wayleave - a right of way granted by the owner of land to a particular body and for a particular purpose, often in return for payment + waylaid.

Arnott's department store, Dublin

pont - a bridge

voda (Russian, Serbian) - water + bridged waterfalls.

Zollgebuhr (ger) - import duty + geboren (ger) - born + burdened.

liquidation - Law. The action or process of ascertaining and apportioning the amounts of a debt, etc.; the action or process of abolishing or eliminating, the doing away with or killing of unwanted persons.

heir - a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another + Job 19:20: 'I am escaped with the skin of my teeth' + FDV: & escaped from drowning by the skin of their teeth

congested district - in Ireland and Scotland, an area of land of which the resources are inadequate to support its population. Hence applied to similar areas elsewhere. Also of an urban area: excessively full of buildings, traffic. etc.


sawyer - a workman whose business it is to saw timber, esp. in a saw-pit + Jonathan Sawyer founded Dublin, Georgia, United States (Joyce seems to have thought his name was Peter Sawyer).

werfen (ger) - to throw + werf (Dutch) = Werft (German) - wharf, shipyard + verf (Dutch) - paint.

woodcut - a design cut in relief on a block of wood, for printing from; a print or impression obtained from this; a wood-engraving

wharf - a substantial structure of timber, stone, etc., built along the water's edge, so that ships may lie alongside for loading and unloading

ewe - to yean, give birth to (a lamb) (obs.) + used.

Rachel and Leah ("ewe," "languid") - Jacob's wives. In FW they are mirror girls because they became the Old Testament types of active and contemplative lives, as Martha and Mary are in the New Testament (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

lea - a tract of open ground, either meadow, pasture, or arable land; Used loosely for 'ground'.

ram (obs. rare.) - to leap (the ewe)

haggard - a wild (female) hawk caught when in her adult plumage; fig. A wild and intractable person (at first, a female) + looked daggers at (phrase).

fourscore - 80

rock oil - native naphtha, crude oil + strike oil (orig. U.S.) - lit. to reach the oil (petroleum) in sinking a shaft for it through the overlying strata; hence fig. (colloq.), to hit upon a source of rapid profit and affluence.


phiz - face + Phiz - pen name of Hablot Knight Brown, who illustrated Dickens. 

Tobias - son of the Apocryphal Tobit

Zachary - father of John the Baptist 

cuff - to beat, strike, buffet; to put cuffs on, to handcuff + FDV: & took to drink & published their privates & came down in tramped all over the world to the court of pye poudre & were cuffed by their customers & bit the dust

bite the dust - to fall in death, to die; also, to fall to the ground, to fall wounded; to be abased

garth - a small piece of enclosed ground, usually beside a house or other building, used as a yard, garden, or paddock + diergaarde (Dutch) - zoo.

give up the ghost - to breathe one's last, expire, die

multifarie (l) - in many ways, variously + Muilte Farannain (mwilti farenin) (gael) - Farannan's ("land-holder" [?]) Mills, Co. Westmeath; anglic. Multyfarnham + Battle of Mullafarry, 1798.

Pharoah = Pharaoh - the generic appellation of the ancient Egyptian kings.

fairy - one of a class of supernatural beings of diminutive size, in popular belief supposed to possess magical powers and to have great influence for good or evil over the affairs of man + fero, tuli, latum (principal parts of Latin verb 'to bear').

all + Qual (ger) - torture + qual (it) - as.

immortality + Himmel (ger) - heaven + immer (ger) - always, eternal.

Beelzebub - the Devil, a devil

river + ravishing.

divil - devil

peekaboo = bo-peep - a nursery play with a young child, who is kept in excitement by the nurse or play-mate alternately concealing herself (or her face), and peeping out for a moment at an unexpected place, to withdraw again with equal suddenness. Johnson says 'The act of looking out and then drawing back as if frighted, or with the purpose to fright some other'.

durk - dark + durch (ger) - through.

thicket - a dense growth of shrubs, underwood, and small trees

slumber + somewhere + FDV: & went as they came and yet they come back, lamp in hand, & shirt on high, peekabooing durk in the thicket of the night slumbwhen,

The Book of the Dead

sign + seen.

tour d' - tour of the + adieu - 'farewell' + tour d'adieu (fr) - farewell tour + "The most important center of Osiris in the area of the Delta, the site of his eventual reconstitution was Busiris. Budge transcribes the Egyptian name for this place Tettu (Gods, II, 121–122), and Max Müller as Dedu (Myths, p. 92). The quest of the goddess, which leads her to Dedu, is suggested in FW as "her tour d'adieu"." (Mark L. Troy)

pervinca (l) - periwinkle (flower)

Selskar Gunn - son of Michael Gunn + "in and out of their serial story, Les Loves of Selskar et Pervenche, freely adapted to The Novvergin's Viv." [028.26-.27]




gag - to make an unsuccessful effort to vomit, struggle for breath; to make jokes or quips

flattery - false or insincere praise; cajolery, blandishment + FDV: & whisphering flisphering in the leaves nightheaves flattery language dinsiduously, to Finnegan, to sin again & to make old good grim grandma grunt & grin again,

deciduously - ephemerally, transitory, of passing interest or importance + Ulysses.15.3454: 'THE YEWS... Deciduously!'

silver - to invest or suffuse with a silvery hue or lustre; to flow with a silvery gleam + FDV: while the first grey streaks come silent silvering by for to see mark mock the this bundle of this mountain

Dollymount - district of Dublin

near - to draw or come near, to approach (in place or time)

chill - 'cold, cold to the touch' (J.); now always unpleasantly, depressingly, or injuriously cold

stair - a staircase

incorporate - without body or material substance, incorporeal, unembodied; not incorporated, not existing as a corporation

licensed - spec. (of a house, etc.) licensed for the sale of alcoholic liquor

vintner - one who deals in or sells wine; a wine-merchant; an innkeeper selling wine

be a host in oneself - be a law onto oneself + Niall of the Nine Hostages - Irish High King (figures in the lineage of the Finnegans) + FDV: They near the foot of the chill stair: that large respectable Licensed vintner, such as he is, a host in himself and in his hydrocomic establishment

ambling - walking (obs.); moving with the gait or pace of an ambling horse, whether with regard to alternacy, smoothness, or affectation

lympha (l) - clear water + FDV: and his teeny ambling limper limpy purse & peeping partner peepingpartner

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. III, 54 and 61: Alaeddin; or, The Wonderful Lamp: features two magical creatures, 'the Slave of the Ring' and 'the Slave of the Lamp', whom Alaeddin summons by rubbing their objects.

bend - to assume or receive a curved form, to turn away from the straight line

bane - ruin, fatal mischief; woful or hapless fate + FDV: the slave of the ring that worries the hand that carries swings sways the lamp glim lamp, that lights shadows the way walk, that leads bends to bed the bad his bane

busyness - busy state or quality = business

cop - the top or summit of anything (obs. or dial.) + FDV: the businessman busynessman that met came on the cad cop in the Finisky Fenians park

Fenian - of or pertaining to the Fenians

bark - a small ship; in modern use, applied poetically or rhetorically to any sailing vessel

pickle - to pick in a small way, or a little at a time; to peck, nibble + FDV: that told tickled pickled his wife widow

prime - to charge, fill, or fully furnish (a person) beforehand with information which he may subsequently give forth or otherwise use + FDV: that in the middle thick of the night blabbed to the priest parson primed the pope

croppy - one who has his hair cropped short; applied esp. to the Irish rebels of 1798, who wore their hair cut very short as a sign of sympathy with the French Revolution

Persse O'Reilly + FDV: that passed the tip to the talor of boys it round on the popular volunteer plate that tickled till it reached croppied the ears of Freddy Purses & Tom Paul

knee - to strike or touch with the knee

O'Connell Bridge, Dublin

doss - sleep; a place for sleeping in, a bed; esp. a bed in a common lodging-house + FDV: that woke kneed O'Donnell O'Connell up out of his doss

shoulder - to push against (a person or thing) with the shoulder

Burke and Hare robbed graves in Edinburgh (they were Irish)

butt - to hit (someone or something) with the head or horns + Butt Bridge, Dublin + FDV: that shouldered Cormak Brack Burke that kicked butted O'T.... Higgins

busker - an itinerant entertainer or musician

greaten - to exalt mentally or spiritually; chiefly in good sense, to elevate or ennoble (the mind) + Grattan, Henry (1746-1820) - Anglo-Irishman who worked for a separate parliament and moderate reforms + Grattan Bridge, Dublin.

crwth (Welsh) - bowed lyre + FDV: that woke the busker that grattaned his crowd

buck up - to cheer up

jigger - one who 'jigs' or dances a jig. Also, in dial., An odd-looking person, a 'guy'.

rhyme - to make rimes or verses; to put (one's thoughts) into riming form

rann - a verse, a strain + FDV: [that bucked the jiggers to rhyme] that rhymed the rann,

Flood, Henry - associate of Grattan

route - a way, road, or course + FDV: the talk that went the rounds that ruled the round route in Erin's isle from Malin by to Mizzen and Kearney Mizzen Clear till Slyme Point to Slynagollav

Eireann (erun) (gael) - g. [of] Ireland

Malainn (malin) (gael) - g. [of a] Hillbrow, Co. Donegal, extreme N. point of Ireland.

Cleire (kleri) (gael) - Band, Company; Co. Cork, extreme S. point of Ireland.

CARNSORE POINT - Gael. Ceann an Chairn (kyoun un kharn): "Head of the Rock-heap," County Wexford; the extreme South-East point of Ireland. 

SLYNE HEAD - Promontory, South-West of Clifden, County Galway; the West-most part of mainland Ireland North of the Shannon. "Slynagollow" is not an actual place-name. O Hehir explains it as Ceann Lime na Gaillimhe, i.e., Leap (Slyne) Head of Galway.

ransom - to redeem (from captivity or punishment), to obtain the release of (a prisoner) by making a payment demanded + FDV:
& picked cleaned the pockets & tickled rattled the ribs of all the listeners,

leud - lewd; lay, secular (obs)

The House That Jack Built (song) + FDV: lay & lewd lewd & lay, that bought the ballad that the Hosty Mob made.