boosy - an ox- or cow-stall, a crib

feeler - Biol. One of the organs with which certain animals are furnished, for trying by the touch objects with which they come in contact, or for searching for food. slang. That with which one feels.

beggar's bush - a bush under which a beggar finds shelter (name of 'a tree near Huntingdon, formerly a noted rendezvous for beggars'---Brewer), fig. beggary, ruin.

maroon - to put (a person) ashore and leave him on a desolate island or coast (as was done by the buccaneers and pirates) by way of punishment; to place or leave in a position from which one cannot escape.

wappin - obs. Sc. form of weapon

stillstand - [After G. (waffen)stillstand] an armistice (obs.)

pip - to reject or disqualify

retrousse* - turned up (Chiefly of the nose.)

flounce* - 'an ornamental appendage to the skirt of a lady's dress, consisting of a strip gathered and sewed on by its upper edge around the skirt, and left hanging and waving.'

gunner - one who goes shooting game (Sometimes used contemptuously in contradistinction to sportsman.)

corkiness - state or quality of being 'corky' (fig. Light, trifling, frivolous; buoyant, lively, springy; hence, skittish, ticklish, restive.)

fino - the driest Spanish sherry

oloroso - a sherry of golden color and medium sweetnes

freer - one who frees or sets free; obs. and Sc. dial. form of friar

dolour - mental pain or suffering; sorrow, grief, distress

idly - in an idle or lazy way

neath - beneath

the ilk - the same person or persons

eke - an addition, increase; a piece added on

banned - cursed; prohibited, forbidden

welkin* - the apparent arch or vault of heaven overhead; the sky, the firmament.

Atkins = Tommy Atkins - familiar form of Thomas Atkins, as a name for the typical private soldier in the British army.

trooper - a soldier in a troop of cavalry, a horse soldier.

mounded - consisting of mounds or hillocks; having the form of a mound; heaped up into a mound.

wolken - obs. ff. welkin (a cloud; the sky, the firmament.)

umber - a brown earth used as a pigment; also, the colour of this

fulmen - a thunderbolt; thunder, esp. as the attribute of Jupiter

mean - moderate in amount, or in degree of excellence

pitter - pit a pat (succession of light rapid pats); to make a rapid repetition of a monosyllabic sound in quality approaching short i, as in the sound made by the grasshopper, or by a thin stream of water running over stones.

sprinkling - fig. A small or slight quantity or amount

dell - a deep natural hollow or vale of no great extent, the sides usually clothed with trees or foliage.

Mizpah - an expression or token of association ('The Lord watch between me and thee'), esp. used attrib. to designate an ornament with 'Mizpah' inscribed upon it, as given by a lover.

humidity - moistness, dampness

misled - led astray, misguided, ill-conducted

peerless - unequalled, matchless;                     peeress - the wife of a peer.

noel - a Christmas carol                                                                                                                                                     now

esch - obs. Sc. form of ash


arrah - exp. of surprise or excitement

pogue - a bag, purse, wallet or container

rowantree - the mountain ash, Pyrus Aucuparia

corneltree - the Cornelian cherry tree

windy - Of places, etc.: Full of, exposed to, blown upon or through by the wind.

arbour - a garden of fruit-trees, an orchard

dendron (gr) - tree


humbly* - in a humble manner; with humility, meekly

stoppress - (of an issue of a newspaper or a particular column), containing late news inserted after printing has begun.

mistletoe - parasitic plant of Europe, Viscum album (N.O. LoranthaceŠ), growing on various trees (in Britain, frequently on the apple-tree, rarely on the oak) and bearing a glutinous fruit, from which a birdlime is prepared. This plant was held in veneration by the Druids, esp. when found growing on the oak. It is still used in England in Christmas decorations, a bunch of it being commonly hung from the ceiling of a room or hall.

witty - crafty, cunning, wily, artful

missy - pertaining to, resembling, or characteristic of a miss or young lady.