shank - chiefly pl. one's legs                                                                                                                                             souls

oom - uncle: often used as a respectful appellation when referring to or addressing an older or elderly man.


mitre* - a sacerdotal head-dress

yeast - a yellowish substance produced as a froth or as a sediment during the alcoholic fermentation of malt worts and other saccharine fluids, and used in the manufacture of beer and to leaven bread.

chrism* - Oil mingled with balm, consecrated for use as an unguent in the administration of certain sacraments in the Eastern and Western Churches.

grey - to become or grow grey; to cause (a person's hair) to become grey.

Caspian - of or pertaining to the Caspian Sea, an inland sea of central Asia.

asthma - difficulty of breathing; spec. a disease of respiration, characterized by intermittent paroxysms of difficult breathing, with a wheezing sound, a sense of constriction in the chest, cough, and expectoration.

bulk - a mass; the collective mass of any object. Often esp. a large mass.

relics - the remains of a person; the body, or part of the body, of one deceased.



casket - a small box or chest for jewels, letters, or other things of value, itself often of valuable material and richly ornamented.

plisse - a piece of fabric shirred or gathered into narrow pleats; a gathering of pleats.

peascod - the stuffed front of a 16th century doublet

doublet - a close-fitting body-garment, with or without sleeves, worn by men from the 14th to the 18th centuries.

insure - to make certain, to secure, to guarantee (some thing, event, etc.)

fleece - furnished with a fleece: often preceded by some qualifying word as half-, rich-, well-fleeced;                 fleece - the woolly covering of a sheep or similar animal.

banker - a covering, generally of tapestry, for a bench or chair

finnoc - 'a white trout, a variety of the Salmo fario'

cawl* - a wooden basket for carrying a fish


ethnicist (rare.) = ethnologist - one who is engaged or versed in the study of ethnology.

deft - apt, skilful, dexterous, clever or neat in action

Fuchs (d) - fox

schouw - a light draft open pleasure boat of the Netherlands                                                                                             shows

daft as a bush* - very silly, not at all sensible;                        daft - silly, foolish, stupid.

the devil's own job* - something that is difficult to do;                       doge - to move to and fro about, around, or behind any obstacle, so as to elude a pursuer, a missile, or a blow, or to get a sudden advantage of an enemy.

existent - a particular existing thing, event, person or entity


to round up - to collect in a body

bodikin (obs.) - a diminutive body; a corpuscle, an atom

trixie - obs. ff. tricksy (full of or given to tricks or pranks; playful, sportive).

trail - a trailing or hanging article of clothing

trip - to cause to stumble or fall by suddenly arresting or catching the foot.


lucre - gain, profit, pecuniary advantage

loop - to form into a loop or loops

halfbend - a half fillet for the head

peahen - a female peafowl, the female of the peacock

beck - a brook or stream: the ordinary name in those parts of England from Lincolnshire to Cumbria which were occupied by the Danes and Norwegians; hence, often used spec. in literature to connote a brook with stony bed, or rugged course, such as are those of the north country.

lipe (obs.) - a sudden movement, a jerk                                                                                                                                 lip

bustle* - activity with excitement, noise, and commotion; stir, tumult, disturbance; a stuffed pad or cushion, or small wire framework, worn beneath the skirt of a woman's dress, for the  purpose of expanding and supporting it behind.

frow* - a woman, a lady; a wife. Chiefly of Dutch or German women, or of others compared to them.

sunlit - lighted or illumined by the sun

sope - a draught; a small amount of drink, etc.

washout* - a useless or unsuccessful person

winch - a reel, roller, or pulley                                                                                                                                        wenches

...Grey olive leaves beneath a rain-cold sky

prop - fig. Any person or thing that serves as a support or stay

lip - to kiss (poet.)

swell - a fashionably or stylishly dressed person; hence, a person of good social position, a highly distinguished person.

loam - to cover, smear or fill with loam

haporth = halfpennyworth - as much as a halfpenny will purchase; hence, a very small quantity                                          harbor

dripping - the fall of liquid in drops; concr. the liquid so falling                                                                                          Dublin

brenn = burn

sitter - one who sits or occupies a seat                                                                                                                                 city

solvent - able to pay all one's debts or liabilities

gambeson - a military tunic, worn especially in the 14th c., made of leather or thick cloth, sometimes padded; it covered the trunk and thighs, and was originally worn under the habergeon, to prevent chafing or bruises, but was sometimes used as a defence without other body-armour.


diamond wedding - a fanciful name for the celebration of the 60th (or according to some, the 75th) anniversary of the wedding-day.

elfin* - elf (the name of a class of supernatural beings, in early Teutonic belief supposed to possess formidable magical powers, exercised variously for the benefit or the injury of mankind); a child.

ell - a measure of length varying in different countries. The English ell = 45 in.

vest - to dress (a person) in a robe or garment, esp. as a formal act or ceremony.

dresser - one who attires another

Luxembourger* - a native or inhabitant of Luxemb(o)urg.


shire - a province or district under the rule of a governor                                                                                                     sire

countess* - the wife or widow of a count

stepney - a spare wheel for a motor vehicle, comprising a ready-inflated tyre on a spokeless metal rim, which could be clamped temporarily over a punctured wheel; fig. ...I told her I had a woman already in Buenos Ayres, that she could only be my little sweetheart, as we say, or my 'stepney', if you like that better.