underfed - insufficiently fed or nourished

nagging - persistently annoying by petty fault-finding or irritation.

fireeater* - one fond of fighting, a duellist; one who seeks occasion to quarrel or fight;                        nibble - to take little bites.

knockle - obs. variant of knuckle (to tap, strike, press, or rub with the knuckles).

clutch - tight grip or grasp; The singular, 'in his clutch', has even more completely passed from 'claw' to 'grasp'.

dammer - one who constructs dams                                                                                                                                 dames

knocker* - one who knocks at a door in order to gain admittance.

Jungfer (d) - a young lady, girl

diamondcut - cut into the shape of a diamond or rhomb (adj.)

lyingin - the state attending and consequent to childbirth; confinement, accouchement.

underlayer - a lower layer, a substratum

spick and span* - brand new, fresh, spotlessly clean and neat

trowel - to spread, smooth, or dress (a surface) with or as with a trowel; to form or mould with a trowel; a tool consisting of a flat (or, less commonly, rounded) plate of metal or wood, of various shapes, attached to a short handle; used by masons, bricklayers, plasterers, and others for spreading, moulding, or smoothing mortar, cement, and the like.

fourinhand - a vehicle with four horses driven by one person; a kind of necktie of the variety designed to be tied in a loose knot with hanging ends.

forebear - an ancestor, forefather, progenitor (usually more remote than a grandfather).

ope - open (arch.)

ear - [in some cases perh. a misspelling for hear] to give ear to.

dorter - a sleeping-room, bed-chamber, dormitory; esp. that of a monastery                                                                         door

procurator - an advocate, defender, or supporter of the cause of any person, system, tenet, proposal, etc.; Rom. Hist. An officer who collected the taxes, paid the troops, and attended to the interests of the imperial treasury, in an imperial province; sometimes he had the administration of part of a province, as in the case of the Procurator of JudŠa, which was part of the province of Syria.


proposer - one who presents to view or exhibits something (obs.); one who propounds an argument, a question, or the like.

concupiscent - eagerly desirous, lustful

serviceman* - a man who serves, or has served, in the armed forces.

proposition - the action of proposing something to be done; something put forward as a scheme or plan of action.

droit du (or de) seigneur* - an alleged custom of mediŠval times by which the feudal lord might have sexual intercourse with the bride of a vassal on the wedding-night, before she cohabited with her husband;                         oreiller (fr.) - pillow.

infidelity - unfaithfulness or disloyalty to a person, e.g. to a sovereign, lord, master, friend, lover; esp., in mod. use, to a husband or wife.

coit = coition - sexual conjunction, copulation

Jeremiah* - the name of a Hebrew prophet, used allusively to denote a person given to lamentation or woeful complaining.

...Philadelphia, a womans name, and signifies brotherly or sisterly love. And lovers of Brothers or Sisters, are stiled Philadelphians.

consanguineous - of the same blood, related by blood, akin; Roman Law. Related as children of the same father.

tirewoman - a woman who assists at a lady's toilet; a lady's maid (arch.)

fortis (l) - strong

blasphemously - in a blasphemous manner; impiously, profanely.

chastisement - corrective or disciplinary punishment, correction, chastening; also simply punishment.

commercial - short for commercial traveller. Also, a man engaged in commerce.

emulous - desirous of rivalling, imitating, obtaining. Const. of.

solicit - to entreat or petition (a person) for, or to do, something; to urge, importune; to ask earnestly or persistently.

supposition - a notion or idea that the thing in question is true, held without certainty or assurance, but as sufficiently probable to be assumed or admitted on account of agreement with the facts of the case.

schismatical - of the nature of schism; guilty of the offence of schism.

clandestinely - secretly, privately: usually in bad sense

Barnabas - name of the apostle

corrupt - to render morally unsound or 'rotten'; to destroy the moral purity or chastity of.

colour blind* - unable to see certain colours; unable to discriminate between individual colours, or shades of colour;
cooler - obs. f. colour.

Daltonism* - a name for colour-blindness; esp. inability to distinguish between red and green.

ex equo (l) - out of a horse