scabies - a contagious skin-disease, due to a parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei; the itch + occupante extremum scabie (l) - an itching having seized the end.

hand down - to promulgate (decision) with authoritative force brooking no opposition

contractual - pertaining or relating to a contract

incapacity - legal disqualification, disability

calif - the title given in Muslim countries to the chief civil and religious ruler, as successor of Muhammad + Calf of Man - a 250 hectare island (almost 1 square mile), off the southwest coast of the Isle of Man (PICTURE). The word 'calf' derives from the Old Norse word 'kalfr' which means a small island lying near a larger one.


odalisk - a female slave or concubine in an Eastern harem, esp. in the seraglio of the Sultan of Turkey + eau de vie (fr) - brandy + duileasc (Irish) - edible seaweed.

mancipium (l) - acquisition by purchase, absolute ownership, hence concr. a slave; a taking by hand, taking possession; in Roman law, legal purchase, right of ownership; slave, slavery.

Wright, Peter - in the 1920s published a scandalous book about politicians, including Parnell, Gladstone. He accused the latter of saving fallen girls for fallen purposes. Gladstone's sons sued, asserting "no property in law can exist in a corpse," and they forced Wright to sue for libel. He lost. Gladstone's diaries (see New York Times, March 15, 1975) show Gladstone did indeed lust for his whores in his heart and subdued the lust by whipping himself.  

Cill Bhrighde (kilvrid'i) (gael) - Brighid's Church; name of 35 places; anglic. Kilbride

una (fem.) (l) - one + una bellina (it) - a pretty tale.

Bellona (l) - goddess of war + belluina (l) - brutal, bestial + Henry VIII (who killed two of his brides) and Anne Boleyn (one of the two).

pepigi - perfect tense of Latin 'pango', which means "to make fast" or, figuratively, "to compose or write"; I have fastened, I have promised, I have driven in.  

piffle - foolish or formal nonsense

whistle for - to seek, await, or expect in vain, to fail to get, to go without

rhino - money, cash + FDV: but this was ruled out on appeal by Jeremy who held that as a matter of fact tact the woman was born without mancipium & as no property could exist in a corpse Pepigi's pact was piffle & she cd just whistle for her rhino.

pango (l) - I fasten, I promise, I drive in + Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ch. X: 'The Lobster Quadrille': 'Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?' + FDV: Will you, won't you, tango with pegigi?

whew - an exclamation of the nature of a whistle uttered by a person as a sign of astonishment, disgust, dismay, etc. + FDV: Not for, Nancy, how do you do? And whew whewwhew whew.   

FDV: Don't wake him now: he sighed in sleep:

FDV: let us be gone:

lest - Used as a negative particle of intention or purpose, introducing a clause expressive of something to be prevented or guarded against

verwachen (ger) - stay awake

hovering - that hangs poised in the air + FDV: while quivering hovering dreams dreamwings, folding round, will hide from fears my mannikin, guard my mannikin, keep my bairn. To bed!

wee - extremely small, tiny; (In Sc. use with weaker sense, as a synonym of little.) Often more emphatically wee wee.

mannikin = manikin - a little man (often contemptuous); a dwarf, pygmy + Manneken-Pis - statue in Brussels of a child urinating.

bairn - a child; a son or daughter

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady; a lover, sweetheart + mon beau (fr) - my beautiful (masculine).

prospector - one who prospects; one who explores a region for gold or the like + FDV: Projector & sole tracer giant builder of all causeways wheresoever wheresoeven,

projector - one who forms a project, who plans or designs some enterprise or undertaking; a founder + Hector Protector (nursery rhyme).

boomster = boomer - one who 'booms' or pushes an enterprise (U.S. slang.) + Baumeister (ger) - master-builder.

causeway - a raised road across a low or wet place, or piece of water; a highway; usually a paved way, such as existed before the introduction of macadamization + Giant's Causeway, County Antrim.


hopping - moving about busily, working hard + hop - to make a jump forward or upward, to jump across

terminus - the end of a line of railway + FDV: hoppingoffpoint and terminus of straightcuts strafstraightcuts and corkscrewn perambuloops,

strax (Swedish) = straks (Danish, Norwegian, German) - immediately, at once, straightaway, straight + straightcut (a.) - cut on straight lines; honest, respectable (slang.) + shortcut - a path or a course taken between two places which is shorter than the ordinary road.

corkscrew - to cause to move or advance in a spiral course. Also (pass.), to twist spirally + corpse-strewn.

perambulator - a small carriage in which a baby or child is pushed around + perambulate - to walk through, over, or about (a place or space); formerly more generally, to travel or pass through, to traverse.

zeal - to be zealous for; to pursue with zeal or passionate ardour + Ziel (ger) - goal.

whence - that from which something comes or arises; place of origin; source

goal - to convert (a try) into a goal + go

whither - place or state to which a person or thing moves or tends

wonderland - an imaginary realm of wonder and faery

sequence - the action of following in order + FDV: zeal whence & for to goal whither wonderlust whereas on account in sequence of which every might mortal mucker must make makes a partial mickle,

muckle = mickle - a great quantity or amount; a large sum or amount. Chiefly in proverb, 'many a little (or pickle) makes a mickle' + to make mickle of - to make much of, cherish. 

Leeds - a city in Yorkshire, England + As different as chalk from cheese (proverb).

muck - fig. Contemptuously applied to money (obs.); dirt, filth. Also fig. + muc (muk) (gael) - pig, swine.

beforehand - in anticipation of something so as to be ready for it; in advance + FDV: as different as York from Leeds as being the only way of in the world, to look after itself beforehand;

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Biographia Literaria, ch. 15: 'myriad-minded Shakespeare' (mentioned in Ulysses.9.768)

curiosity - Applied to a person who is 'queer' in his appearance, habits, etc. + FDV: mirrorminded curiosity and would-to-the-large

bring mountains to Mohammed + FDV: which brings hill to upto hunter molehunter, home to through 1st husband,

Matthew 7:6: 'pearls before swine'

Hungerford - three English villages and towns + Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin) + FDV: perils before swine, horse horsepower upon down to hungerford,

tittup - to move in a lively manner, to hop here and there + FDV: prick this man and bob twot this woman, our first forced payrents,

payrent (a.) - serving, or furnishing money, to pay the rent + our first parents (Adam and Eve).

bogy - a bogle or goblin; a person much dreaded + Bog (Pan-Slavonic) - God.

BOW LANE - Bow Lane and Bow Bridge (a street) pass St Patrick's Hospital and the Royal Hospital on road to Kilmainham, roughly parallel to Conyngham Road, on the other side of the Liffey and the South boundary of Phoenix Park + bow (Slang) - penis. 

cunning - having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion + cunnus (l) - cunt.

couchemar (fr) - nightmare

maest - obs. form of 'most' + Henrik Ibsen: Bygmester Solness (The Master Builder).

O'Fionnacain (o'finekan) (gael) - descendant of Fionnacan (diminutive of Fionn, "fair"); anglic. Finnegan

Phoenix Park + Phoenicia (l) - a country of the Levant.

gape - to open (the mouth) wide + FDV: [lame of his ear and short of her leg,]

correctingly - in a correcting manner, by way of correction + FDV: most correct correctingly we bes beseech each beseach of you ye,

nightwatch - a watch or guard kept during the night + FDV: down the their laddercase of dark by payrail watchnight service

suntime - a time of brightness or joy

flush - a glow of light or colour

nethermost - lowest, undermost, furthest down + FDV: and guide them degrading perambulators [& bring them at suntime] to the flush with the lowermost degradation gangdays of their stepchildren,

semi- - half

alter ego - a second self + FDV: through the labyrinth of their similars and likes semilikes & the devious trials alterations vapulations alteregoases of their own pseudo selves:

pseudo- - false, pretended, counterfeit, falsely so called or represented

hedge - to surround with a hedge or fence as a boundary, or for purposes of defence

roamer - one who roams; a wanderer, rambler

ligo (l) - to tie, to bind + ligio (it) - faithful, obedient + their name is Legion = 'they are innumerable' + Mark 5:9: 'My name is Legion'.

lose one's bearings - to become suddenly confused and not know where one is or what one should be doing

keep to --- - to confine or restrict oneself to ---

ware - to give heed, take care, be on one's guard. Const. of.

duty free - a duty-free article; freq. used in pl., esp. of cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, etc., bought and imported free of duty by those returning from or travelling abroad

neolithic - of or belonging to the later stone age, characterized by the use of ground or polished stone implements and weapons

smith - one who works in iron or other metals; esp. a blacksmith or farrier; a forger, hammerman

Magdalenian - of or belonging to the Lower PalŠolithic culture represented by remains found at La Madeleine

Jones, Jenny - female in Tom Jones. Mr Atherton says "Jenny Jones" is a variant of "Angels and Devils", the game of "The Mime." + jinnyjos (Irish) - airborne seeds (e.g. dandelion's), thistledown.