stotter* - to stumble, stagger

trut (obs.) - An ejaculation of contempt

trumper - to give forth a trumpet-like sound; spec. to break wind audibly (slang or vulgar).

Lord Harry* - a familiar name for the Devil


innings - Cricket. That portion of the game played by either side while 'in' or at the bat; In Cricket also used of the play of, or score of runs made by, any one batsman during his turn.

consort - to accompany, keep company with; to have intercourse with.

pitch - Cricket. The act or manner of pitching or delivering the ball in bowling, or the way in which it pitches or alights; a talk, chat; the highest (or extreme) point, top, summit, apex, vertex.

six o'clock


flick - a light blow, esp. one given with something pliant; Cricket. A quick turn of the batsman's or bowler's wrist in playing or delivering the ball; also, a turn of the ball.

bail - In Cricket, name of each of the two pieces of wood laid across the tops of the three stumps which form the wicket         balls

lubrication - the action of lubricating

scorch - to heat to such a degree as to shrivel, parch, or dry up, or to char or discolour the surface; to cycle or motor at high speed.

pegger - one who pegs;                   peg - to insert a peg into; to work on persistently, to 'hammer' away; Cricket. To drive pegs into (the face of a bat).

to brick up - to build or close up with brickwork

toss - a deciding by flipping a coin

flog - Cricket. To 'punish' (bowling)

bowling - Cricket. The action of 'delivering' the ball

darr - obs. form of dare (v.)

to break one' s back* - to dislocate the bones of the back or neck; also fig. to overpower, render nugatory, crush;
duck - Cricket slang. (Short for duck's egg). No score, nought; also, a player who fails to score.

posh - elegant, fashionable, smart, 'swell', 'classy'

lob - to send (a player) a lobbed ball                                                                                                                                     love

parr - to enclose, confine; to shut up in an enclosure; to fold, pen, etc.


googly* - bulging, staring

metch = match


goeasy* - easy-going; characterized by leisurely behaviour;                             easyosey - easygoing, casual.

cuppy - full of 'cups' (a rounded cavity, small hollow, or depression in the surface of the ground or of a rock).

by and by* - in a little while, soon

slip - Cricket. One or other of the fielders who stand behind and on the off-side of the wicket to which the ball is bowled; the ground or position occupied or guarded by these players.

tyre = tire (obs.)

Dunlop - the name of a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland, used (chiefly attrib.) to designate an unskimmed-milk cheese originally made there.

square - honest or straightforward in dealing with others; honourable, upright.

lilywhite* - white as a lily

pinafore - a covering of washable material worn by children, and by factory girls or others, over the frock or gown, to protect it from being soiled.

grip - an ear-ring

plunge - a critical situation, crisis, pinch, stress, strait

flannelly - characteristic or of the nature of flannel, flannel-like.

hump - sexual intercourse; hence, a woman who makes herself available for sexual intercourse (coarse slang.)

oval - to make oval, to give an oval shape to

crease - a furrow in a surface, a fold, wrinkle; Cricket. The name of certain lines scratched or marked on the ground to define the positions of the bowler and batsman.

pad - something soft, of the nature of a cushion, serving esp. to protect from or diminish jarring, friction, or pressure; In Cricket and other sports: A guard or protection for parts of the body, as the leg or shins.

womanish - of or belonging to a woman or women, a woman's (Now rare.)

keek - to peep; to look privily, as through a narrow aperture, or round a corner                                                                (onomat.)

shanty - showy, smart

to laugh off - to minimize by treating as amusingly or absurdly trivial, to dismiss or get rid of with a laugh.


cockadoodledoo* - a conventional representation of the crow of the cock; a name for this.

gallows bird - one who deserves to be hanged. Also occas., one who has been hanged.

noball - the words used by an umpire at cricket to denote that the ball has not been bowled in accordance with the rules of the game.

to carry one's bat - (in Cricket): to leave the wickets (esp. at the close of the game) without being 'out'.

notout - Cricket. The phrase 'not out' used attributively to designate a batsman (his score, etc.) whose innings either are unfinished or are ended only by his side going out; a 'not out' innings.

morgen (d) - tomorrow



armiger* - an esquire; orig. one who attended a knight to bear his shield, etc.; in later usage, one entitled to bear heraldic arms.


herewith - with this, along with or together with this

enjoin - to prohibit, forbid (a thing); to prohibit (a person) from (a person or thing)                                                         enjoyed

tabernacle* - a temporary dwelling; generally movable, constructed of branches, boards, or canvas; a hut, tent, booth; fig. In phraseology chiefly of biblical origin: A dwelling-place.

Tipperary* - province in Munster (S. Ireland)

carriageable - capable of being carried, portable (rare.)

Tochter (d) - daughter

contractation - mutual dealing, bargaining, trading


choree - the metrical foot more commonly called trochee, consisting of a long syllable followed by a short one.

thoughtfully - in a thoughtful manner; with thought or consideration; meditatively, musingly; reflectively; considerately, kindly.

repass - to pass again into a previous state, through a place, etc.

pictorial* - consisting of, expressed in, or of the nature of, a picture or pictures.