Spitz (d) - sharp point, pointed part

crimosin - obs. ff. crimson (to become crimson; esp. in blushing)

...The possessive of 'od's (od's, odds) occurs like God's, Gad's, in many asseverative or exclamatory formulę. The origin of 'od's being forgotten, it was written ods, odds, or run together with the following word, as ods-, odz-. Among the phrases (now mostly obs., arch., or dial.) are 'od's blood, body, bones, etc.

carilloner - anglicization of carillonneur (one who plays on 'a set of bells so hung and arranged as to be capable of being played upon either by manual action or by machinery').

Glucksspiel (d) - gamble

underlook* - a covert glance

hark - to give ear or listen to; to hearken to, hear with active attention.

Paul* - the English form of the Latin personal name Paulus, well known as that of the 'Apostle of the Gentiles'.

audio (l) - to listen

John Wesley* - (1703-1791) originator of Methodism

tingaling - the sound of the continued ringing of a small bell, or the like.

Holy Year - a year so designated by the Pope, now usu. once every 25 years, during which special Indulgences are granted and ceremonies held.

tranquille (obs. rare.) = tranquillity

demure - ? To look demurely, 'to look with an affected modesty'

vigil* - Eccl. A devotional watching, esp. the watch kept on the eve of a festival or holy day; a nocturnal service or devotional exercise. Chiefly in pl.;                    vigilance - watchfulness against danger or any action on the part of others.

beatus (l) - happy, blessed, blissful

basilica - Anc. Hist. Literally and originally, a royal palace; thence, a large oblong building or hall, with double colonnades and a semicircular apse at the end, used for a court of justice and place of public assembly. A building of the preceding type, used for Christian worship.

pontification - the act or an instance of pontificating (to perform the functions of a pontiff or bishop, to officiate as a bishop, esp. at mass).

agame (obs.) - in game, in sport

primatial - of, pertaining to, or having ecclesiastical primacy; pertaining to a primate; gen. Of pre-eminence or superiority.

supplicate* - to beg, pray, or entreat humbly; to present a humble petition.

veper - obs. Sc. f. viper

aloft - above, over


parasol* - a light portable screen or canopy carried as a defence from the sun.

impart - to communicate as knowledge or information; to make known, tell, relate.

Benedictus - the fifth movement in the service of the Mass, beginning with the words 'Benedictus qui venit'.

benedicte* - as expressing a wish: Bless you!

unjoint - to sever the joints of; to disjoint, to dislocate; fig. To separate, disunite                                                                anoint

bittern - a very bitter liquor

frust (obs. rare.) - a fragment

unlace - to free or relieve (a person, the body, etc.) by undoing a lace or laces.

mellow - good-humoured, genial, jovial; affected with liquor, partly intoxicated.

swill - to drink freely, greedily, or to excess, like hogs devouring 'swill' or 'wash'.

fuddler - one who fuddles, a tippler

hip-hip-hurrah;                        array - to prepare, 'dress'; to make ready (food).


culpon (obs.) - to cut into pieces, cut up, slice

chine - to cut along or across the chine or backbone; spec. To cut up (a salmon or other fish).

sturgeon - a large fish of the family Acipenseridę, having an elongated, almost cylindrical,  body protected by longitudinal rows of bony scutes and a long tapering snout, found widely distributed in the rivers and coastal waters of the north temperate zone.

tranche - a cutting, a cut; a piece cut off, a slice

capon - Humorously applied to various fish; esp. a red-herring

barb - The specific term for carving a lobster


moll - minor; prostitute

accordingly - in accordance with the sequence of ideas; agreeably or conformably to what might be expected; in natural sequence, in due course.

play actor - an actor of plays, a dramatic performer

to crash the gate* - to enter without paying or without permission.

Verona* - the name of a city in northern Italy

penitent - one who repents; a person performing (ecclesiastical) penance.

rhodon (gr) - rose

strave - obs. pa. tense of strive (v.)

gat - pa. tense of get (v.)

fay - religious belief; credit, authority; promise, assurance; In quasi-oath: par ma fay (by my fay).

bravo* - capital! excellent! well done!