FDV: Who Ah, so?

Corsican Brothers - Louis and Fabian Franchi in Dumas's novel, Boucicault's play. The brothers are identical twins, one good, one bad, who share each other's passions and pains.  

bless + guess.

beehive - a hat shaped like a beehive

Elizabeth - a coin of Queen Elizabeth (obs.) + haloszabat (Hungarian) - bedroom (accusative).

sov - colloq. abbrev. of sovereign + save + sov (Danish) - to sleep.

purr - (of a cat) to make a low continuous vibratory sound usually expressing contentment + pur et simple = pure and simple + par exemple (fr) - for example.

Cunina, Statulina, Edulia - as Mr Higginson says, Roman goddesses. The first presides over cradles. The second is the feminine form of the god to whom sacrifices were made when children were learning to stand. The third may be a mistake for Edulica, the goddess who supported weaned children with food.  

pet name - a name expressing fondness or familiarity, as the various abbreviated and altered forms, diminutives, etc. + pes (Czech) - dog + FDV: Who sleeps in number one? A pussy. How sweet of her! Has your pussy a name?

passim - here and there, scatteredly + pas (Serbian) - dog.

novelette - a story of moderate length having the characteristics of a novel. Now freq. applied to a short romantic or sentimental novel of inferior quality + novelletta (it) - little short story.

buttercup - a poisonous herbaceous plant (genus Ranunculus) with bright yellow cup-shaped flowers, common in grassland and as a garden weed + Gilbert and Sullivan: H.M.S. Pinafore (song): 'I'm called little Buttercup, sweet little Buttercup, Although I could never tell why'.

monitress - in a girls' school, a pupil having special duties assigned to her

missy - pertaining to, resembling, or characteristic of a miss or young lady

forsake - to abandon (someone or something), to renounce or give up (something valued or pleasant) + FDV: Yes, indeed, and she is named Buttercup. How very sweet of her! And what an excessively charming name to forsake now that I come to drink of it, a cups cup fulled with butter.

gracecup - the cup of liquor passed round after grace is said; the last cup of liquor drunk before retiring, a parting draught + "Shaun mentions his drinking of Isobel's urine, which is his characteristic form of communion with the BVM" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

name of Blessed Virgin Mary (Hebrew 'Miriam') erroneously etymologised as 'bitterness'.

Genesis 19:36: 'Thus were both the daughters of Lot with child by their father' + Joyce's notes: 'Lot father of grandson' & "L's d's m's of their b's" (Lot's daughters mothers of their brothers).

brooder - one who broods over things + brother + Bruder (ger) = broeder (Dutch) - brother.

cissy = sissy - effeminate, cowardly + sis - short for sister + (Isolde, as Mark's wife, was technically Tristan's aunt).

shellback - a marine turtle

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing + casket - a small box or chest for jewels, letters, or other things of value, itself often of valuable material and richly ornamented.

Freundin (ger) - girlfriend, mistress + -een (Irish) - (diminutive).

Grecian - of or pertaining to Greece


lilia (pl.) (l) - lilies + lilla (it) - lilac.

Flocke (ger) - flake

roses + arroser (fr) - to sprinkle, to bedew + arrosas (l) - nibbled at.

spray - a graceful shoot or twig of some flowering or fine-foliaged plant or tree, used for decoration or ornament; an artificial imitation of this + New Year's Day + William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.174: 'There's rosemary...'

pasqueflower - various deciduous perennial flowering plants, of the genus Pulsatilla, found in clumps in certain grassland areas (PICTURE)


heliotrope - a name given to plants of which the flowers turn so as to follow the sun; in early times applied to the sunflower, marigold, etc.; now, a plant of the genus Heliotropium.

Sweet William - pink flower + name of Blessed Virgin Mary (Hebrew 'Miriam') erroneously etymologised as 'bitterness'.

amaranth - an imaginary flower reputed never to fade; a genus of ornamental plants (Amarantus, N.O. AmarantaceŠ) with coloured foliage, of which the Prince's Feather and Love-lies-bleeding are species (PICTURE).

marygold - the name of several plants having golden or bright yellow flowers

Lord's Prayer: 'and lead us not into temptation'

Charis (gr) - a Grace, one of the Graces

charisma - Theol. A free gift or favour specially vouchsafed by God; the capacity to inspire devotion or enthusiasm + carissima (fem.) (l) - dearest.

intriguant - intriguing, scheming

bambino - a child, a baby; spec. an image of the infant Jesus in swaddling-clothes, exhibited at Christmas in churches in Italy + bambola (it) - doll dressed as grown-up woman.

boccuccia (it) - little mouth

Decameron - the title of a work by Boccaccio containing a hundred tales which are supposed to be related in ten days + enameron (l) - a thing of one day (modeled on decameron: a thing of ten days).

little bit + lillebitte (Danish) - tiny.

handmade - made by hand. Formerly distinguished from the work of nature (= artificial), now usually from that of machinery + According to Plutarch, Isis had not recovered the phallus of Osiris, rather she herself "hand-made" an imitation + Luke 1:38: 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord' (Angelus).

in mid - in the middle, in the midst; amid, in the middle or centre of + grasp the moth (in flight).

Mother of God - a frequent designation of the Virgin Mary in Catholic use

John 1:14: 'the word was made flesh'

dormition - sleeping, falling asleep; righteous sleep of Virgin Mary

doth - arch. 3rd pers. pres. ind. of do

hath - arch. 3rd pers. sing. pres. ind. of have

do + two.

s'il vous plaţt (fr) - please, if you please

petticoat - the wearer of a petticoat, a female + pussy cat.

gentleness - the state of being gentle + gentle nest

bab - a former nursery word for dad or papa (obs.) + Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary.

bimbashi - a middle East military officer

enticer - one who incites or allures to evil

Up, guards, and at them! (motif)

stirrer - a person who spreads frightening rumors and stirs up trouble

forty winks - a short nap, esp. after dinner + FDV: Alone? Alone what? I mean does she do asleep with herself?

chambrette (fr) - little room

biddle - dial. var. beetle