twine - to wind or twist (about, over, or round something)

incision* - the action of cutting into something

sweet - something sweet, dessert, candy

muck - unclean matter such as soils that upon which it is deposited or to which it adheres; dirt, filth.

a stick in the mud* - a person with fixed unadventurous habits or ideas;                stake - a stout stick or post, usually of wood, with a pointed end for driving into the ground.

teethe - to develop teeth

wretch - a vile, sorry, or despicable person; one of opprobrious or reprehensible character; a mean or contemptible creature.

craven - defeated, vanquished; cowardly, weak-hearted

posthumous* - Of a child: Born after the death of its father

pettishly* - in a pettish manner, peevishly, petulantly

bespill - intensive of spill

fountainpen* - a pen furnished with an ink-reservoir

inkhorn* - a small portable vessel (originally made of a horn) for holding writing-ink.

jerry - a German; spec. a German soldier; a chamber-pot

jehu - a driver, a coachman

caper - a shrub (Capparis spinosa) in habit of growth like the common bramble, abundant on walls and rocky places in the South of Europe                                                                                                                                                                       papers

sheepfold - a pen or enclosure for sheep; fig., esp. in a spiritual sense; Hence sheepfold (v.)

wrought - created, shaped, moulded                                                                                                                                 right

foetal - of or pertaining to or of the nature of a fetus

lease - to grant the possession or use of (lands, etc.) by a lease

within the pale - inside the limits normally allowed for one's behavior among other people.

Lord Byron

Brian Boru

blake - pale, pallid, wan

unblest - not blessed in fortune or lot; unfortunate, wretched, miserable; unhallowed, unholy; wicked, evil, malignant.

rode - Of wild-fowl: To fly landward in the evening                                                                                                             rides

Bulgar - any member of an ancient Finnish tribe who conquered the Slavs of Moesia in the seventh century a.d. and settled what is now Bulgaria, becoming Slavonic in language; a native or inhabitant of Bulgaria.

have sent

anemone - Bot. A genus of plants (N.O. RanunculaceŠ) with handsome flowers, widely diffused over the temperate regions of the world.


betie - to tie round, bind fast (obs.)


preterite - of or pertaining to bygone time; occurring or existing previously; Gram. Expressing past action or state.

to be about to (do something) - intending to or on the point of (doing something).

scrum - abbreviated form of scrummage (a noisy contention or tussle; also, a confused struggle between persons, often with exchange of blows).

jerkoff - someone of little or no account; a fool, a stupid person                                                                                         Jacob

Esau* - name of the elder of the twin sons of the patriarch Isaac, who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for 'a mess of pottage'.

costar - to employ or present with a co-star or co-stars; a star of the cinema or stage appearing in the same production as one or more other stars of equal importance.

puck - one given to mischievous tricks, esp. a mischievous child or youngster.

prig - a spruce fellow, a dandy, a fop

hoy - a cry used to call attention;                         high court - a supreme court.

frilled - having, wearing, or adorned with a frill, or something like a frill.

Romeo and Juliet

folly - foolish; also, lewd, unchaste

pep - brisk energy, high spirits, liveliness

puppyhood - the state of being a puppy; the early period of a dog's life.

yeastcake - a cake of compressed yeast

rosen - formed or consisting of roses; rose-coloured, rosy, roseate.

weal - wealth, riches, possessions (obs.); welfare, well-being, happiness, prosperity.

snuffbox* - a box for holding snuff, usually small enough to be carried in the pocket.


whole - to become whole; to recover from sickness; to make into a whole, to assemble or unite.

shouldst - arhaic past of shall

scheming - the action of the vb. scheme; planning, contrivance

neither man nor mouse* - not a creature

neither fish nor flesh - neither one thing nor another; without the particular qualities (or merits) of either.

vellicate - Of things: To act upon or affect so as to irritate; Of persons: To tickle or titillate.

niche* - a small vaulted recess or chamber made in the thickness of a wall, or in the ground; a place of retreat or retirement.

semble - to bring together (things) into one place or mass, to collect.

quick - pl. (Without article or -s.) Living persons

quell - to kill, slay, put to death, destroy (a person or animal) (Now rare or Obs.); to destroy, put an end to, suppress, extinguish, etc.

adieu - good-bye! farewell!