blank - fig. A vacant space, place, or period                                                                                                                blanket

hostie = host - a victim for sacrifice; a sacrifice (lit. and fig.): often said of Christ (obs.)

layer - one who lays stones, a mason (obs.)

lay down - to put (something that one is holding or carrying) down upon the ground or any other surface.


chip - to hew or cut with an axe or adze, or with strokes from any other cutting tool.

saltpetre - potassium nitrate (saltpetre is a white crystalline substance having a saline taste; it is the chief constituent of gunpowder, and is used medicinally).

strew - to cover (the ground, a floor, etc.) with something loosely scattered or sprinkled.

pitch - a tenacious resinous substance, of a black or dark brown colour, hard when cold, becoming a thick viscid semi-liquid when heated; obtained as a residuum from the boiling or distillation of tar, also from the distillation of turpentine; used to stop the seams of ships after caulking, to protect wood from moisture, and for other purposes.

bully - capital, first-rate, 'crack'

blueberry - the name of various species of Vaccinium, especially V. corymbosum.

doze - to sleep drowsily, to fall into a light sleep unintentionally from drowsiness, to be half asleep.

elves - pl. of elf

moonbeam - a ray of moonlight

seneschal - an official in the household of a sovereign or great noble, to whom the administration of justice and entire control of domestic arrangements were entrusted.

palfrey - a saddle-horse for ordinary riding as distinguished from a war-horse; esp. a small saddle-horse for ladies.

Balaam - trumpery paragraphs reserved to fill up the columns of a newspaper or magazine.


beefeater* - an eater of beef; popular appellation of the Yeomen of the Guard, in the household of the Sovereign of Great Britain, instituted at the accession of Henry VII in 1485.

holdup - a stoppage or check in the passage or progress of a person or thing; a cessation, stop.

tent - intent, purpose (obs.)

sticker - a weapon used for piercing or stabbing as distinguished from cutting or slashing; esp. a sticking-knife;           sicker - in which one can put reliance, confidence, or trust; certain, sure.

dun - dark, dusky (from absence of light); murky, gloomy

baron - title of the judges of the Court of Exchequer (the president being the Chief Baron).

duodecimal* - relating to twelfth parts or to the number twelve; proceeding by twelves.

arum - a genus of endogenous plants (N.O. AraceŠ)                                                                                                           arms

put down - to put an end to by force or authority, to suppress, repress, crush.

excursion - fig. An outburst (of feeling); a sally (of wit); an overstepping of the bounds of propriety or custom, a freak.

false alarm* - an alarm without foundation, given either purposely to deceive or under misapprehension of danger;         alarum - a variant of alarm, formerly used in all the senses of the word, but now restricted, exc. in poetical use, to the peal or chime of a warning bell or clock, or the mechanism which produces it.


recompile - to compile again

Magna Charta* - The Great Charter of English personal and political liberty, obtained from King John in 1215, repeatedly confirmed, and appealed to in all disputes between the sovereign and his subjects, till the establishment of constitutional government.

sleety - resembling sleet, sleet-like

cinder - pl. Vaguely used for: Residue of combustion, ashes. Still so used dialectally, though in ordinary language 'cinders' are quite distinct from 'ashes' or the powdery incombustible  residue.

would be - desiring to be

joybells - bells rung to celebrate a joyful event

ringless - without a ring

dowager - a woman whose husband is dead and who is in the enjoyment of some title or some property that has come to her from him; Familiarly. An elderly lady of dignified demeanour.

daulphin - obs. form of dauphin (the title of the eldest son of the King of France, from 1349 to 1830).

gerent - one who holds an office; a manager, ruler


to the full - Indicating the full extent, degree, or amount

coign - In the Shaksperian phrase coign of vantage: a position (properly a projecting corner) affording facility for observation or action.

obeisance - a bodily act or gesture expressive of submission or respect (almost always, A bending or prostration of the body in token of this); Often in phr. to do, make, pay obeisance.

brand - the blade of a sword or similar weapon, and hence (like 'blade') the sword itself.

herein - in this thing, matter, or case; in this fact, circumstance, or condition; in this particular.

McH: "See, big pig! They are looking at you. Turn back, big pig. How coarse!" (Esperanto)                                    REFERENCE

gauze - a very thin, transparent fabric of silk, linen, or cotton                                                                                                god

suddly - soiled, dirty

entrance - that entrances (to throw into a state of mind resembling a trance; to put 'out of oneself'; to overpower with strong feeling, as delight, fear, etc.)

hummel - a drone, a lazy fellow                                                                                                                                      heavens

crag - a steep or precipitous rugged rock

hullock - obs. form of hillock

sinister* - portending or indicating misfortune or disaster, full of dark or gloomy  suggestiveness.

shag - Of hair, a mane, etc.: Long and rough, shaggy

stark - strong, stout, powerful; rigid, stiff, incapable of movement.

longitude* - length, longitudinal extent; Also, tallness, height (Now chiefly jocular.)

verst - southern ME. varr. first (a.)

hereon - on this

hather - obs. forms of heather

areed - to divine the meaning of (obscure words), interpret (a dream), solve (a riddle or enigma) (arch.)