beget* - to procreate, to generate: usually said of the father, but sometimes of both parents.

...Here may belong the Irish interjectional phr. tear and ages (? aches), wounds, expressing astonishment.


snatch - a brief manifestation or display of something

husky - big, strong, and vigorous

coaxing - that coaxes, caressing, wheedling

experimenter - one who experiments

famble (obs.) - to speak imperfectly; to stammer, stutter                                                                                                family

slow poison - Indicating the accumulative effect of a deleterious drug or agent taken for a length of time.

mighty - of huge proportions, very great in amount, extent or degree.

venue - the scene of a real or supposed action or event; Theatr. The site of a theatrical performance.

between the devil and the deep sea* - between two comparable evils;                punchbowl - a bowl in which the ingredients of punch are mixed, and from which it is served with a ladle.

to turn a deaf ear - to refuse to listen

Esperanto* - an artificial language invented for universal use by Dr. Ludovik Lazarus  Zamenhof, a Polish physician. Its vocabulary consists of roots common to the chief European languages, with endings normalized.

willynilly* - whether one likes it or not, willingly or unwillingly

shareholder - one who owns or holds a share or shares in a joint-stock company, or other joint fund or property.

below par - at a discount

mar - a hindrance, obstruction; an impediment in speech (obs.)

descendant - one who 'descends' or is descended from an ancestor.

humbug - a thing which is not really what it pretends to be; an imposture, a deception, fraud.

mildew - a morbid destructive growth upon plants, consisting of minute fungi, and having usually the appearance of a thin whitish coating.

jaundice - a morbid condition caused by obstruction of the bile, and characterized by yellowness of the conjunctiva, skin, fluids, and tissues, and by constipation, loss of appetite, and weakness.

wagtail - a small bird belonging to one of the species of the genus Motacilla or the family MotacillidŠ, so called from the continual characteristic wagging motion of the tail; a contemptuous term for a profligate or inconstant woman; hence, a harlot, courtesan.

surtax - to tax additionally, charge with a surtax

testcase - (Law), a case, the decision of which is taken as determining that of a number of others in which the same question of law is involved.

scant - poor, meagre

carnage - the slaughter of a great number, esp. of men; butchery, massacre.

semperidentical* - always the same

subsist - to provide sustenance for, to support or maintain with provisions or funds, to maintain, support, keep: said of provisions, funds, etc., or of the persons dispensing them.

peasemeal - meal made by grinding peas; also fig. a medley, 'mess'.

variable - something which is liable to vary or change; a changeable factor, feature, or element.

to see to it - to make certain by taking necessary action, to make sure that (something is done).

ere - before (in time)

smellful - smelly

demise - Law. Conveyance or transfer of an estate by will or lease; Transferred to the death or decease which occasions the demise of an estate, etc.; hence, popularly, = Decease, death.

surprend (obs. rare) - to surprise

concrete - existing in a material form or as an actual reality, or pertaining to that which so exists. Opposed to abstract. (The ordinary current sense); Absolutely, the concrete, that which is concrete; in the concrete, in the sphere of concrete reality, concretely.

gully - a channel or ravine worn in the earth by the action of water, esp. in a mountain or hill side; transf. A furrow, groove.

era - a historical period; a portion of historical time marked by the continuance throughout it of particular influences, social conditions.

to look forward - to look ahead, to look expectantly towards the future or to a coming event.

larrikin - a noisy disorderly fellow, a (usually juvenile) street rowdy.

postface - a brief article or note placed at the the end of a publication.

megaron - the great central hall of a type of house characteristic esp. of the MycenŠan period.

tie - that with which anything is tied; a cord, band, or the like, used for fastening something.

whirl - to move about in various directions, esp. with rapidity or force.

raughty - fine, splendid, jolly, etc.; (of persons and things) boisterous, rowdy, noisy.

soldering iron* - an apparatus used in soldering

rockaby - A traditional phrase (esp. in a nursery rhyme) to induce an infant to fall asleep, used as an accompaniment to the rocking of a cradle.

peddle - to busy oneself with trifles; to work at something in a trifling, paltry, or petty way.

sod - to cover or build up, to provide or lay, with sods or turfs.

to pave the way - to prepare the way (for, to something to come), to facilitate or lead on to a result or an object in view.


emir - a Saracen or Arab prince, or governor of a province; a military commander.

show - to look or gaze upon (obs.)

pon - upon


Margaret Caroline Rudd - (d. 1779), a notorious courtesan, for whom the table may have been invented                                    red

purge - that which purges; spec. an aperient medicine, a purgative.

baresark* - a berserker, or wild Norse warrior; sometimes explained as a warrior fighting in his 'bare shirt.'

concord - agreement between persons; concurrence in feeling and opinion; harmony, accord.

sodomy* - an unnatural form of sexual intercourse

red spot - a pimple or efflorescence of the skin

brand - a sign or mark, sometimes in a general sense, but usually (with reference to the practice of branding criminals) conveying the idea of disgrace; a stigma, a mark of infamy.

thon - the demonstrative pron. and adj., pointing to something more remote in place or time than that.

private judgement* - the formation of personal or individual opinion (esp. in religious matters), as opposed to the acceptance of a statement or doctrine on authority;             judger - a judge; usually, one who forms, or who is (well or ill) qualified to form, an opinion.

drew - pa. tense of draw (v.)

metropolis* - the chief town or city of a country; The metropolis, often somewhat pompously used for 'London'.

leary = leery - alert, knowing, wide awake; U.S. slang. Careful.

plot - to plan, contrive, or devise (something to be carried out or accomplished)                                                                putting

momentum - the effect of inertia in the continuance of motion after the impulse has ceased; impetus gained by movement.