Gemini* - a mild form of oath or exclamation

discordance - disagreement, want of concord

entail - cutting, carving; pattern or shape

eclipse - fig. To cast a shadow upon, throw into the shade

feme covert - a woman under cover or protection of her husband; a married woman.

helios (gr) - sun

Creosus - the Latin form of the name of a king of Lydia in the sixth century b.c., who was  famous for his riches.

white elephant - a rare albino variety of elephant which is highly venerated in some Asian countries; fig. A burdensome or costly possession (from the story that the kings of Siam were accustomed to make a present of one of these animals to courtiers who had rendered themselves obnoxious, in order to ruin the recipient by the cost of its maintenance).

fullback - (Football), position in the field behind the other 'backs'.

profusely - in profusion or abundance; wastefully, lavishly

Grekish - obs. ff. Greekish (Greek, Grecian)

relief map - a map that indicates the relief of the land, either by the analogous form of its surface or by a system of colouring, shading contour lines, or the like.

bisect* - to cut or divide into two equal parts

prominence - that which is prominent; a projection, protuberance.

confound - to throw into confusion of mind or feelings

sacristan* - the sexton of a parish church (obs. or arch.)

amiably - lovably, agreeably, so as to attract love or admiration (obs.)

tufted - having or adorned with a tuft or tufts;                 tuft - a bunch (natural or artificial) of small things, usually soft and flexible, as hairs, feathers, etc., fixed or attached at the base.

bewonder - to wonder at, regard wonderingly, admire

boskage - a mass of growing trees or shrubs; a thicket, grove; woody undergrowth.

frisco* - a brisk movement in dancing, a caper

enliven - to make 'lively' or cheerful, cheer, exhilarate; to impart liveliness to, relieve the monotony of, diversify agreeably (circumstances, conditions).

housing - a house or building

hundredary = hundreder - the bailiff or chief officer of a hundred.

to have reason* - to be right (esp. in making a statement) (obs.)

wort - a plant, herb, or vegetable, used for food or medicine.

jointoil - a transparent viscid lubricating fluid

paynim - a pagan, a heathen; a non-Christian; esp. a Muslim, a Saracen (arch. and poetic.)


norland - the north-country, the land in the north

athwart - from side to side of, transversely over, across; across in various directions, to and fro over, all over.

weald - a wooded district or an open country

sylvan* - belonging, pertaining, or relating to, situated or performed in, associated with, or characteristic of, a wood or woods                                                                                                                                                                          serious

belting - beating, thrashing;                           beings.

therewithal - along with or together with that; besides, or in addition to that.

shady - shaded, protected by shade


rustic - of or pertaining to the country (as opposed to the town).

sprite - a supernatural, incorporeal, rational being or personality, usually regarded as imperceptible at ordinary times to the human senses, but capable of becoming visible at pleasure, and freq. conceived as troublesome, terrifying, or hostile to mankind.


plain - an expression of pain, grief, or discontent; complaint, lamentation                                                                             pain

scarlet pimpernel - Anagallis arvensis (a small decumbent annual found in cornfields and waste ground, with smooth ovate opposite leaves, and bright scarlet flowers (varying with blue, and, more rarely, flesh-coloured or white) which close in cloudy or rainy weather); the name assumed by the hero of a series of novels by Baroness Orczy (1865-1947), a dashing but  elusive Englishman who rescued potential victims of the French Reign of Terror.

to take root - to settle properly in the ground; to spring from something.

feud - Feudal Law. An estate in land (in England always a heritable estate), held on condition of homage and service to a superior lord, by whom it is granted and in whom the ownership remains.

eavesdrop* - the dripping of water from the eaves of a house; the space of ground which is liable to receive the rain-water thrown off by the eaves of a building. Chiefly used with reference to the ancient custom or law which prohibited a proprietor from building at a less distance than two feet from the boundary of his land, lest he should injure his neighbour's land by 'eavesdrop'; to listen secretly to (conversation); formerly also, to listen within the 'eavesdrop' of (a house).

garner - fig. To collect or deposit as in a garner, to make a store of;                   to garner up - to store or lay up.

advenement (obs. rare.) - that which comes or happens; an event, incident.


bodom - obs. form of bottom

fundus - Anat. The base or bottom of an organ, the part remote from the external aperture.

guardeen* - guardian

astride - with the legs stretched wide apart, or so that one leg is on each side of some object between, as when a person is on horseback.