moratorium - Law. A legal authorization to a debtor to postpone payment for a certain time; a postponement, an agreed delay, a deliberate temporary suspension (of some activity, etc.).

barter - the act or practice of trafficking by exchange of commodities + martyrs + Joyce's note: 'age of barter' Irish Independent 7 May 1924, 5/4: '"Matchmaking" in the West': 'a man who attempted to barter his daughter of 15 for £800... she certainly was not a fit subject at that age to be married at all'.

barren - Of a woman: Bearing no children, without issue, childless + FDV: Only the junior partner could be found & this turned out to be a woman.

motion (Legalese) - application to court to obtain ruling in favour of applicant

service of a motion (Legalese) - act of bringing to notice, or executing, any writ or process

interlocutory - of or relating to dialogue or conversation; Law. Given provisionally during the course of a legal action + interlocutory injunction - an intermediate non-final injunction (equitable writ or process granted by court of equity, whereby a person is required to do or refrain from doing certain acts) made during the progress of an action.

injunction - an authoritative or emphatic admonition or order; Law. A judicial process by which one who is threatening to invade or has invaded the legal or equitable rights of another is restrained from commencing or continuing such wrongful act, or is commanded to restore matters to the position in which they stood previously to his action.

absolete - erroneous forms due to a confusion between absolute and obsolete, which latter frequently appears as absolute

an Dáil Éireann (Irish) - the Irish Legislative Assembly (Pronunciation 'doyle')

Coppinger's Row, Dublin + Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger [574.12] [574.22] [.24] + Frank Budgen: James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses XIV: 'I painted a picture... in front of a row of cottages — Coppinger's, perhaps' (these cottages are otherwise unidentified).

add - to say or write further or in addition + add in - to include in a sum + odd man out - an unusual or atypical person or thing, someone or something that is different from the rest of the group or not included in it; a method of selecting or eliminating a person from a group, as by matching coins, esp. in preparation for playing a game; the person so selected or eliminated.

jurybox - an enclosed space in which the jury sit in court + (jury members in jury box).

jeremiad - a lamentation; a writing or speech in a strain of grief or distress; a complaining tirade + Joyce's note: 'Jeremiah (Jerry)'.

in re - in the matter of, concerning

crossed cheque

supply - the act of making up a deficiency, or of fulfilling a want or demand; the act of supplying something needed

brusk = brusque (obs.) - somewhat rough or rude in manner + brisk.

boiling + bullion - gold or silver in bars or ingots.

discount - to deduct an amount from (the usual price of something)

issue - offspring, progeny; a child or children; profits arising from lands or tenements, amerciaments, or fines

unbottle - to extract from, or let out of, a bottle. Also fig.

corroboration - the confirmation (of a statement, etc.) by additional evidence + rubber (condom).

current account - an account kept by a customer at a bank to meet his current expenses

at sight (Legalese) - as soon as seen, presented to sight (referring to payment of cheque on demand)

payee - the person to whom a sum of money is, or is to be, paid; esp. the person to whom a bill or cheque is made payable

drawee - the person upon whom a draft or bill of exchange is drawn

assignation - an appointment to meet someone in secret, typically one made by lovers; the allocation or attribution of someone or something as belonging to something + assign in blank - in stock exchange, to execute an assignment of stock, leaving the name of the assignee to be entered by a succeeding owner.

creme - A name for various syrupy liqueurs, as crème de menthe (peppermint), crème de vanille, crème de noyau, crème de cacao + crème de citron (fr) - lemon cream.

vair (Old French) - varicoloured

émail (fr) - enamel

paoncoque (fr) - peacock

marshmallow - a shrubby herb, Althea officinalis (NO. Malvaceæ), which grows near salt marshes, having ovate leaves, pale rose-coloured flowers, and a mucilaginous root; a confection made from the root of this plant.

bearer - the actual holder or presenter of a cheque, draft, or other order to pay money

endorse - to make (a bill, note, cheque) payable to another person by endorsement, to sign one's name on the back of (a bill, promissory note, or cheque); to give support or one's blessing to + FDV: She stated that payment would be made to her by the senior in the form of unwashabbe blank cheques, which she used to endorse.

adhesively - 'in an adhesive manner' + adhesive - having the property of adhering; sticky.

payer - one who pays (in senses of the verb); esp. one who pays a sum of money

drawer - the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else + FDV: She had presently been made the drawee, her various drawers being invariably who were wellknown tetigists of the city & county.

tetigi (l) - I have touched (perfect tense of tango)

city & suburban (Joyce's note) Freeman's Journal 1 May 1924, 3/5: 'Surprises at Epsom': 'McLachlan, Junr. Completes a Great Double on Ulula in the City and Suburban'.

in camera - in (a judge's) private room, not in open court; privately


dar (Cornish) - sorrow, sadness + dar (Serbian) - gift + Kersse's daughter.

Jock - a by-form of the name John; sometimes a generic name for any man of the common people + Dick

jarry - abounding in jarring or jars + Harry

courthouse - a building in which courts of law are held + Little Green, Dublin - site of Newgate Prison + Green Street Courthouse, Dublin.

settlement - the settling or payment of an account; the act of satisfying a claim or demand, of coming to terms (with a person) + Act of Settlement, 1652 - legalised Cromwellian confiscation of holdings of landed proprietors in Ireland (made somewhat more lenient to Catholics in Act of Settlement, 1662).

amalgamate - to soften or dissolve (a metal) by combination with mercury; hence, to combine mercury with another metal; fig. To unite together (classes, races, societies, ideas, etc.) so as to form a homogeneous or harmonious whole + reamalgamate (Legalese) - merge two or more societies or corporations into a single body.

perforce - by constraint of circumstances or of the prospect of physical force; compulsorily, of necessity

partnership + pardoner - one who pardons or forgives.

fond (Danish) - fund

pepigi - perfect tense of Latin 'pango', which means "to make fast" or, figuratively, "to compose or write"; I have fastened, I have promised, I have driven in + FDV: She proposed to reamalgamate herself in whole settlement & for satisfaction with the trustee, Monsignore Pepigi,

style - a legal, official, or honorific title; the proper name or recognized appellation of a person, family, trading firm, etc.

Ulysses.18.1: 'he never did a thing like that before as ask to get his breakfast in bed'.

cognisance - Law. The action of taking judicial or authoritative notice, the hearing and trying of a cause.

estreat - to extract or take out the record of (a fine, bail, recognizance, etc.) and return it to the court of exchequer to be prosecuted; loosely. To exact (a fine), to enforce forfeiture of (anything) + estreat a recognisance (Legalese) - to extract or take out a forfeited recognisance (obligation of record, making the performance of some act the condition of non-forfeiture) from among other court records for purpose of prosecution.

proffer - to bring or put before a person for acceptance

finding - the result of a judicial examination or inquiry; the verdict of a jury, the decision of a judge or arbitrator

correctional - of or pertaining to correction + lower correctional (Legalese) - court punishing delinquents by detention in a house of correction.

treason + reason + treu (ger) - loyal.

fend - to ward or keep off, turn aside, keep out or at a distance

disassent - refusal of assent; dissent, disagreement + pending the decision.

pickpack = piggyback - on the shoulders or back like a pack or bundle: said in reference to a person (or animal) carried in this way.

upright - Of persons: Adhering to or following correct moral principles; of unbending integrity or rectitude; morally just, honest, or honourable.

judices (l) - in Roman law, judges, jury-men + Judas + (*O*).

thumbs down (to convict)