debauch - to seduce (a woman) from chastity

sacrilege - the crime or sin of stealing or misappropriating what is consecrated to God's service. In ecclesiastical use, extended to include any kind of outrage on consecrated persons or things, and the violation of any obligation having a sacramental character, or recognized as under the special protection of the Church.

vulgo - commonly, popularly

molest - to interfere or meddle with (a person) injuriously or with hostile intent.

sulla - a leguminous plant, Hedysarum coronarium (also called French honeysuckle), with flowers resembling those of the red clover, found in some Mediterranean countries.

orthodox - holding right or correct opinions, i.e. such as are currently accepted as correct, or are in accordance with some recognized standard; the specific epithet of the Eastern Church.

mercenary - one who receives payment for his services; chiefly, and now exclusively, a professional soldier serving a foreign power.

procure - to obtain (women) for the gratification of lust

excavator - one who excavates; a labourer employed to dig out earth.

render - to hand over, deliver, commend, or commit, to another.

lewdness - lasciviousness, lascivious behaviour

appease - to pacify, assuage, or allay (anger or displeasure)

mercenariness - the quality of being mercenary (Of persons: Working merely for the sake of monetary or other reward; actuated by considerations of self-interest).

dispense - to give (a person) dispensation from something; to release from an obligation.

conjunct - the action of joining together (obs.); marriage union (obs.)

turpiter (l) - ignominous, scandalous, infamous

ex cathedrÔ* - 'from the chair', i.e. in the manner of one speaking from the seat of office or professorial chair, with authority.

geront (gr) - old man

consummate - to complete marriage by sexual intercourse

subdolus (l) - sly, shrewd, crafty

comminate - to threaten (with Divine vengeance), anathematize

reserve - Eccl. To set apart, keep back (cases for absolution) to be dealt with by a superior authority. Const. to, for.

pious fraud - a deception practised for the furtherance of what is considered a good object; esp. for the advancement of religion.

affrication - 'rubbing upon or against' (obs. rare.); the conversion (of a sound) into an affricate (a close combination of an explosive consonant or 'stop' with an immediately following fricative or spirant of corresponding position).

wadding - any loose, fibrous material for use as a padding, stuffing, quilting, etc. Now chiefly, cotton-wool formed into a fleecy layer.

nullity - the condition of being null or nought; a state of nothingness.

reunite - to unite or bring together again

depravity - perversion of the moral faculties; corruption, viciousness, abandoned wickedness.

simoniac - a buyer or seller of benefices, ecclesiastical preferments, or other spiritual things.

abnegate* - to deny oneself (anything), to renounce or surrender (a right or privilege).

hegemony - leadership, predominance, preponderance

lex (l) - law

Thomas Chatterton* - (1752-1770), English poet

lay - Of persons: Belonging to the 'people' as contradistinguished from the clergy; non-professional, not expert, esp. with reference to law and medicine.

umbrella - Of words, names, etc.: covering a number of meanings or associated terms; general, catch-all.