downy - of the nature of or like down; feathery, fluffy                                                                                                    down

marry - an exclamation of asseveration, surprise, indignation, etc.: Simply. (Often used in answering a question, and implying surprise that it should be asked: = 'why, to be sure').

petalled* - furnished or adorned with or as with petals

Jezebel - name of the infamous wife of Ahab king of Israel; hence used allusively for a wicked, impudent, or abandoned woman or for a woman who paints her face.

baronnette* - a little baroness, a baron's daughter

misnomer* - a wrong name or designation

dulce - sweet to the eye, ear, or feelings; pleasing, agreeable, soothing.

hasting - Applied to persons who hasten or make haste

tiptoe* - to raise oneself or stand on tiptoe; to step or trip lightly. Also to tiptoe it.

scarlad = scarlet (obs.)

shelterer - one who takes shelter; one who shelters another

promiseful - full of promise or pre-indication of good

blee - colour, hue (arch.)                                                                                                                                               believe

merry girls

romp - to play, sport, or frolic in a very lively, merry, or boisterous manner.

saucy - Of persons, their dispositions, actions, or language: Insolent towards superiors; occas. with the notion: Wanton, lascivious; In modern use: Smart, stylish.

saucepan* - a vessel of metal, with a long handle projecting from the side, and usually with a lid.

patchbox - a small decorative box; a box for holding patches for the face.

flinders - fragments, pieces, splinters

aimlessly* - in aimless manner, without object or purpose.

beautysleep* - the sleep secured before midnight

birdie - a little bird, a dear or pretty little bird

elder - to become older, to begin to show age


maggot - a worm or grub of the kind formerly supposed to be generated by corruption; chiefly applied to the larva of a dipterous fly, esp. those of the cheese-fly and the flesh-fly.


babe - infant, baby

heartside* - the left side;         to wear one's heart upon one's sleeve - to expose one's feelings, wishes, intentions, etc. to every one.


bode - a herald, a messenger (obs.)                                                                                                                                      boy


blue eyes

mou = mouth

bugle* - a hunting-horn, originally made of the horn of a 'bugle' or wild ox; a military instrument of brass or copper, resembling the trumpet, but smaller.

weird - that which is destined or fated to happen to a particular person, etc.; what one will do or suffer; one's appointed lot or fortune, destiny                                                                                                                                                                 word

wean - to accustom (a child or young animal) to the loss of its mother's milk; to cause to cease to be suckled.

(by) gorry* = (by) God

blare - to roar with prolonged sound in weeping, as a child; to bellow as a calf.


spite of = in spite of

quest - Of persons: To go about in search of something, to search or seek.

keen - Of persons: Eager, ardent, fervid; intellectually acute, sharpwitted, shrewd.

dean - a presbyter invested with jurisdiction or precedence (under the bishop or archdeacon) over a division of an archdeaconry.


profane* - not pertaining or devoted to what is sacred or biblical; unconsecrated, secular, lay, common.



story book - a book containing stories, esp. children's stories; also occas. a novel or romance.

someone;                        lam = lamb (obs.)

venial - a venial (pardonable, light) sin or offence, a light fault or error (Now rare.)