moratorium - Law. A legal authorization to a debtor to postpone payment for a certain time; a postponement, an agreed delay, a deliberate temporary suspension (of some activity, etc.).

barter - the act or practice of trafficking by exchange of commodities.

barren - Of a woman: Bearing no children, without issue, childless.

interlocutory - of the nature of, pertaining to, or occurring in, dialogue or conversation; Law. Pronounced during the course of an action, not finally decisive of a case or suit.

injunction - an authoritative or emphatic admonition or order; Law. A judicial process by which one who is threatening to invade or has invaded the legal or equitable rights of another is restrained from commencing or continuing such wrongful act, or is commanded to restore matters to the position in which they stood previously to his action.

absolete - erroneous forms due to a confusion between absolute and obsolete, which latter frequently appears as absolute.

to add in* - to include in a sum;                 add - to say or write further or in addition; to go on to say or speak.

jurybox* - an enclosed space in which the jury sit in court

jeremiad* - a lamentation; a writing or speech in a strain of grief or distress; a doleful complaint; a complaining tirade.

in re - in the matter of, concerning

crossed cheque

supply - the act of making up a deficiency, or of fulfilling a want or demand; the act of supplying something needed.

brusk = brusque (obs.) - somewhat rough or rude in manner

boiling point

discount - to reckon as an abatement or deduction from a sum due or to be accounted for; fig. To make a deduction in estimating the worth of (a statement, etc.)

issue - offspring, progeny; a child or children; profits arising from lands or tenements, amerciaments, or fines.

unbottle - to extract from, or let out of, a bottle. Also fig.

corroboration* - the confirmation (of a statement, etc.) by additional evidence.

current account - an account kept by a customer at a bank to meet his current expenses.

payee - the person to whom a sum of money is, or is to be, paid; esp. the person to whom a bill or cheque is made payable.

drawee - the person upon whom a draft or bill of exchange is drawn.

assignation - paper currency; a negotiable document representing and secured by revenue or property; a bill, an assignat.

creme - A name for various syrupy liqueurs, as crème de menthe (peppermint), crème de vanille, crème de noyau, crème de cacao.

marshmallow - a shrubby herb, Althea officinalis (NO. Malvaceæ), which grows near salt marshes, having ovate leaves, pale rose-coloured flowers, and a mucilaginous root; a confection made from the root of this plant.

bearer - the actual holder or presenter of a cheque, draft, or other order to pay money.

endorse - to make (a bill, note, cheque) payable to another person by endorsement, to sign one's name on the back of (a bill, promissory note, or cheque).

adhesively - 'in an adhesive manner';                     adhesive - having the property of adhering; sticky.

payer - one who pays (in senses of the verb); esp. one who pays a sum of money.

drawer - one who draws a draft or bill of exchange

in camera - in (a judge's) private room, not in open court


Jock - a by-form of the name John; sometimes a generic name for any man of the common  people                                        Dick

jarry - abounding in jarring or jars                                                                                                                                        Harry

courthouse* - a building in which courts of law are held

settlement - the settling or payment of an account; the act of satisfying a claim or demand, of coming to terms (with a person).

amalgamate - to soften or dissolve (a metal) by combination with mercury; hence, to combine mercury with another metal; fig. To unite together (classes, races, societies, ideas, etc.) so as to form a homogeneous or harmonious whole.

perforce - by constraint of circumstances or of the prospect of physical force; by moral constraint; compulsorily, of necessity.

partnership:                             pardoner - one who pardons or forgives.

style - a legal, official, or honorific title; the proper name or recognized appellation of a person, family, trading firm, etc.

cognisance - Law. The action of taking judicial or authoritative notice, the hearing and trying of a cause.

estreat - to extract or take out the record of (a fine, bail, recognizance, etc.) and return it to the court of exchequer to be prosecuted; loosely. To exact (a fine), to enforce forfeiture of (anything).

proffer - to bring or put before a person for acceptance

finding - the result of a judicial examination or inquiry; the verdict of a jury, the decision of a judge or arbitrator.

correctional - of or pertaining to correction

fend - to ward or keep off, turn aside, keep out or at a distance.

disassent* - refusal of assent; dissent, disagreement

pickpack = piggyback - on the shoulders or back like a pack or bundle: said in reference to a person (or animal) carried in this way.

upright - Of persons: Adhering to or following correct moral principles; of unbending integrity or rectitude; morally just, honest, or honourable.