Mauser - a military rifle adopted by the German military experts in 1871.

to come abroad - to appear in public, become public or known

rancher - a ranchman

credulous* - over-ready to believe; apt to believe on weak or insufficient grounds.

damson - a small plum, black or dark purple, the fruit of Prunus communis or domestica, variety damascena, which was introduced in very early times into Greece and Italy from Syria.

sloe - the fruit of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), a small ovate or globose drupe of a black or dark-purple colour and sharp sour taste.


plurity - moreness (the condition of being more than one, plurality)


landau* - a four-wheeled carriage, the top of which, being made in two parts, may be closed or thrown open.

loll - to lean idly; to recline or rest in a relaxed attitude, supporting oneself against something.

parasol - to serve as a parasol for, to shade from the sun

giddy - to become giddy

dickey - a shirt collar; a detached shirt-front

jostle* - to come into collision in the tournament; to knock or push against, to come into collision with.

sonne - obs. f. son; obs. f. sun

atonement* - the action of setting at one, or condition of being set at one, after discord or strife; reconciliation (obs.)


dew - to wet with or as with dew; to bedew; to moisten

wistful* - expectantly or yearningly eager, watchful, or intent

Phr. mute, quiet, still, etc., as a mouse (in a cheese)*

movent (obs.) - that moves or is moved; moving

sped - obs. f. spade (n.); obs. f. speed (n.)

who'll pull the bell

insuppressible* - that cannot be suppressed

burgomaster* - the chief magistrate of a Dutch or Flemish town, nearly corresponding to the mayor in England. Often used loosely for any member of the governing body of a foreign municipality. Also for borough-master, as an official title in certain English boroughs.

thon = yon: the demonstrative pron. and adj., pointing to something more remote in place or time than that.

staunch - Of a person: Standing firm and true to one's principles or purpose, not to be turned aside, determined.

fancy - capricious or arbitrary preference; individual taste; an inclination, liking.

Nanny - nickname for Anne

billy - companion, comrade, mate

hod - an open receptacle for carrying mortar, and sometimes bricks or stones, to supply builders at work                              head

best bib and tucker - put for 'best clothes' as a whole, properly of girls or women, but also of men.

Wellington boot* - a high boot covering the knee in front and cut away behind; a waterproof boot usu. reaching the knee, worn in wet or muddy conditions. Usu. pl.;                            botte - ? A brand or marking on sheep.

buckram - a kind of coarse linen or cloth stiffened with gum or paste; fig. Stiff, 'starched', 'stuck up'; that has a false appearance of strength.

babish* - of or befitting a babe; infantile, baby-like.

clouded - covered, surrounded, or obscured, by clouds; having cloud-like markings.

aureal - golden

baronet - a titled order, the lowest that is hereditary, ranking next below a baron, having precedence of all orders of knighthood, except that of the Garter.

meng - to mix, mingle, blend; to disturb, trouble, confound; to bring (living creatures) together, to join (the male with the female).

pueblo - a town or village in Spain or Spanish America; esp. a communal village or settlement of Indians; short for Pueblo Indian.

beaux - pl. of beau

pinchgut - a miserly person who starves himself or others

broadstone - hewn or squared stone

barrow - a mound of earth or stones erected in early times over a grave; a grave-mound, a tumulus.


goodmorrow - a salutation used at meeting in the morning, equivalent to the later good morning; something as void of import as the 'good-morrow' of mere civility; an idle, trivial, or empty saying; a trifling or worthless matter (obs.)


dooty - var. f. dhoti (loin-cloth)                                                                                                                                             duty

allness - completeness, universality

horse elder - corrupt form of horseheal (a tall strong composite plant, with very large yellow flowers, Elecampane (Inula Helenium)).

foison - plenty, abundance, a plentiful supply, a great quantity or number (of persons or things) (arch.); inherent vigour or vitality; power, strength, capacity.

Copenhagen;                            caubeen - an Irish hat.

splendour - brilliant light or lustre; brilliant distinction, eminence, or glory.


might = mighty;                 mace - a sceptre or staff of office, resembling in shape the weapon of war, which is borne before (or was formerly carried by) certain officials. Also formerly = the sceptre of sovereignty.

depose - to lay down, put down (anything material)

speechreading - the action on the part of deaf and dumb persons of comprehending speech by watching the movements of a speaker's mouth.

miniate - to decorate with colors or miniature pictures; to colour or paint with vermilion; to rubricate or (in extended sense) to illuminate (a manuscript).

vellum - a manuscript or testimonial written on vellum; a fine kind of parchment prepared from the skins of calves (lambs or kids) and used especially for writing, painting, or binding.


edify - to inform, instruct; to improve in a moral sense (sometimes ironical.)

ingram - an ignorant person

pageant - a scene acted on the stage; spec. one scene or act of a mediŠval mystery play (Obs. exc. Hist.); a stage or platform on which scenes were acted or tableaux represented; a brilliant or stately spectacle arranged for effect; Comb. as pageantmaster.

poke - to thrust or push (anything) with one's hand or arm, the point of a stick, or the like, usually so as to move or stir it.

arras - a rich tapestry fabric, in which figures and scenes are woven in colours; a hanging screen of this material formerly placed round the walls of household apartments, often at such a distance from them as to allow of people being concealed in the space between.