badly - unfortunately, unluckily + Ulysses.1.198: 'beastly dead'.

whither - whether

transocean - passing or extending across the ocean + TRANSITION - Literary journal founded in Paris by Eugene and Maria Jolas in 1927. As "Work in Progress," Finnegans Wake was published serially from the first issue, and continued sporadically through 1938. 

alarm - to arouse to a sense of danger + atalos (gr) - shaky, quavering + clamour - to utter loud and continued cries or calls + The Transatlantic Review - the first magazine to publish a portion of Finnegans Wake during its composition.

latter = laughter + letter + Thalatta! Thalatta! (gr) - Sea! Sea! (shout of Xenophon's men when they at last sighted the Black Sea on the retreat from Persia).

macfarlane - a heavy caped overcoat + MacFarlane's Lament - air to T. Moore's 'Shall the Harp Then Be Silent' + Macfarlane = Mac Pharthalain (mok faralan) (gael) - son of Bartholomew.

lack - Of a quantity in measurement: Short, wanting.

league - an itinerary measure of distance (about 3 miles)

BARTHOLOMEW DEEP - One of 5 deeps in Pacific Ocean close to coast of South America + (notebook 1922-23): 'Bartholomew' Daily Mail 21 Nov 1922, 8/4: 'Where Earthquakes Come From': 'Pacific Ocean... possessing narrow troughs of immense depth... Bartholomew Deep (4 miles)... along the sloping sides of these troughs... Peruvian and Chilean earthquakes originate' + Pharthalan (paralan) (gael) - 2nd colonizer; buried at Tallaght, Co. Dublin + "'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn': 'In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming'... The great stone city R'lyeh, with its monoliths and sepulchres, had sunk beneath the waves." (According to Lovecraft's short story, R'lyeh is a sunken city in the South Pacific and the prison of the malevolent entity called Cthulhu)

Achtung! (ger) - attention! + (newsboys' cries).

pozor (Russian) - attention!


besight - consideration, determination + besee - fig. To look to, give heed to; trans. To look at, behold + vicekonge besøger smukke unge skolepiger (Danish) - Viceroy visits beautiful young schoolgirls.

smoky - fig. Having the obscuring, objectionable, or unsubstantial qualities of smoke (obs.) + smuk (Danish) - beautiful + Schmuck (ger) - jewelry, decoration.

pige (Danish) - 'girl', hence Pigeschoolies = schoolgirls

Tri Paistini Eireannaigh (tri pashtini ereni) (gael) - Three little Irish Children.

Eventyr med (Danish) - adventure with

LOCHLANN (LOUGHLINN) - The ancient Irish name ("country of lakes") for the Country of the Ostmen, i.e., Norway, and for the Scands themselves + Lochlann (Anglo-Irish) = Lochlannach (lokhlenokh) (gael) - Scandinavian, Norwegian.

Fathach I Fiounn-isgehaven (Fathach i [bPairc an] Fionn-uisce) (gael) - Giant in Clear-Water [Field] (anglic. Phoenix [Park]) + Eachtra Tri Paistini Eireannaigh le Fathach Lochlannach i bPairc an Fionn-uisce (gael) - Adventures of Three little Irish Children with a Norwegian Giant in Phoenix Park + i finnske haven (Danish) - in Finnish park.

bannalanna (Anglo-Irish) = bean na leanna (ban ne lane) (gael) - ale-woman

BALLYHOOLY - Town, County Cork, on Blackwater River. Robert Martin of Ross, nicknamed "Ballyhooly," wrote the song "The Ballyhooly Blue Ribbon Amy," about a temperance movement in a notoriously intemperate town. The town was known for its faction fights. "Balhyhooly" is proverbial for "a tonguelashing".

buddaree (Anglo-Irish) - a rich vulgar farmer (from Irish bodaire: churl)

BOLEYVOGUE (BOOLAVOGUE) - Town, 8 miles North-East of Enniscorthy, County Wexford. English troops burned RC chapel and other buildings, 26 May 1798, setting off the Wexford insurrection. "Boulavogue" is a song about the rising and Father Murphy, Irish rebel and parish priest of Boulavogue; "Bullavogue" in Ir-Eng means a rough bully of a fellow.

contemporary - a newspaper contemporary with another + Joyce's note, Cyclops: 'our bright little contemporaries'.

notwithstanding - without prevention or obstruction from or by

morrowing - morning, dawning + following.

unrescued - unsaved

expatriate - a person who lives in another country

oaktree - oak + Crest (of O'Reillys's Shield): Out of a ducal coronet an oak tree entwined with a serpent descendant all proper.

onto - to a position or point on or upon

duke - cheaf, leader + dyke = dike.

beaver - an amphibious rodent; the female genitals or the pubic area in general

liquidambar - sweet gum tree; a resinous gum which exudes from the bark of the tree Liquidambar styraciflua (called also copalm balsam) + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 598: 'Templeton introduced... Canadian Maple, and Liquidamber'.

exude - to discharge through the pores

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 597: 'At Moira, County Down, a number of exotics were planted'.

balsam poplar - a North American poplar with buds coated with an aromatic resin + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 599: 'Balsam Poplars at Ballyweg, County Kildare'.

PARTEEN - Townland and village, County Clare, 2½ miles North of Limerick on Shannon River; pairtin, Ir. "little port." This stretch of the Shannon between Limerick and Killaloe was known for the best salmon fishing in Ireland before the Ardnacrusha dam was built + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 604: 'Parteen-a-lax, County Clare. Miss Gwynn. Deep limestone soil'.  

limestone - a rock which consists chiefly of carbonate of lime, and yields lime when burnt + Limestone Road.

road (obs.) - to traverse (a way) 

abies magnifica - noble fir + Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 608: 'Abies magnifica... Red Fir'.

Fitzpatrick: The Trees of Ireland 608: 'Abies nobilis... The Noble Fir'.

implore - to beg or pray for (aid, favour, pardon, etc.) with tearful or touching entreaties

recipiency - sensitivity, ability to receive + resipiscence - repentance, recognition of a past mistake and the desire to improve in the future.

infallible - not liable to prove false, erroneous, or mistaken; that unfailingly holds good + (papal infallibility).

spike - a stiff sharp-pointed object or part + Popes are elected by a "Conclave" or electoral assembly of cardinals; each day the smoke of burning voting papers from a Vatican chimney signals to waiting crowds that there is no election yet.

pontiff + FDV: But on the morrow morn of the suicide suicidal murder [unrescued] & expatriated half past eight ¼ to 9 o'clock saw the unfailing spike of smoke plume punctual from his chimneypipe 7th gable and ten thirsty p.m., the lamps of maintenance lighted for the long night a suffusion of the leadlight panes. 

punctual - acting or arriving or performed exactly at the time appointed

gable - the triangular-topped end wall of a building; a gable-end

Quintus Centimachus - Latin name for Conn of the Hundred Battles. Porphyry, the 3rd-century commentator on Plotinus, wrote a treatise on abstinence (from animal foods) + quintus (l) - fifth + centum (l) - hundred + mache (gr) - battle.

porphyroid - resembling or akin to porphyry (a beautiful and very hard rock anciently quarried in Egypt; in its non-geologic, traditional use, the term "porphyry" refers to the purple-red form of this stone, valued for its appearance) + porphyroeides (gr) - purply, purplish.

TOURS DE BEURRE - The "Butter Towers" of the late middle ages in Rouen and other cities are supposed to have been built with money raised by dispensations from fasting. The reference in context seems to be to the smoke rising from a chimney of the Vatican. 

ten thirsty (notebook 1922-23) → Bennett: Lilian 197: 'He was dressed before ten-thirty'.

lastingness - long existance, enduringness

en caecos harauspices! (l) - behold the blind soothsayers! + caecus (l) - blind + haruspice = haruspex - one of a class of ancient Roman soothsayers, of Etruscan origin, who performed divination by inspection of the entrails of victims, and in other ways.

annos longos patimur (l) - we endure long years (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

maintenance - the action of keeping in effective condition + (notebook 1922-23): 'lamp of maintenance (Tc H)' The Times 15 Dec 1922, 9/4: 'of "Toc H"... to celebrate the eighth birthday of this wonderful fellowship... will be the lighting by his Royal Highness of the lamps of maintenance which are to be presented to delegates from fifty branches. The lamp of maintenance is a replica of the old Christian catacomb lamp, except that the handle has been designed in the form of a cross to represent part of the arms of Ypres' (lamps lighted to commemorate dead) → TOC H - Talbot House, BELGIUM. The house was opened at the end of 1915 by Rev. Philip 'Tubby' Clayton, an army chaplain, as a homely club for the troops passing to and from the battle lines of the Ypres Salient. It became known by its initials T.H., which were 'TOC H' in the signallers language of the day. The TOC H symbol is an oil lamp called the 'Lamp of Maintenance' and featuring the cross of Ypres. Every year on Tubby Clayton's birthday the Lamp of Maintenance is lit in the Upper Room at Talbot House for 24 hours.

beacon - a burning cresset raised on a pole, or fixed at the top of a building + Benjamin Disraeli was first Earl of Beaconsfield.

innerhalb (ger) - inside

ziggurat - a staged tower of pyramid form in which each successive storey is smaller than that below it, so as to leave a terrace all round; an Assyrian or Babylonian temple-tower + (notebook 1924): 'ziggurat' → Perry: The Origin of Magic and Religion 35: 'the Babylonian ziggurat or stepped pyramid'.

brevet (Archaic) - a document entitling a commissioned officer to hold a higher rank temporarily (but without higher pay). For example, "He was brevetted major general."

wyvern - a representation of a chimerical animal imagined as a winged dragon with two feet like those of an eagle, and a serpent-like, barbed tail (used in heraldry)

tawny - name of a composite colour, consisting of brown with a preponderance of yellow or orange + (lion's tawny mane).

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (song)

outstanding - prominent, conspicuous, eminent; striking

loll - a pet; an idle person + doll.

litten - lighted

Macaulay: Marriage of Tirzah and Ahirad: 'How long, O Lord, how long?

suffusion - the process of permeating or infusing something with a substance

Fionn-ghlais (finglash) (gael) - Clear Stream; village and stream N. of Dublin; anglic. Finglas + fine glass.

transom - a window divided by a transom (a horizontal bar of wood or stone across a mullioned window, dividing it in height); also a small window above the lintel of a door + Joyce's note: 'transom (fanlight between rooms)'.

leadlight - a window in which small panes are fixed in leaden cames + John Henry, Cardinal Newman: The Pillar of the Cloud: (begins) 'Lead, kindly Light, amid th' encircling gloom'.

any thinking being

edifice - a building, usually a large and stately building, as a church, palace, temple, or fortress + 'prisoner of the Vatican' - the pope.

Ivar Beinlaus and Olaf the White invaded Dublin in 852.

Einstein, Albert, born in Ulm [.36]

venter - the belly, the abdomen; a vendor; one who utters or gives vent to a statement, doctrine, etc., esp. of an erroneous, malicious, or objectionable nature

Bauch (ger) - stomach + Bauchredner (ger) - ventriloquist + bauch - inferior.

backword - expressing 'in the contrary direction'

tris- - thrice, tripled + Tristan + FDV: Therefore let it be neither said nor thought that the inhabitant of that sacred edifice was a parable merely nor [more strictly] H.C.E. a nonens

clue - that which points the way, or indicates a solution, or puts one on the track of a discovery

Weltraum (ger) - space

dodecagonal - of or pertaining to a dodecagon; twelve-sided (*O*) + dode (Dutch) - dead.

sammen - together + samliv (Danish) - 'cohabitation' + (companions).

dijk (Dutch) - dyke

authenticity - the quality of being authentic, genuineness

aliquant - contained in another, but not dividing it evenly, and so opposed to aliquot + aliquitudinis (l) - of somethingness + aliquid (l) - someone, something + aliquis (l) - of some consequence.

canonicity - canonical acceptability + Joyce's note: 'canonicity' Apocryphal New Testament xvii: Let us say that the best external test of the canonicity of a writing is, whether or not it was read in the public worship of Christian congregations which were in communion with the generality of other Christian congregations. MS 47474-162, TsILS: to doubt of his legitimate ^+canonicity+^ existence | JJA 46:063 | 1926-7 |

tesseract - the four dimensional analogue of a cube (PICTURE) + FDV: Not one of his many contemporaries seriously doubted or for long of his real legitimate existence.

quick - living persons (chiefly in echoes of Acts x. 42 or the Apostles' Creed, in phr. quick and dead.)

sing dumb - to be silent

ulme - an elm tree + Ulm (ger) = ulmus (l) - elm tree.