troublous - characterized by trouble, agitation, or disturbance; disordered, disturbed, unsettled, confused; causing trouble or grief; painful, grievous.

perilous* - causing or occasioning great danger; full of risk; dangerous; hazardous.

indignation meeting - a meeting to express public indignation (anger at what is regarded as unworthy or wrongful) in reference to some proceeding.


volley - to utter (words, etc.) rapidly or impetuously

Uitlander - foreigner, outlander

notable - a person of eminence or distinction

crash - fig. To discuss with violence and noise (obs. rare.)

libel - any false and defamatory statement in conversation or otherwise.

mounted - Of material things: Elevated or piled up like a mountain (Now rare.)

renounceable* - that may be renounced;                         renounce - to abandon, cast off, repudiate.

Swanee whistle* - a small woodwind instrument with a slide-plunger to vary the pitch, chiefly used as a toy.

eyre - itineration, circuit


Reilly - var. Riley (In colloq. phr. the life of Riley - a comfortable, enjoyable, and carefree existence).

nark - an annoying or unpleasant thing or situation; a source of astonishment or vexation.

bedpan - a pan for warming beds, a warming-pan

quare - queer

to wend one's way* - to go or journey in a certain way or direction.

wayward* - wrongheaded, intractable, self-willed; froward, perverse; Of judgement: Perverse, wrong, unjust.


opulent - rich, wealthy, affluent

vinery - a glass house or hot-house constructed for the cultivation of the grape-vine.

highjack - to steal (contraband or stolen goods) in transit, to rob (a bootlegger or smuggler) of his illicit goods; to hold up and commandeer (a vehicle and its load) in transit.

naggin - variant of noggin (a small drinking vessel; a mug or cup).

haul - to propel oneself, to make one's way

hogshead - a large cask or barrel; Applied to a person with allusion to the animal.

cowled - furnished with or wearing a cowl

Sursum corda* - in Latin Eucharistic liturgies, the words addressed by the celebrant to the congregation at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer; in English rites, the corresponding versicle, 'Lift up your hearts'.

blue funk - extreme nervousness, tremulous dread

dipper - one who uses immersion in baptism; esp. an Anabaptist or Baptist; the popular name in the United States for the configuration of seven bright stars in Ursa Major (called in Britain 'the Plough', or 'Charles's Wain').

Martian - of or pertaining to planet Mars

frost - esp. Of a person: Coldness of behaviour or temperament, frigidity; slang (originally Theatr.). A failure.


abhor - fig. To regard with horror, extreme repugnance or disgust; to hate utterly, loathe, abominate.

regender (obs.) - to beget again; to make or create afresh; to form anew.

slog - a vigorous blow

brogue* - a strongly-marked dialectal pronunciation or accent

can not

underside* - the under or lower side or surface                                                                                                      understand

betwixt - between

wifely - pertaining to, characteristic of, or befitting a wife

mens (l) - mind, intellect, heart

conscientia (l) - consciousness

rectio (l) - direction, governing, administration

hemale = heman - orig. U.S., a particularly strong, virile, or masterful man.

unbrace - to allow or make (the heart) to relax in feeling; to free (oneself) from restraint.

omni - - all, universally

orse - obs. ff. horse

matin - Eccl. One of the canonical hours of the breviary; properly a midnight office, but sometimes recited at daybreak, and followed immediately by lauds.

trivial - a trivial matter; a triviality, trifle. Usually pl.; pl. The three subjects of study constituting the trivium (Now only Hist.)

bivouac - an encampment for the night in the open air

monolith* - a single block of stone, esp. one of notable size, shaped into a pillar or monument.


amongst = among

hebdomadary* - a member of Roman Catholic convent appointed for the week to sing the chapter mass and lead the recitation of the canonical hours.

gush - objectionably effusive or sentimental display of feeling, esp. in verbal expression.

in so far - in such measure or degree (as); to such extent (that)

concreation (obs. rare.) - creation together

efficient - Of persons: Adequately skilled

excess - the overstepping the limits of moderation

taint - a touch of discredit, dishonour, or disgrace; a contaminating, corrupting, or depraving influence, physical or moral.

treason - breach of faith, treacherous action, treachery

alter - something (esp. another person) regarded as existing outside the self.

selfsame - (the) very same, very identical

maim - fig. Mutilation or loss of some essential part, a grave defect, blemish, or disablement.

encore - a call for the repetition of a song, etc.; the repetition itself.

amenable - Of persons: Liable to be brought before any jurisdiction; answerable, liable to answer, responsible (to law, etc., or absol.)