waif - a person who is without home or friends; one who lives uncared-for or without guidance; an outcast from society; an unowned or neglected child.

bosun = boatswain - an officer in a ship who has charge of the sails, rigging, etc., and whose duty it is to summon the men to their duties with a whistle.

flitch - to cut (a log) into flitches, also, to cut as a flitch is cut.

duck on the rock - kind of a child's game, in which children throw stones at a target (occasionally a stone) placed on a rock.

tormentor - one who or that which persistently inflicts intense pain, suffering, vexation, or annoyance; Theatr. ...The 'tormentor' is the name for a door, placed in the R.I.E. and L.I.E., and which prevents anybody from obtaining a view of the performance from either of the entrances named, and also prevents the actor being seen by the 'house'---these doors are annoying at times.

shun - to avoid (in mod. prose use always to avoid persistently or habitually) from repugnance, fear, or caution.

startrap - Theatr., a trap in the stage-floor consisting of five or more wedge-shaped pieces which part when pressure is applied to the centre, used for the sudden appearance or disappearance of a gymnastic performer.

slip - to move quickly and softly, without attracting notice; to move out of place with an easy sliding motion.

slider - a thing or part which slides or may be slid; esp. a sliding part or device in some mechanical apparatus.

runway - Theatr. A platform built at stage level and extending part way down the center aisle of the theater. Used in burlesque and musical comedy for the presentation of chorus numbers.

ruing - pres. part. of rue (to feel penitence, regard, to regard with pity or compassion).

reveal - a revealing, revelation, disclosure; a side of an opening or recess which is at right angles to the face of the work; esp. the vertical side of a doorway or window-opening between the door- or window-frame and the arris.

arbor - the Latin word for 'tree,' used as part of various names in Bot., Chem., etc.

eskip - obs. form of equip                                                                                                                                            escaping

to turn back the clock - to revert to a condition existing in the past.

hot and cold - in all conditions and circumstances (obs.)

attendance - the body or number of persons present to take part in any proceedings.

lounge - a leisurely walk, a saunter, stroll; also, a lounging gait or manner of reclining; a place for lounging; a kind of sofa or easy chair on which one can lie at full length.

promenade - a walk taken (usually at a leisurely pace) for exercise or amusement, or (esp.) to and fro for display, or in a formal manner as part of a social ceremony; a place for walking or promenading, a walk; esp. a paved public walk for social promenades.

boot - to do good; to be of use or value; to profit, avail, help

eke - to add

wreck - the disabling or destruction of a vessel by any disaster or accident of navigation; the action of wrecking or breaking apart, destruction or demolition.

double axe - axe with two blades

mail - armour composed of interlaced rings or chain-work or of overlapping plates fastened upon a groundwork.

queck (obs.) - to quack, as a duck

renove (obs.) - to renew

brasse - a name of a fish of the perch family;                            brass - money in general, cash.



mind - to be careful about, take care of

grasp - intellectual hold; esp. comprehensive mastery of the whole of a subject; hence, mental comprehensiveness.

postpone - to put off to a future or later time, to defer


kunning - obs. ff. cunning (knowledge how to do a thing; ability, skill, expertness, dexterity, cleverness).

weal - welfare, well-being, happiness, prosperity

bottle - fig. To store up as in bottles; to keep under restraint (anger or other feelings).

label - a slip of paper, cardboard, metal, etc. attached or intended to be attached to an object and bearing its name, description, or destination.

drudge - to work hard or slavishly, to toil at laborious and distasteful work.

credit - to trust (a person) with goods or money on the faith of future payment (obs.)

dealing - trading, trafficking, buying and selling; way of acting, conduct, behaviour.

fetch - Of a commodity: To 'bring in', realize, sell for (a certain price).

dives - a rich man

chuck - to throw away, discard, dismiss

lean on - to rest, rely or draw for support or inspiration

cod - hoax, tease; A slang appellation applied to persons, with various forces.

Gomorrha = Gomorrah

lots - much;                         God speed - a parting wish for one's success.

tidetable - a table, or tabular list, showing the time of high water at a place or places on each day during the year or other period.

all is well

mate - (Chess.) To checkmate; to match, to marry, to join in marriage.

bed - to go to bed, to retire for the night; spec. Said of a couple sleeping together.

buckle - to unite in marriage (humorous or dial.)

rear - to rouse from bed or sleep (Obs. exc. dial.)

Hardanger - the name of a district in west Norway used attrib. or absol. in names of things connected with Hardanger, as Hardanger cloth, embroidery, fiddle, violin.

tarry - to wait before doing something; to linger, loiter

pawn - to deposit with or hand over to some one (usually a pawnbroker) as security for the repayment of a loan.

pillage - to rob, plunder, sack (a person, place, etc.): esp. as practised in war.

pound - an enclosure maintained by authority, for the detention of stray or trespassing cattle, as well as for the keeping of distrained cattle or goods until redeemed.

extramural - outside the walls or boundaries of a city or town.

feign - to pretend; to counterfeit, imitate deceptively (esp. a voice, handwriting).

strained - Of personal relations, a situation, etc.: Subjected to a dangerous degree of tension, forced to a point where a rupture becomes imminent.

bequeath - to make a formal assignation of (property of which one is possessed) to any one.

crutch - to support as with a crutch or crutches, to prop

undermine - to weaken or destroy (the health or constitution) by degrees.

turn out - to turn inside out; to equip or dress in careful way;                to turn one's coat - to change one's uniform, to go over to the opposite party.

mingle - to combine in a mixture, to blend; to have intercourse with.

to feather one's nest* - to provide for oneself esp. reprehensibly, while in position of trust.