obelisk - a tapering shaft or column of stone, square or rectangular in section, and usually monolithic and finished with a pyramidal apex; a type of monument specifically characteristic of ancient Egypt.

via - by way of, by a route, through the medium of

myle = mile

John Knox - (1505-72) the Scottish Reformer who was mainly responsible for establishing the Presbyterian Church                    six

furlong - eighth part of an English mile



memorial - something by which the memory of a person, thing, or event is preserved, as a monumental erection, a custom or an observance.

league - an itinerary measure of distance, varying in different countries, but usually estimated roughly at about 3 miles; app. never in regular use in England, but often occurring in poetical or rhetorical statements of distance.

to the point - (of speech or writing, or transf. of the speaker or writer): Apposite, apt, pertinent.

unfettered - not restrained or limited, free

leer - to look obliquely or askance, to cast side glances. Now only, to look or gaze with a sly, immodest, or malign expression in one's eye.

set up - to provide (a person) with means, to place in a position of prosperity or in the way of retrieving one's fortune.

unfettered - not confined or restrained by fetters. Chiefly in fig. use: Unrestrained, unrestricted.

cascade - Usually, a small waterfall; esp. one of a series of small falls, formed by water in its descent over rocks, or in the artificial works of the kind introduced in landscape gardening.


pinky - small, diminutive, tiny

glover - one who makes or sells gloves                                                                                                                         lover's

burgess - an inhabitant of a borough; a citizen, freeman of a borough.

pink - to ornament (cloth, leather, or the like) by cutting or punching eyelet-holes, figures, letters, etc.; to adorn, beautify, deck (obs.); Of a person: To peep or peer with half-closed eyes, to blink or wink in a sleepy or sly manner.

tete a tete* - a private conversation or interview between two persons; the name of some special types of sofa, settee, etc., made of such a shape as to enable two persons to converse more or less face to face.

gunning - the practice or art of firing guns

humpty dumpty;             umpty - fig. Of a person, place, or circumstance: unpleasant;                dumpty - short and stout; deficient in length or stature.

hangover - a thing or person remaining or left over; a remainder or survival, an after-effect.

streamer - a ray proceeding from the sun; a streaming jet or tongue of flame.

influx - the act or fact of flowing in; the flowing of a river or stream into another river, a lake,  or the sea.

lying - the action of lie in various senses; resting, reclining, being sick, etc.

abroad - out of the home country

mock - (with a verb, with the humorous sense) 'pretendingly'

nan - a grandmother; occas., a children's nurse

liege - the superior to whom one owes feudal allegiance and service.

Michalmas* - obs. ff. Michaelmas (the feast of St. Michael, 29 Sept., one of the four quarter-days of the English business year).

Aussie - Australian                                                                                                                                                     horses

Knight of the Temple* = Templar;                     trample - to tread or walk heavily; to go or travel on foot; to tread heavily and (esp.) injuriously upon; to crush, break down, or destroy by heavy treading.

cavalcade - to ride in a cavalcade, esp. in procession or in company with others; a procession on horseback, esp. on a festive or solemn occasion.

herald - an officer having the special duty of making royal or state proclamations, and of  bearing ceremonial messages between princes or sovereign powers. Also, having the function of arranging public processions, funerals, and other state ceremonials.

loft - an upper chamber, an attic; an apartment or chamber in general.

broadcast* - to scatter (seed, etc.) abroad with the hand; to disseminate (a message, news, a musical or dramatic performance, or any audible or visible matter) from a radio or television transmitting station to the receiving sets of listeners and viewers; fig. To scatter or disseminate widely.

trow - to trust, have confidence in, believe (a person or thing)                                                                                             know

sidesman - one of the persons elected as assistants to the churchwardens of a parish.

accost - to go close to, to approach, for any purpose; to make up to and speak to, to address.

Aryan - Applied by some to the great division or family of languages, which includes Sanskrit, Zend, Persian, Greek, Latin, Celtic, Teutonic, and Slavonic, with their modern representatives; spec. Of or pertaining to the ancient Aryan people.

jubilarian - one who celebrates his or her jubilee; spec. in R.C. Ch., a priest, monk, or nun who has been such for fifty years.

brigadier-general - a military officer in command of a brigade; the status ranks between a major-general and a colonel, but is only local or temporary, being generally held by the senior colonel of the regiments or battalions brigaded together.

buccaneer - 'a name given to piratical rovers who formerly infested the Spanish coasts in America'; By extension: A sea-rover who makes hostile incursions upon the coast.

beagle - a small variety of hound, tracking by scent, formerly used in hunting hares, but now superseded by the Harrier, which sometimes takes its name.

littlego - a private and illegal lottery; Univ. colloq. The popular name (later superseded at Oxford by 'smalls') for the first examination for the degree of B.A.

illcome - unfortunately come or arrived, not welcome (rare.)

fax - the hair of the head; Derisively: The face                                                                                                                     foxes

buff - of the colour of buff leather, a light brownish yellow.

beaufort - a material used for flags (obs.)

noblesse oblige* - Phrase suggesting that noble ancestry constrains (to honourable behaviour); privilege entails responsibility.

omma (gr) - eye

overall - generally, in toto, everywhere

pop - Of the eye: To protrude (as if to burst out)

guillotine* - to behead by the guillotine

quick time - a brisk rate of marching consisting of about 120 paces of at least 30 inches each in a minute; quasi-adv. In quick time.

ply - to offer something to (a person) frequently or persistently; to press (one) to take; to continue to supply with food, drink, gifts, etc.

crowder - one who plays a crowd, a fiddler; one who crowds.

surcoat - an outer coat or garment, commonly of rich material, worn by people of rank of both sexes; often worn by armed men over their armour, and having the heraldic arms depicted on it.

sue - to follow (a person) as an attendant, companion, or adherent; to accompany, attend upon.

gantlet - obs. form of gauntlet (a glove worn as part of mediŠval armour, usually made of leather, covered with plates of steel; In recent use: A stout glove, covering part of the arm as well as the hand, used in driving or riding, fencing, wicket-keeping, etc.)

pontifex* - Rom. Antiq. A member of the principal college of priests in ancient Rome, the head of which was the Pontifex Maximus or chief priest.

durst - pa. tense (and dial. pa. pple.) of dare (v.)

detrain - to discharge from a railway train: the converse of entrain (Orig. a military term.); to alight from a railway train.



fart - to break wind; to fool about or around, to waste time.

beseem - to seem, appear, look (obs.)

behowl - [first suggested by Warburton, 1746, as an emendation of behold in the passage from Mids. N. Dream.] to howl at, to bewail with howls.

New York;                    ne - not;                     yerk - to strike smartly, esp. with a rod or whip; to move (some part of the body) with a jerk or twitch.