waif - a person who is without home or friends; one who lives uncared-for or without guidance; an outcast from society; an unowned or neglected child + wife.

bosun = boatswain - an officer in a ship who has charge of the sails, rigging, etc., and whose duty it is to summon the men to their duties with a whistle + bosom.

Dun Mogha (dun moe) (gael) - Mogh's Fort

flitch - to cut (a log) into flitches, also, to cut as a flitch is cut + Little Dunmow, Essex, had a custom of presenting a flitch of bacon to couples who could prove that their first year of marriage has been spent in harmony.

duck on the rock - kind of a child's game, in which children throw stones at a target (occasionally a stone) placed on a rock

scala (l) - stairs

talls (Joyce's note) Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 29: 'Tails. -- Short pieces of painted canvas hung from the fly rail to prevent the audience in the front seats seeing over the tops of the scenes the working part of the stage'.

tormentor - one who or that which persistently inflicts intense pain, suffering, vexation, or annoyance + Joyce's note: 'tormentors' Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 30: 'Tormentors. -- Painted flats or curtains placed right behind the proscenium to mask from the audience the prompter, and lighting effects down stage'.

shun - to avoid and stay away from deliberately, to stay clear of

startrap - Theatr., a trap in the stage-floor consisting of five or more wedge-shaped pieces which part when pressure is applied to the centre, used for the sudden appearance or disappearance of a gymnastic performer.

slip - to move quickly and softly, without attracting notice; to move out of place with an easy sliding motion

slider - a thing or part which slides or may be slid; esp. a sliding part or device in some mechanical apparatus

runway - Theatr. A platform built at stage level and extending part way down the center aisle of the theater. Used in burlesque and musical comedy for the presentation of chorus numbers.

ruing - pres. part. of 'rue' (to feel penitence, regard, to regard with pity or compassion)

reveal - a revealing, revelation, disclosure; a side of an opening or recess which is at right angles to the face of the work; esp. the vertical side of a doorway or window-opening between the door- or window-frame and the arris.

arbor - the Latin word for 'tree,' used as part of various names in Bot., Chem., etc.

la purée (fr) - the mash

eskip - obs. form of equip + escaping

turn back the clock - to revert to a condition existing in the past

hot and cold - in all conditions and circumstances (obs.) + (water).

attendance - the body or number of persons present to take part in any proceedings + FDV: They're coming back, down the scales, the way they went up, sweetheartedly, hot and cold and electrickery with air autumn and lounge and porter free.

lounge - a leisurely walk, a saunter; a kind of sofa or easy chair on which one can lie at full length

promenade - a walk taken (usually at a leisurely pace) for exercise or amusement; a place for walking or promenading, a walk; esp. a paved public walk for social promenades.

boot - to be of use or value; to profit, avail, help

eke - to add + FDV: In spite of all that science could boot & art could skill.

grinden (Danish) - the garden gate + FDV: Close Bolt the gate.

cave canem (l) - beware the dog + FDV: Cave the and canem cane em.

wreck - the destruction of a ship at sea, a shipwreck. + rex (l) - king.

double axe - axe with two blades

mail - armour composed of interlaced rings or chain-work or of overlapping plates fastened upon a groundwork

queck (obs.) - to quack, as a duck + qui, quae, quod (l) - who? which? what? (masc., fem., neut.)

radiosus (l) - radiant, emitting many beams

renove (obs.) - to renew + renove (Portuguese) - renew + 'Take away these baubles' (Cromwell ordering removal of mace on dissolution of Rump Parliament).

brasse - a name of a fish of the perch family + brass - money in general, cash + (notebook 1924): 'You'll never have post in the pocket unless you have brass on yr plate'.

FDV: Beggers outside outdoor. Scrape your soles.

Proverbs 6:6: 'Go to the ant, thou sluggard'.

mind - to be careful about, take care of

grasp - intellectual hold; esp. comprehensive mastery of the whole of a subject; hence, mental comprehensiveness

postpone - to put off to a future or later time, to defer + Post no Bills (notice).

Respect the uniform, not the man (proverb)

robbers + raaber (Danish) - crier + Rabe (ger) - raven.

kunning - obs. ff. cunning (knowledge how to do a thing; ability, skill, expertness)

plethoron (gr) [pseudo-sing. of plethora, pseudo-pl. plethora (sing.)] - fullness, satiety + plethron - ancient Greek linear measure, about 101 feet + pleasure.


Waste not, want not (proverb)

weal - welfare, well-being, happiness, prosperity + Spare the rod and spoil the child (proverb).

Tom the Devil - English militia sergeant of 1798 who invented the pitch-cap + Tell the truth and shame the devil (proverb).

bottle - fig. To store up as in bottles; to keep under restraint (anger or other feelings) + FDV: My time is for on sale. [Help yourself.] Credit tomorrow.

label - a slip of paper, cardboard, metal, etc. attached or intended to be attached to an object and bearing its name, description, or destination + Matthew 19:19, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Galatians 5:14, Leviticus 19:18: 'Love thy neighbour as thyself'.

drudge - to work hard or slavishly, to toil at laborious and distasteful work

credit - to trust (a person) with goods or money on the faith of future payment (obs.)

dealing - trading, buying and selling; way of acting, conduct + follow my leader - a children's game in which one child is followed by a line of other children, who have to copy everything the first child does + Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price'.

fetch - Of a commodity: To 'bring in', realize, sell for (a certain price).

dives - a rich man + Dives and Lazarus - rich man and beggar (q.v.; Luke, XVI). Dives said "No" to sore-covered Lazarus, begging at his gate. They died. Dives, in hell, begged a sip of water from Lazarus, in heaven, and was refused + (notebook 1924): 'Never sell to a friend or buy from a rich man' Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 310: 'Sell nothing to a friend And do not buy from a rich man'.

Wilhelm Freund (1806-1894) - German lexicographer: his Worterbuch der lateinischen Sprache underlines all subsequent Latin dictionaries in English + Freund (ger) - friend.

chuck - to throw away, discard, dismiss

lean on - to rest, rely or draw for support or inspiration

cod - hoax, tease; A slang appellation applied to persons, with various forces + Exodus 20:3: 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me'.

Practise what you preach (proverb) + FDV: [Practise preaching.] By faith alone.

(notebook 1924): 'faith alone (fides sola)' (only first two words crayoned) The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Pelagius and Pelagianism': 'By justification we are indeed cleansed of our personal sins through faith alone'.

Gomorrha = Gomorrah + goodmorrow (Anglo-Irish) - (salutation) + FDV: Lovely weather. Gomorrn. [Godeven. Solong.]

Sodom + so long.

lots - much + Lot (escaped before Cities of Plain destroyed) + God speed - a parting wish for one's success.

tidetable - a table, or tabular list, showing the time of high water at a place or places on each day during the year or other period

all is well + Browning: Pippa Passes I.227-8: 'God's in his heaven — All's right with the world!' + All's well that ends well (proverb).

FDV: Now The law assist them and break ease their fall! Gall in his beer!

mate - (Chess.) To checkmate; to match, to marry, to join in marriage

bed - to go to bed, to retire for the night; spec. Said of a couple sleeping together + FDV: For they met & mated & wed & buckled & got & gave & reared & raised & planned & plundered & pawned their souls & pillaged our bodies & fought & feigned & strained relations & broke the bank & hated the sight of one another as & bequeathed their ills & turned their coats & belied their origins & never learned the first day's lesson & tried to mingle & managed to save & feathered some nests & fouled their own & escaped from drowning by the skin of their teeth & were responsible for congested districts & took to drink & published their privates & came down in tramped all over the world to the court of pye poudre & were cuffed by their customers & bit the dust & went as they came and yet they come back, lamp in hand, & shirt on high, peekabooing durk in the thicket of the night slumbwhen, & whisphering flisphering in the leaves nightheaves flattery language dinsiduously, to Finnegan, to sin again & to make old good grim grandma grunt & grin again, while the first grey streaks come silent silvering by for to see mark mock the this bundle of this mountain bundle of chaos clothing.

buckle - to unite in marriage (humorous or dial.)

rear - to rouse from bed or sleep (Obs. exc. dial.)

Hardanger - the name of a district in west Norway used attrib. or absol. in names of things connected with Hardanger, as Hardanger cloth, embroidery, fiddle, violin + har (Cornish) - slaughter + har (Hebrew) - mountain.

tarry - to wait before doing something; to linger, loiter + (notebook 1924): 'Dublin turns to the sea' Irish Rivers, The Tolka 399/1: 'The modern predilection of the citizens of Dublin for the sea'.

pawn - to deposit with or hand over to some one (usually a pawnbroker) as security for the repayment of a loan

pillage - to rob, plunder, sack (a person, place, etc.): esp. as practised in war + FDV: & pillaged our bodies

pound - an enclosure maintained by authority, for the detention of stray or trespassing cattle, as well as for the keeping of distrained cattle or goods until redeemed.

extramural - outside the walls or boundaries of a city or town [(notebook 1924): 'extramural' Irish Rivers, The Tolka 400/1: 'The first extramural Christian burial-ground established in Dublin was the burial-ground of St. George's parish, adjoining the Royal Canal'].

feign - to pretend; to counterfeit, imitate deceptively (esp. a voice, handwriting)

strained - Of personal relations, a situation, etc.: Subjected to a dangerous degree of tension, forced to a point where a rupture becomes imminent + FDV: & fought & feigned & strained relations

bequeath - to make a formal assignation of (property of which one is possessed) to any one

crutch - to support as with a crutch or crutches, to prop

Cripplegate, London

undermine - to weaken or destroy (the health or constitution) by degrees + Piccadilly Line of London Underground runs under length of Long Acre.

Pleiades or Seven Sisters - in Greek myth, they were hunted by Orion and his dog on earth, in the sky. The lost Pleiad is Merope, who hides her light for sorrow at the fall of Troy, or for shame at having had sex with Sisyphus, a mortal + Seven Sisters Road, London.

wan (Dublin Pronunciation) - one  

Wormwood Scrubs, London (prison)

turn out - to turn inside out + turn one's coat - to change one's uniform, to go over to the opposite party.

mingle - to combine in a mixture, to blend; to have intercourse with

feather one's nest - to provide for oneself esp. reprehensibly, while in position of trust + FDV: & feathered some nests & fouled their own

It is a foul bird that fouls its own nest (proverb)