scabies* - a contagious skin-disease, due to a parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei; the itch.

to hand down - to promulgate (decision) with authoritative force brooking no opposition.

contractual - pertaining or relating to a contract

incapacity - legal disqualification, disability

calif - the title given in Muslim countries to the chief civil and religious ruler, as successor of Muhammad.


odalisk* - a female slave or concubine in an Eastern harem, esp. in the seraglio of the Sultan of Turkey.

mancipium (l) - acquisition by purchase, absolute ownership, hence concr. a slave.

piffle - foolish or formal nonsense

to whistle for - to seek, await, or expect in vain, to fail to get, to go without.

rhino - money, cash

whew - an exclamation of the nature of a whistle uttered by a person as a sign of astonishment, disgust, dismay, etc.

lest - Used as a negative particle of intention or purpose, introducing a clause expressive of something to be prevented or guarded against.

hovering - that hangs poised in the air, that floats or hangs about a particular spot.

wee - extremely small, tiny; (In Sc. use with weaker sense, as a synonym of little.) Often more emphatically wee wee.

mannikin = manikin - a little man (often contemptuous); a dwarf, pygmy.

bairn - a child; a son or daughter

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady; a lover, sweetheart

prospector - one who prospects; one who explores a region for gold or the like.

projector - one who forms a project, who plans or designs some enterprise or undertaking; a founder.

boomster* = boomer - one who 'booms' or pushes an enterprise (U.S. slang.)

causeway - a raised road across a low or wet place, or piece of water; a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization.

hopping - moving about busily, working hard;                    hop - to jump on to (a moving vehicle); to obtain (a ride, a lift) in this way; to catch (a train, etc.). colloq. (orig. U.S.)

terminus - the end of a line of railway

straightcut (a.) - cut on straight lines; honest, respectable (slang.);                                  shortcut - a path or a course taken between two places which is shorter than the ordinary road.

corkscrew - to cause to move or advance in a spiral course. Also (pass.), to twist spirally.

perambulant* - perambulating, strolling, itinerant (a. rare.);                    perambulate - to walk through, over, or about (a place or space); formerly more generally, to travel or pass through, to traverse.

zeal - to be zealous for; to pursue with zeal or passionate ardour

whence - that from which something comes or arises; place of origin; source.

goal - to convert (a try) into a goal                                                                                                                                         go

whither - place or state to which a person or thing moves or tends

wonderland* - an imaginary realm of wonder and faery

sequence - the following of one thing after another in succession

muckle = mickle - a great quantity or amount; a large sum or amount. Chiefly in proverb, many a little (or pickle) makes a mickle;
to make mickle of - to make much of, cherish.

Leeds - a city in Yorkshire, England

muck - fig. Contemptuously applied to money (obs.); dirt, filth. Also fig.

beforehand - in anticipation of something so as to be ready for it; in advance.

curiosity* - Applied to a person who is 'queer' in his appearance, habits, etc.

tittup - to move in a lively manner, to hop here and there.

payrent (a.) - serving, or furnishing money, to pay the rent                                                                                            parents

bogy - a bogle or goblin; a person much dreaded.

cunning* - possessing practical knowledge or skill; able, skilful, expert, dexterous, clever; spec. Possessing magical knowledge or skill: in cunning man, cunning woman.

couchemar (fr) - nightmare

maest - obs. form of most                                                                                                                                                mister


Phoenix Park

gape - to open (the mouth) wide

correctingly - in a correcting manner, by way of correction

nightwatch - a watch or guard kept during the night

suntime - a time of brightness or joy

flush - a glow of light or colour

nethermost - lowest, undermost, furthest down

semi - - half

alter ego* - a second self

pseudo - - false, pretended, counterfeit, spurious, sham, falsely so called or represented.

hedge - to surround with a hedge or fence as a boundary, or for purposes of defence.

roamer - one who roams; a wanderer, rambler

their name is Legion* = 'they are innumerable'

to lose one's bearings - to become suddenly confused and not know where one is or what one should be doing.

keep to --- - to confine or restrict oneself to ---

ware - to give heed, take care, be on one's guard. Const. of.

duty free - a duty-free article; freq. used in pl., esp. of cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, etc., bought and imported free of duty by those returning from or travelling abroad.

neolithic* - of or belonging to the later stone age, characterized by the use of ground or polished stone implements and weapons.

smith - one who works in iron or other metals; esp. a blacksmith or farrier; a forger, hammerman.

Magdalenian - of or belonging to the Lower PalŠolithic culture represented by remains found at La Madeleine.