mong - among

treen - of or belonging to a tree or trees; woodware, esp. when regarded as antiques.

hiss - a sharp continuous spirant sound such as is emitted by geese and serpents, and in the pronunciation of 's'.

haze - an obscuration of the atmosphere near the surface of the earth, caused by an infinite number of minute particles of vapour, etc. in the air. In 18th c. applied to a thick fog or hoar-frost; but now usually to a thin misty appearance, which makes distant objects indistinct, and often arises from heat.

cert - certainly, certes, of a truth

no kidding* - I am not kidding; that is the truth

postboy - a letter-carrier

nutty - pleasant, rich, full of zest or flavour

woodbine - a proprietary name for a brand of cheap cigarettes; a cigarette of this brand.

ocular* - humorously for 'ocular organ', 'eye'

pep - to fill or inspire with energy or vigour, to enliven, invigorate, excite                                                                         popped


drollery - a comic play or entertainment; a puppet-show


snug - dial. or slang. The bar-parlour of an inn or public-house

teddy - a woman's one peace garment

crown jewels - the jewels which form part of the regalia; also fig.

marm - used for 'mother'

noseheavy - Aeronaut., having a tendency for the nose to drop relative to the tail.


lop - to eliminate as unnecessary or undesirable; Usu. used with off.

whish - to make a soft sibilant sound of this kind, as a body rushing through air or water, or the wind among trees, etc.

comrade - one who shares the same room, a chamber-fellow, 'chum'; esp. among soldiers, a tent-fellow, fellow-soldier.

All Hallows - all saints, the saints (in heaven) collectively



Lawd - local (esp. Black English) variants of Lord, Lordy, usually as interjections or in humorous contexts.

lengthen - to make longer, increase the length of, whether in material or immaterial sense.

standpoint - a mental point of view; the position (with respect to degree of information, direction of sympathies or prejudices, assumed fundamental principles, or the like) which a person occupies in relation to any object of mental contemplation.

belt - to gird with a belt

blucher - a strong leather half-boot or high shoe, the actual pattern varying with the fashion.

church ale* - ale which was sold to raise money for church and relief of the poor; a periodical festive gathering held in connexion with a church.

submarine - operating or operated, constructed or laid, intended for use under the surface of the sea.

cemented - treated with cement, united with or as with cement

palship - the relation of being pals, comradeship, informal intimacy

truce - to make a truce; to bring to an end by or as by means of a truce

refugee - one who, owing to religious persecution or political troubles, seeks refuge in a foreign country; orig. applied to the French Huguenots who came to England after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.

true - to prove true, verify (obs. rare.)

sish - a fine slushy ice, new and thin ice                                                                                                                            hush

honeysucker* - an animal that feeds on honey; spec. applied to numerous small birds that feed on honey and the nectar of flowers.

watkin (obs.) - a hare

bugler - one who plays on a bugle; spec. a soldier who conveys orders by signals sounded on a bugle.

vizaviz - obs. f. vis--vis (in relation to)

dainty - of delicate or tender beauty or grace


gel - Hairdressing. A jelly-like substance used for setting or styling the hair                                                                             girls

in bloom* - in flower, flowering, blossoming

parky - a park-keeper

twitch - couch-grass, Triticum repens

thistle - the common name of the prickly herbaceous plants of the genus Carduus.

charlock - a yellow-flowered weed (Sinapis arvensis or Field Mustard).

fog - fig. To put (a person) in a 'fog'; to bewilder utterly, mystify, perplex; to render (ideas, etc.) misty or confused.

foregather - to gather together, assemble; to encounter, meet; esp. to meet with.

raw - Of persons: Inexperienced, unskilled, untrained; quite new or fresh to anything.

trespass - to commit a transgression or offence; to transgress, offend; to sin.

briss - the jewish rite of circumcision of a male child

wiv - representation of a vulg. pronunc. (esp. Cockney) of with

burgomaster - the chief magistrate of a Dutch or Flemish town, nearly corresponding to the mayor in England. Often used loosely for any member of the governing body of a foreign municipality. Also for borough-master, as an official title in certain English boroughs.

scented - impregnated with perfume; perfumed

mouf - repr. a pronunc. of mouth

what say? - (slang, orig. U.S.), what did (or do) you say? shall we?

Jocko - the chimpanzee; sometimes used as a familiar name for any ape.