brille (obs. rare.) - to shine

springwell - a spring or well of water

daft - silly, foolish, stupid                                                                                                                                                   deaf

blend = blended                                                                                                                                                                 blind

endearment - an action or utterance expressive of love or fondness; "...At the furthest distance from the castle there grew a pine. . . . At its foot a lively spring flowed between narrow banks into the castle itself. . . . Every evening Tristan cleverly carved bits of bark and small branches . . . and . . . tossed the bundle into the stream." - from the Bedier's version of the chapter entitled "Le Grand pin": 

frond - Bot. The leaf-like organ formed by the union of stem and foliage in certain flowerless plants. Formerly (and still in loose popular language) applied also to the large compound leaves, e.g. of the palm, banana, etc.

thereup - up on that, upon that (place or thing)

branching - the action of throwing out branches, or of diverging in the manner of branches; ramification; concr. a collection of branches.

druggeted - covered or carpeted with drugget (a coarse woollen stuff used for floor-coverings, table-cloths, etc.)

incut - set in by or as if by cutting; spec. in Printing, inserted in a space left in the outside of the text instead of in the margin.

can - to have practical knowledge of (a language, art, etc.)

Tantrist - an adherent of tantrism

spelling (obs.) - speaking, talking, discourse, utterance; In OE. esp. 'idle or unprofitable talk'.

tawny - name of a composite colour, consisting of brown with a preponderance of yellow or orange; but formerly applied also to other shades of brown.

ilex - the holm-oak or evergreen oak (Quercus Ilex)

sallow - a plant of the genus Salix, a willow

pine - a tree of the genus Pinus, or of various allied coniferous genera; comprising trees, mostly of large size, with evergreen needle-shaped leaves, of which many species afford valuable timber, tar, and turpentine, and some have edible seeds (... great pine in the garden).

trysting - a tryst (spec. An appointment or engagement to meet at a specified time and place).


maiden - Of a plant or tree: that has grown from seed, not from a stock; that has not been budded, lopped, pruned, or transplanted.

ferm = farm                                                                                                                                                                         fern

chapel of ease - a chapel built for the convenience of parishioners who live far from the parish church. Also fig.

ma - a childish and colloquial shortening of mamma

sorrowful - full of, oppressed by, sorrow or grief; unhappy, sad, regretful.

Zion* - the name of one of the hills of Jerusalem, on which the city of David was built, and which became the centre of Jewish life and worship; in biblical and derived use, allusively for: The house or household of God.

cloister - a place of religious seclusion; a monastery or nunnery; a convent.

dreep - to fall in drops, to drip

monkshood - a plant of the genus Aconitum, esp. Aconitum Napellus.

triste - sad, mournful, lamentable

ivytod - a growth or clump of ivy

dearth - fig. and transf. Scarcity of anything, material or immaterial.

blanching - whitening, becoming white

underclothes* - underwear

gay - bright or lively-looking, esp. in colour; brilliant, showy

kirtle - a woman's gown; a skirt or outer petticoat

curtsies - pl. of curtsy (an obeisance; now applied to a feminine movement of respect or salutation, made by bending the knees and lowering the body).

peony - resembling a peony-flower, dark red; esp. of the cheeks, plump and rosy.

tryst - to make an agreement to do something, with a person; esp. to fix or arrange time and place of meeting with some one.

littleease - a place in which there is little ease for him who occupies it; a narrow place of confinement.

easiness - the quality of being easy in attitude, behaviour, style, etc.; gentleness, indulgence, kindness; the quality of being easily influenced, want of firmness, fickleness.

leman* - a person beloved by one of the opposite sex; a lover or sweetheart                                                            lamentations

banshee* - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die.

privily - not openly or publicly; secretly, privately

entitle - to furnish (a person) with a 'title' to an estate. Hence gen. to give (a person or thing) a rightful claim to a possession, privilege, designation, mode of treatment, etc.

hist - a sibilant exclamation used to enjoin silence, or call on people to listen.

list - to listen to, hear

netherworld = underworld - a sphere or region lying or considered to lie below the ordinary one.

tooth and nail - vigorously, fiercely, with one's utmost efforts, with all one's might.

overtime - during extra time; over hours. Also fig.

ganglion - Phys. An enlargement or knot on a nerve, forming a centre from which nerve-fibres radiate.

clister* - a medicine injected into the rectum, to empty or cleanse the bowels, to afford nutrition, etc.