eon - an age of the universe, an immeasurable period of time; the whole duration of the world, or of the universe; eternity.

neptune - the second most remote planet of the solar system.

centinel - obs. ff. sentinel (fig. One who or something which keeps guard like a military sentinel).

choree - the metrical foot more commonly called trochee, consisting of a long syllable followed by a short one                (onomat.)

profiteer - to practise profiteering (the action or fact of seeking to make an excessive profit, as by providing necessities at extortionate prices)                                                                                                                                                      profferred

damsel* - a young unmarried lady; originally one of noble or gentle birth, but gradually extended as a respectful appellation to those of lower rank; a young unmarried woman (without any connotation of rank or respect---sometimes even slightingly).

chin chin - a phrase of salutation. Also used as a drinking toast.

dankeschon (d) - thank you

prevenient - coming before, preceding, previous, antecedent

detachable* - capable of being detached or separated

replaceable - that may be replaced

auricular - an auricular organ or part; the little finger, as the one most easily inserted in the ear.

...T. R. Malthus in his Essay on Population (1798) contended that the rate of increase of the population being out of proportion to the increase of its means of subsistence, it should be checked, mainly by moral restraint. This has often been popularly viewed as a proposal to check marriage.

Promethean - of, pertaining to, or resembling Prometheus, in his skill, art, or punishment.

paratonerre* - an apparatus for protection against 'thunder-stroke'; a lightning-conductor;                        Wetter (d) - storm.

markmaker - a maker of stamp marks

piledriver - a man who drives piles into the ground

laboursaving - designed to ease or eliminate work

deviser - one who devises; a contriver, inventor

dividend - a portion or share of anything divided; esp. the share (of anything divided among a number of persons) that falls to each to receive or pay.

...Waterworkers, makers of meadow drains and wet ditches.

verbum sap - A phrase used in place of making a full statement or explanation, implying that an intelligent person may easily infer what is left unsaid, or understand the reasons for reticence.

dapplegray - gray with spots and patches of a different shade

droner - one who emits a monotonous sound

drowse - to be half asleep

evermore - for all future time (Obs. exc. arch.); always, at all times, constantly, continually.

anastomosis* - network, mesh; intercommunication between two vessels, channels, or distinct branches of any kind, by a connecting cross branch. Applied originally to the cross communications between the arteries and veins, or other canals in the animal body; whence to similar cross connexions in the sap-vessels of plants, and between rivers or their branches; and now to cross connexions between the separate lines of any branching system, as the branches of trees, the veins of leaves, or the wings of insects.

ground plan - fig. The outline, general plan or basis upon which any work is constructed or composed.

placehunter - one who seeks persistently for a place or post in the public service.

whiskered - having whiskers

donah - a woman, a sweetheart;                          bella dona (i) - 'fair lady'.

totum (l) - a whole;                        vir (l) - husband.

repeal - to revoke, rescind, annul (something determined or appointed, esp. a law or sentence).

schismacy - Eccl. A breach of the unity of the visible Church

withdraw - to draw back, take away, remove (a thing) from its place or position.

closure - a bringing to a conclusion, end, close; Cricket. The act or right of declaring an innings closed.

adjourn* - Of persons met for business: To suspend proceedings and disperse for a time agreed upon, or sine die, that is, without specifying any day for reassembling. Also, to separate in  order to meet at another place; hence fam. to remove the place of meeting.

precedent - Law. A previous judicial decision, method of proceeding, or draft of a document, which serves as an authoritative rule or pattern in similar or analogous cases.

continency - self-restraint, temperance; spec. Self-restraint in the matter of sexual appetite, displayed either by due moderation or (as more frequently taken) by entire abstinence.

jumbo* - a big clumsy person, animal, or thing; popularized, esp., as the individual name of an elephant, famous for its size, in the London Zoological Gardens, subsequently sold in Feb. 1882 to Barnum.

to blow the whistle on (a person or thing)* - to bring an activity to a sharp conclusion, as if by the blast of a whistle; now usu. by informing on (a person) or exposing (an irregularity or crime).

to tuck away - to put into a snug place

...The anticipation of a good honest right-away race was not disappointed.

aunty - a familiar, endearing form of aunt;         antediluvian - one who lived before the Flood; fig. one who attains to a very great age.

mankind - the human race, men as distinguished from women.

baffling - perplexing, confusing