Annals of the Four Masters (Author: Unknown)


Annal M2242


The Age of the World, to this Year of the Deluge, 2242.


Forty days before the Deluge, Ceasair came to Ireland with fifty girls and three men; Bith, Ladhra, and Fintain, their names. Ladhra died at Ard Ladhrann, and from him it is named. He was the first that died in Ireland. Bith died at Sliabh Beatha, and was interred in the carn of Sliabh Beatha, and from him 


the mountain is named. Ceasair died at Cuil Ceasra, in Connaught, and was interred in Carn Ceasra. From Fintan is named Feart Fintain, over Loch Deirgdheirc.

Annal M2520


From the Deluge until Parthalon took possession of Ireland 278 years; and the age of the world when he arrived in it, 2520.


The age of the world when Parthalon came into Ireland, 2520 years. These were the chieftains who were with him: Slainge, Laighlinne, and Rudhraidhe, his three sons; Dealgnat, Nerbha, Ciochbha, and Cerbnad, their four wives.

Annal M2527


The Age of the World, 2527.


Fea, son of Torton, son of Sru, died this year at Magh Fea, and was interred at Dolrai Maighe Fea; so that it was from him that the plain is named.

Annal M2530


The Age of the World, 2530.


In this year the first battle was fought in Ireland; i.e. Cical Grigenchosach, son of Goll, son of Garbh, of the Fomorians, and his mother, came into Ireland, eight hundred in number, so that a battle was fought between them and Parthalon's people at Sleamhnai Maighe Ithe, 


where the Fomorians were defeated by Parthalon, so that they were all slain. This is called the battle of Magh Ithe.

Annal M2532


The Age of the World, 2532.


The eruption of Loch Con and Loch Techeat in this year.

Annal M2533


The Age of the World, 2533.


Slainge, son of Partholan, died in this year, and was interred in the carn of Sliabh Slangha.


Also the eruption of Loch Mesc in the same year.

Annal M2535


The Age of the World, 2535.


Laighlinne, son of Parthalon, died in this year. When his grave was dug, Loch Laighlinne sprang forth in Ui Mac Uais, and from him it is named.


The eruption of Loch Eachtra also.

Annal M2545


The Age of the World, 2545.


Rudhruidhe, son of Parthalon, was drowned in Loch Rudhruidhe, the lake having flowed over him; and from him the lake is called.

Annal M2546


The Age of the World, 2546.


An inundation of the sea over the land at Brena in this year, which was the seventh lake eruption that occurred in the time of Parthalon; and this is named Loch Cuan.

Annal M2550


The Age of the World, 2550.


Parthalon died on Sean Magh Ealta Eadair in this year. In the time of Parthalon's invasion these plains were cleared of wood; but it is not known in what particular years they were cleared: