underfed - insufficiently fed or nourished

nagging - persistently annoying by petty fault-finding or irritation

fireeater - one fond of fighting; one who seeks occasion to quarrel or fight + nibble - to take little bites + DFV: nagging fore nibbling nibblers fourrunners forerunners,

knockle - obs. variant of knuckle (to tap, strike, press, or rub with the knuckles) + knocking.

hinter (ger) - behind, back- + Hinterhalt (ger) - ambush + clutch - tight grip or grasp + FDV: knocking us afterman up out of his ---- love's afternoon convolution hinterclutch.

FDV: Down with their puting tools!

dammer - one who constructs dams + dames + dame (fr) - queen + ungdommer (Norwegian) - youths.

pochen (ger) - to beat, knock + FDV: whither youngdammers are will be soon pocking heartpocking on the their old [gammer's better's] dournoggers.

knocker - one who knocks at a door in order to gain admittance + doorknockers + Henrik Ibsen: The Master Builder: 'I tell you the younger generation will one day come and thunder at my door'.

Jungfer (ger) - a young lady, girl

Backfisch (ger) - teenage girl + king (in cards).

diamondcut - cut into the shape of a diamond or rhomb (adj.) + diamonds, suite of cards (& hearts, line above) + FDV: The demidiamond yungfries will be frisking backfrisking over their lyingin underlayers.

lyingin - the state attending and consequent to childbirth; confinement, accouchement

underlayer - a lower layer, a substratum

pik (Serbian) = pique (French) - spades

spades, suite of cards + spick and span - brand new, fresh, spotlessly clean and neat + FDV: Spick & spade

trowel - a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade, used for scooping or spreading plaster or similar materials; to use a trowel on

fourinhand - a vehicle with four horses driven by one person + four suits (in cards), hand (in cards).

forebear - an ancestor, forefather (usually more remote than a grandfather) + FDV: troweling a gravetrench for their first forebear Fortinbrace Fortimbrace.

clubs, suite of cards

ope - open (arch.)

lev vel (Danish) - farewell!

Joyce's note: 'inûvdluaritsa (live well)' The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. IX, 'Eskimo', 770d: 'On leaving a place they sometimes say "inûvdluaritse," i.e. live well'

ear - [in some cases perh. a misspelling for hear] to give ear to

dorter - a sleeping-room, bed-chamber, dormitory; esp. that of a monastery + door

Eskimo + "Can't hear with the waters of. The chittering waters of." [215.31]

elsk (Danish) - love + elm, stone + tell me... stone + "Tell me, tell me, tell me, elm! Night night!" [216.03]

procurator - an advocate, defender, or supporter of the cause of any person, system, tenet, proposal, etc.; Rom. Hist. An officer who collected the taxes, paid the troops, and attended to the interests of the imperial treasury, in an imperial province; sometimes he had the administration of part of a province, as in the case of the Procurator of Judæa, which was part of the province of Syria.

interrogarius (l) - questioning.

me alterum (l) - another me + alter ego.


proposer - someone who advances a suggestion or proposal

Onopherios (gr) - he who carries an ass + Honuferius (l) - load-carrying.

concupiscent - eagerly desirous, lustful

serviceman - a man serving in the armed forces + ex-sergeant major + FDV: Honuphrius is a concupiscent engineer exserviceman who makes dishonest propositions to everyone.

proposition - a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; to make a suggestion of sexual intercourse to (someone with whom one is not sexually involved), esp. in an unsubtle or offensive way.

droit du (or de) seigneur - an alleged custom of mediæval times by which the feudal lord might have sexual intercourse with the bride of a vassal on the wedding-night, before she cohabited with her husband + oreiller (fr.) - pillow + droit d'oreiller (fr) - pillow-right.

infidelity - the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner

Felicia (l) - she who is fertile

coit = coition - sexual conjunction, copulation

Eugenius (l) - well-born; noble, generous; name of 4 popes + trans. Caoimhghin (kivgin) (gael) - Comely-birth; anglic. Kevin + Shaun, John, Eugene and Kevin are all cognates of sorts; Shaun = Sean (Irish) = John = Eoin (Irish) = Owen = Eoghan (Irish) = Eugene = Eugenios (Greek) = Well-Born = Coemghen (Irish) = Kevin = Kev).

Jeremiah - the name of a Hebrew prophet, used allusively to denote a person given to lamentation or woeful complaining + Diairmin (d'irmin) (gael) - diminutive of Diarmaid ("freeman"); anglic. Jerry.

Philadelphia, a womans name, and signifies brotherly or sisterly love. And lovers of Brothers or Sisters, are stiled Philadelphians + philadelphoi (pl.) (gr) - those who love their brother[s] and/or sister[s] + FDV: He is believed to have committed simple infidelities with Felicia, a virgin, and to be practising for unnatural coits with Eugenius and Jeremias, two adelph philadelphians.

consanguineous - of the same blood, related by blood, akin; Roman Law. Related as children of the same father + FDV: Honuphrius, Felicia, Eugenius and Jeremias are consanguineous to the last degree.

tirewoman - a woman who assists at a lady's toilet; a lady's maid (arch.) + FDV: Anita, the wife of Honuphrius, believes that her has been told by her maidservant Fortissa that her man Honuphrius has confessed under voluntary chastisement that he has encouraged Magravius, instructed his slave Mauritius, a widower, for a financial advantage to facilitate their neighbour Magravius, a commercial rival of Honuphrius, to solicit the chastity of Anita.

fortis (l) - strong + Fortissa (l) - she who is strong + fortezza (it) - strength, courage + *K*.

blasphemously - in a blasphemous manner; impiously, profanely

chastisement - corrective or disciplinary punishment, correction, chastening; also simply punishment

Mauritius (Latin form of "Maurice") - the Man Servant (*S*) + Mauritius (l) - Moor, Mauritian, Moroccan. 

Magnigravius (l) - he who is very heavy + *Y* Magrath (Magravius) seems to be the Cad, Gill, Snake; he is HCE's enemy, traducer, Anna Livia's special hate. His wife is Lily Kinsella (also Gillia), his servant is Sully the Thug (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake). 

commercial - short for 'commercial traveller'. Also, a man engaged in commerce.

emulous - seeking to emulate or imitate someone or something, motivated by a spirit of rivalry

solicit - ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone

supposition - a notion or idea that the thing in question is true, held without certainty or assurance, but as sufficiently probable to be assumed or admitted on account of agreement with the facts of the case.

Ware, Sir James (1594-1666) - author of The Antiquities and History of Ireland 

giglio (it) - lily (white) + gialla (it) - yellow + *J* + (Cad's name is Gill [036.35] [244.23], his wife's name is Lily [618.04]) + (Lilith was Adam's first wife, according to Kabbalah).

schismatical - of the nature of schism; guilty of the offence of schism

clandestinely - secretly, privately: usually in bad sense

Barnabas - name of the apostle

Matharan: Casus de Matrimonio case 122: 'An attorney forms one moral person with his client'.

corrupt - to render morally unsound or 'rotten' + FDV: Anita is informed by her some illegitimate children of Mauritius & Felicia that Gillia, the wife of Magravius, is visited clandestinely by the advocate of Honuphrius, an immoral person who has been corrupted by Jeremias.

colour blind - unable to see certain colours; unable to discriminate between individual colours, or shades of colour + cooler - obs. f. colour.

Daltonism - a name for colour-blindness; esp. inability to distinguish between red and green + John D'Alton: The History of the County of Dublin.

ex equo (l) - out of a horse + ex equo (Low Latin) - out of fairness.

Poppaea - Nero's mistress and 2nd wife + The flower color of poppy species include: white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, and blue; some have dark center markings + poppy red.

aranea (l) - spider + aranciata (it) - orange juice.

clara (l) - clear, bright, shining + chlôris (gr) - greenness (green).