addulce* - to sweeten, to render pleasant or palatable


tulip* - fig. A showy person or thing, or one greatly admired

forain - obs. form of foreign

darkfall - the coming on of dark; dusk, nightfall

amnesty* - forgetfulness, oblivion

assembled* - gathered into one place or company, put together.

wholetime - time considered customarily or standard

currier - one whose trade is the dressing and colouring of leather after it is tanned; a man armed with a currier (an early kind of fire-arm).

brassard - armour for the upper part of the arm (Only Hist.); a badge worn on the arm.

morrow - the day next after the present

toth (obs.) - Exact meaning uncertain: the context implies some kind of wrong-doing                                                                that

tother - the other (of two)

vouchsafe - to give, grant, or bestow in a gracious or condescending manner.

sound picture = sound-film; also, any recording of an auditory event.

porn* - abbrev. of pornography

furiously - swiftly, violently, vehemently; excessively, 'awfully'

squire - a country gentleman or landed proprietor, esp. one who is the principal landowner in a village or district.

for the best - intended for, aiming at, tending to, the best result

Herculanean* (obs. rare.) - Humorously: 'Very strong'

stoutly (obs.) - stout, valiant

kidling - a little kid

apron;                            Abraham - the first of the Hebrew Patriarchs.

paterfamilias* - the (male) head of a family or household

marrying - inclined or likely to marry

oily - fig. 'Smooth' in behaviour or (esp.) in speech; subservient, compliant, 'supple'.

superfine - superlatively fine or excellent

mick - a pigeon

mack - obs. f. make

prickly - having a sensation as of many pricking points, tingling; fig. Full of contentious or irritating points, difficult to deal with.

forthink - to think upon with pain; to regret, repent of, be sorry for; to change the direction of one's thoughts.

khaibit (egyp.) - shadow

sairy* - sorry

scenery - the general appearance of a place and its natural features, regarded from the picturesque point of view.

rout - a disorderly, tumultuous, or disreputable crowd of persons.

ought - Vulgar corruption of nought in sense 'cipher'. Prob. originating in an erroneous division of 'a nought' as 'an ought'; but by many associated with the figure 0 of the cipher, which they take as the initial O of ought.

ford - a shallow place in a river or other water, where a man or beast may cross by wading; poet. A stream, current (obs.)

sanctus (l) - holy


retrose (rare.) - turned backwards, reverted

curfew* - a regulation in force in mediŠval Europe by which at a fixed hour in the evening, indicated by the ringing of a bell, fires were to be covered over or extinguished.

to steal someone's heart - to cause to fall deeply in love with one.

in regard - since, because, inasmuch as, considering that (obs.)

...His wife was turned in to a pillar of salt (Gen. xix. 26)

do so deafmute