pedestrian* - one who goes or travels on foot, a walker

holl - deeply excavated or depressed, as a valley or ditch; having a void space within, empty.

bander - one who bands or leagues, a confederate

pentapolitan - of or pertainig to a Pentapolis (a confederacy or group of five towns).

police forces

bassoon - a wooden double-reed instrument, with a compass of about three octaves, used as a bass to the oboe, having a pipe eight feet in length, so arranged in parts (whence the Italian  name fagotto) that the whole instrument measures only four feet.

wolver - one who behaves like a wolf; a ravenous or savage creature.

throu - obs. form of through                                                                                                                                            thou


verry = very (obs.)


gay* - bright or lively-looking, esp. in colour; brilliant, showy; excellent, fine (obs.)

Beutel (d) - purse, pouch                                                                                                                                                 bottle

Staub (d) - dust, powder;                     stout - a strong variety of porter.

timid - easily frightened; wanting boldness or courage; fearful, timorous.

overlord - a lord paramount, supreme lord

doth - arch. 3rd pers. pres. ind. of do                                                                                                                                that

flinch - to give way, draw back, yield ground in a combat; to draw back or turn aside from a course of action, a duty or enterprise.


jabberwock* - the name of the fabulous monster in Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky. Hence in allusive and extended uses, esp. 'incoherent or nonsensical expression'.

stole - pa. tense and pple. of steal

thunner = thunder (obs.)

Eire - Ireland                                                                                                                                                                   air


shoo* - An exclamation used to frighten or drive away poultry, birds, or other intruders.

maljcik (r.) - child

Lublin - city in Poland                                                                                                                                                  Dublin

thoroughbass - a succession of bass notes in instrumental part; erron. A loud or deep bass.

bigness - large size or bulk; fig. Haughtiness, pompousness, swagger                                                                            business

bottomside* - the lowest part of anything, considered as a material thing; the lower or under surface.

dormio (l) - to sleep                                                                                                                                               REFERENCE

sonly - sonlike, filial                                                                                                                                                        soonly

brittle - fig. Frail, weak; insecure, unstable, transitory


dim - dimness, obscurity, dusk; dimness of vision


coach - to ride or drive in a coach or motor coach

sulphur spa - spa with water containing sulphur

hit or miss* - a situation in which there are equal chances of either success or failure; at random, at haphazard, happy-go-lucky.

Pict* - one of an ancient people of disputed origin and ethnological affinities, who formerly inhabited parts of north Britain. According to the chroniclers the Pictish kingdom was united with the Scottish under Kenneth MacAlpine in 843, and the name of the Picts as a distinct people gradually disappeared. In Scottish folk-lore, the Pechts are often represented as a dark pygmy race, or an underground people.

hack - to cut with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashion.

saxum (l) - stone                                                                                                                                                         Saxons

burrow - Of animals: To make a burrow or small excavation, esp. as a hiding- or dwelling-place; fig. To lodge as in a burrow, hide oneself.

abed - in bed (Somewhat arch.)

ballet - to express by ballet-action or pantomime