shutter - to close with a shutter + shattered + sheltered + "After much wandering, having lost the body of her brother, Isis finally gathered together the various parts and, with the utterance of magical words of power and the fanning of her wings, roused Osiris to life, conceiving Horus. This entire task, from the recovery of the body to the erection of the god seems to be summed up in the phrase cited at the beginning of this section (102.01), which expresses the paradox of the widow making her husband able, "shuddering" him, it is suggested, after bearing his body away, "shuttering" him." (Mark L. Troy)  

sparing - the action of showing mercy or forbearance; delay, respite

keen - an Irish funeral song accompanied with wailing in lamentation for the dead + Cain and Abel.

Adah (dawn) and Zillah (shadow) - wives of Lamech (Genesis 4:19) + Adah and Zillah - sisters and wives of Cain and Abel, respectively, in Cain by Lord Byron + zillar (Basque) - silver + azaleas - flowering shrubs making up part of the genus Rhododendron.

arche - arch + archę (gr) - beginning.

Noe (l) - Noah + nose.

oceanic feeling - a phrase used in a communication with Freud by R. Rolland (1866-1944), French writer and philosopher, in describing the longing for something vast and eternal of which he and others felt aware + ôkeaneios (gr) - of the ocean.

far (Danish) - father + perlemor (Danish) - mother-of-pearl.

ur - an inarticulate sound (uttered instead of a word that the speaker is unable to remember or bring out) + ur (Basque) - water + uri (Basque) - rain + urre (Basque) - gold + urraide (Basque) - copper + ouria (gr) - for urine.

burni (Basque) - iron + {burning the old world for his sake}

Gorgon - Gr. Myth. One of three mythical female personages, with snakes for hair, whose look turned the beholder into stone; an ugly repulsive or terrifying woman + gorgonia (l) - coral + gor (Basque) - deaf + gori (Basque) - red; ardent.

gogor (Basque) - hard, severe

countryside - a rural area or its people + (notebook 1924): 'dragging countryside in wake' Haldane: Daedalus or Science and the Future 39: 'Human progress in historical time has been the progress of cities dragging a reluctant countryside in their wake'.

finick - to dawdle about

Louis Quinze - Louis XV, 1715-74 + Louis (fr. slang) - a whore + quean (Slang) - whore + (Prankquean) [021.15]

colander - a vessel with a perforated bottom used for straining food + cul (fr) - arse.

buzzle = bustle - a stuffed pad or cushion, or small wire framework, worn beneath the skirt of a woman's dress, for the purpose of expanding and supporting it behind.

bolero - a short jacket coming barely to the waist; worn by men in Spain; applied to a similar garment worn by women elsewhere, usually over a blouse or bodice.

boa - a snake-like coil of fur worn by ladies as a wrapper for the throat + Lillibullero - anti-Irish Williamite song (c. 1690). 'Lillibullero bullen a la' (refrain): "Lilly was clear and ours was the day".

curlicue - fantastic curl or twist + corny - tastelessly ols fashioned, tiresomely simple or sentimental + (forty bonnets).

headdress - a fanciful arrangement of woman’s hair often with accessories (as flowers, ribbons...)

speck - spot, stain + Speck (ger) - bacon + spectacles

yeux (fr) - eyes + Eier (ger) - eggs.

spud - potato

oreilles (fr) - ears 

Parisienne - a Parisian woman or girl

nez (fr) - nose + "she had a clothespeg tight astride on her joki's nose" [208.22-23]

vaunt - a cause or subject of boasting; a front part or portion, face + avaunt (Obsolete) - forward, to the front.

straddle - the action of walking, standing, or sitting with the legs wide apart; saddle

equerry - the stables belonging to a royal or princely household (obs.), an officer in the service of a royal or other exalted personage, charged with the care of the horses +   Egueri (Basque) - Christmas.

egun (Basque) - day

church house - a house belonging to the (or a) church

clink - to make a sharp abrupt metallic sound

septuagesima (l) - the seventieth + Septuagesima Sunday is the name for the ninth Sunday before Easter, the third before Ash Wednesday + teplaya zima (Russian) - warm winter + (Joyce's note): '?thank jazzband, chess, casino" in 1921 Capablanca won world chess championship.

sola - Of females: Sole, solitary, alone.

pawn - one of the pieces of smallest size and value in the game of chess; fig. (usually of a person)

prelate - an ecclesiastical dignitary of exalted rank and authority, as a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, or patriarch

pooka - a mischievous or malignant goblin or specter in the form of a horse + rook = castle - Chess: The piece that can move any number of unoccupied squares in a direction parallel to the sides of the chessboard.

pelot = pellet - any globe, ball, or spherical body, usually one of small size + pelota - Basque ball-game.

piecebag - a bag or box for holding pieces of cloth

handi (Basque) - big

chomp = champ

Euskara - ancestral language of the Basque people

slander - the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation + Genesis 3:14-15: 'and the Lord God said unto the serpent... I will put enmity between thee and the woman... it shall bruise thy head'.

..."to crush the slander's head. ^Would we vision her ^(subconscious editor)^ with stereoptican relief^"...  (This addition probably refers to a passage following the first draft of Chapter 5 section 1, on page 25v of the so-called red-backed notebook. "Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can speep ^tour^ beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious editor's mind.").

wery = very

weeny - exceptionally small

wight - a human being, man or woman, person. Now arch. or dial. (often implying some contempt or commiseration).

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more + mor (Danish) - mother.

Notre Dame de la Ville (fr) - Our Lady of the Town

merci (fr) - thank you

Barmherzigkeit (ger) - charity, mercy

ogrodnik (Polish) - gardener + ogromni (Serbian) - colossal, gigantic.

herbata (Polish) - tea

tay - tea

wort - a plant, herb, or vegetable, used for food or medicine + Wort (ger) - word + {The old gardener is beyond tea, he himself is now physically in the herbs of the druggist}

druggist - one who sells or deals in drugs. In Scotland and United States the usual name for a pharmaceutical chemist + Drogist (ger) = drogist (Dutch) - pharmacist, druggist + drogi (Polish) - dear, precious (masculine).

bulk - to gather into a mass + Ulyssess: "Just the place too. POST NO BILLS. POST 110 PILLS. Some chap with a dose burning him."... "Loans by post on easy terms. Any amount of money advanced on note of hand. Distance no object. No security."

bułki (Polish) - rolls, buns (of bread) + Balkis - Arabic poetic name of Queen of Sheba (Saba).



mar - to ruin, damage seriously (a person, his fortunes, etc.) (obs.) + Sabaean capital was Ma'rib.

bane - the agent or instrument of ruin or woe, the 'curse'

tut - an ejaculation (often reduplicated) expressing impatience or dissatisfaction with a statement or proceeding, or contemptuously dismissing it + Tutankhamen - Egyptian whose resplendent tomb was opened in the 1920s and the king "resurrected." A curse was laid on those who moved his bones.  

there's a little lady waiting & her name is (Joyce's note) → Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 15: 'McCormack... put an arm on the shoulder of his old-time comrade. "Run on into the house, now, like the good man you are; there's a little lady waiting, and her name's Mrs. McCormack"'.

holden - arch. p.p. of hold + Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back (song).

amok = amuck - needlessly + among + amok (Malay) - attack fiercely, run amuck killing.

harumscarum - a reckless, unregulated person + harem.

poppy red

narancs (Hungarian) - orange

gialla (it) - yellow (feminine)

Chloris (gr) - "Greenness": goddess of flowers + Flora (l) - goddess of flowers.

Marinka (Czech) - name for a skivvy; nickname for Mary + marine blue.

-een (diminutive) + aniline, source of many dyes, originally obtained from indigo.

Parma violet (flower)

ilk - each, every

hues + humours + amours + [h]umores (l) - liquids, fluids + euhemerema (gr) - success, good luck.

whilk - which; a silly girl (Slang) + hvilken (Danish) - whatever.

whim - a capricious notion or fancy, a fantastic or freakish idea, an odd fancy

coin - to invent, make up, fabricate

tiff - a small argument, a petty quarrel + mishe/tauf (motif).

agelong - everlasting, unending

crippled - deprived of the use of one's limbs; lame, disabled + Crippled-with-Children, Dropping-with-Sweat - Eve and Adam after the fall. 

speak up - to speak strongly for (= on behalf of, in defence of) a person

dripping with sweet' (sic) (notebook 1924)Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 32: 'McCormack dripping with perspiration'.

lease - a contract between parties, by which the one conveys lands or tenements to the other for life, for years, or at will, usually in consideration of rent or other periodical compensation; the period of time for which the contract is made.

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman

undress - partial or incomplete dress, dishabille

goo - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush + goo (Anglo-Irish) - a useless person, a fool (from Irish guag: silly, vain or light-headed person).

groot (Dutch) - great, big, large

gudgeon - one that will bite at any bait or swallow anything: a credulous, gullible person.

gulp - to swallow in large draughts or morsels hastily or with greediness

C.O.D. - 'cash (costs, or collect) on delivery' + At Trinity Church I Met My Doom (song): 'She told me her age was five-and-twenty, / Cash in the bank of course she'd plenty, / I like a lamb believed it all, / I was an M-U-G (Drum)'.