deafdumb* = deaf-mute

dry goods - a name (chiefly in N. Amer.) for the class of merchandise comprising textile fabrics and related things; articles of drapery, mercery, and haberdashery (as opposed to groceries).

sinflood* - the Deluge

heptarch* - a ruler of one of seven divisions of a country

bleareyed* - fig. Having the mental vision dimmed; dull of perception, short-sighted.

moribund* - at the point of death, in a dying state

bankrupt* - the wreck or break-up of a trader's business in consequence of his failure to pay his creditors.

bearer - the actual holder or presenter of a cheque, draft, or other order to pay money.

Lloyd's - name of a London association of underwriters and agency for arranging insurance (formerly marine insurance only, but now nearly all kinds).

beaten - fine, of pure quality

covenanter - one who covenants or enters into a covenant with others.

by rote - in a mechanical manner, by routine; also, with precision, by heart.

ultraviolet* - lying beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum

sub - - 'under'

tryon - an attempt, esp. an attempt at imposition or deceit

triumphal arch* - an arch (sometimes threefold) erected, first by the Roman emperors and also in modern times, in commemoration of a victory.

timepiece* - an instrument for measuring and registering the passage of time; in a general sense, any kind of chronometer, including clocks and watches.

yum - an exclamation of pleasurable anticipation, with implication of sensual or gustatory satisfaction; freq. reduplicated as yum-yum, etc.

premium* - a reward given for some specific act or as an incentive, a prize; a sum additional to interest, price, wages, or other fixed remuneration; a bonus.

agreed - arranged or settled by common consent

Welsher - a Welshman

back seat* - a position of inferiority or comparative obscurity

hive - to hoard or store up, as honey, in the hive                                                                                                             heaven

conningness = cunningness - knowingness; skilfulness, skill, cleverness; craftiness, slyness, artfulness.

integer - a whole or entire thing or entity, either as complete in itself, or as the sum of its parts or elements; denoting a whole thing or number of whole things; denoted by a whole number.

foremost* - first, before any other or anything else, in position or rank.

folkmoot* - a general assembly of the people of a town, city, or shire.

farewell* - to say good-bye



ugh - a representation of an inarticulate sound of the nature of a hollow cough.

sweetish - somewhat or slightly sweet

mand (obs. rare.) - a question                                                                                                                                               man

begad* - an exclamation, used to give weight to a statement

Christmastide* - the season of Christmas, Christmas-time

Easterday* - Easter Sunday

tableau - a picture; usually fig. a picturesque or graphic description; a group of persons and accessories, producing a picturesque effect; Theatr. A representation of the action at some stage in a play, created by the actors suddenly holding their positions or 'freezing', esp. at a moment critical to the plot, or at the end of a scene or act.


begum - a queen, princess, or lady of high rank in Hindustan.

gunne - obs. form of gun

shielder - one who shields or protects another

halp - obs. pa. tense of help

drum - to beat as on a drum; to beat or thump upon anything with a more or less rhythmical or regular noise.

Hun - one of an Asiatic race of warlike nomads, who invaded Europe c a.d. 375, and in the middle of the 5th c., under their famous king Attila (styled Flagellum Dei, the scourge of God), overran and ravaged a great part of this continent.

work out - to bring about, effect, produce, or procure (a result) by labour or effort; to carry out, accomplish (a plan or purpose); to bring to a fuller or finished state; to produce or express in a complete form or in detail; to develop, elaborate.

ring - to direct (a theatre-curtain) to be drawn up or let down by making a bell ring.

queen bee - a fully developed female bee; also transf. and fig.

funnyman - a professional jester

Tag - a day on which an important event is expected to occur; esp. a day of military conflict or victory.

tier - a row, rank, range, course; usually one of a series of rows placed one above another, or at least rising each above the preceding one; e.g. tiers of galleries, shelves, boxes in a theatre, or seats on a sloping floor.

round - a circle, ring, or coil; a separate or distinct outburst of applause, cheers, etc.