shutter - to close with a shutter + shattered

sparing - the action of showing mercy or forbearance; delay, respite

Cain + keen - an Irish funeral song accompanied with wailing in lamentation for the dead.

Adah (dawn) and Zillah (shadow) - wives of Lamech (Genesis 4:19) + Adah and Zillah - sisters and wives of Cain and Abel, respectively, in 'Cain' by Lord Byron + zillar (Basque) - silver.

arche - arch

Noe (l) - Noah

oceanic feeling - a phrase used in a communication with Freud by R. Rolland (1866-1944), French writer and philosopher, in describing the longing for something vast and eternal of which he and others felt aware

far (Danish) - father

ur - an inarticulate sound (uttered instead of a word that the speaker is unable to remember or bring out) + ur (Basque) - water + uri (Basque) - rain + urre (Basque) - gold + urraide (Basque) - copper + ouria (gr) - for urine.

burni (Basque) - iron

Gorgon - Gr. Myth. One of three mythical female personages, with snakes for hair, whose look turned the beholder into stone; an ugly repulsive or terrifying woman + gorgonia (l) - coral + gor (Basque) - deaf + gori (Basque) - red; ardent.

gogor (Basque) - hard, severe

countryside - a rural area or its people + (notebook 1924): 'dragging countryside in wake' Haldane: Daedalus or Science and the Future 39: 'Human progress in historical time has been the progress of cities dragging a reluctant countryside in their wake'.

finick - to dawdle about

Louis Quinze - Louis XV, 1715-74 + Louis (fr. slang) - a whore + quean (Slang) - whore.

cul (fr) - arse

buzzle - a stuffed pad or cushion, or small wire framework, worn beneath the skirt of a woman's dress, for the purpose of expanding and supporting it behind.

bolero - a short jacket coming barely to the waist; worn by men in Spain; applied to a similar garment worn by women elsewhere, usually over a blouse or bodice.

boa - a snake-like coil of fur worn by ladies as a wrapper for the throat + Lillibullero - anti-Irish Williamite song (c. 1690) (refrain: 'Lillibullero bullen a la'; Lile ba léir é, ba linn an lá - "Lilly was clear and ours was the day").

corny - tastelessly ols fashioned, tiresomely simple or sentimental

headdress - a fanciful arrangement of woman’s hair often with accessories (as flowers, ribbons...)

speck - spot, stain + spectacles + Speck (ger) - bacon + Eier (ger) - eggs.

yeux (fr) - eyes

oreilles (fr) - ears 

Parisienne - a Parisian woman or girl

nez (fr) - nose

vaunt - a cause or subject of boasting; a front part or portion, face

straddle - the action of walking, standing, or sitting with the legs wide apart; saddle

equerry - the stables belonging to a royal or princely household (obs.), an officer in the service of a royal or other exalted personage, charged with the care of the horses +   Egueri (Basque) - Christmas.

egun (Basque) - day

church house - a house belonging to the (or a) church

clink - to make a sharp abrupt metallic sound

septuagesima (l) - the seventieth + teplaya zima (Russian) - warm winter.

sola - Of females: Sole, solitary, alone

pawn - one of the pieces of smallest size and value in the game of chess; fig. (usually of a person).

prelate - an ecclesiastical dignitary of exalted rank and authority, as a bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, or patriarch.

pooka - a mischievous or malignant goblin or specter in the form of a horse

pelot = pellet - any globe, ball, or spherical body, usually one of small size

piecebag - a bag or box for holding pieces of cloth

handi (Basque) - big

chomp = champ

BASQUE PROVINCES - Region, North Spain; the Basque language is Euskerra or Eskuara.  

slander - a false or malicious statement or utterance intended to injure, defame, or cast detraction on the person about whom it is made; rumour, disgrace, scandal +   Genesis 3:14-15: 'and the Lord God said unto the serpent... I will put enmity between thee and the woman... it shall bruise thy head'.

..."to crush the slander's head. ^Would we vision her ^(subconscious editor)^ with stereoptican relief^"...  (This addition probably refers to a passage following the first draft of Chapter 5 section 1, on page 25v of the so-called red-backed notebook. "Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can speep ^tour^ beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious editor's mind.").

wery = very

weeny - exceptionally small

wight - a human being, man or woman, person. Now arch. or dial. (often implying some contempt or commiseration).

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more + mor (Danish) - mother.

Notre Dame de la Ville (fr) - Our Lady of the Town

merci (fr) - thank you

Barmherzigkeit (ger) - charity, mercy

O'Growney, Father Eugene (1865-99) - helped found the Gaelic League. He died in America, was dug up and brought to Ireland for reburial + ogrodnik (Polish) - gardener.

herbata (Polish) - tea

tay - tea

wort - a plant, herb, or vegetable, used for food or medicine + Wort (ger) - word.

druggist - one who sells or deals in drugs. In Scotland and United States the usual name for a pharmaceutical chemist + Drogist (ger) - druggist + Drogist (Dutch) - pharmacist + drogi (Polish) - dear, precious (masculine).

bulk - to gather into a mass

bułki (Polish) - rolls, buns (of bread)


mar - to ruin, damage seriously (a person, his fortunes, etc.) (obs.)

bane - that which causes ruin, or is pernicious to well-being; the agent or instrument of ruin or woe, the 'curse.'

tut - an ejaculation (often reduplicated) expressing impatience or dissatisfaction with a statement or proceeding, or contemptuously dismissing it + Tutankhamen - Egyptian whose resplendent tomb was opened in the 1920s and the king "resurrected." A curse was laid on those who moved his bones.  

Joyce's note: 'there's a little lady waiting & her name is' Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 15: 'McCormack... put an arm on the shoulder of his old-time comrade. "Run on into the house, now, like the good man you are; there's a little lady waiting, and her name's Mrs. McCormack"'.

holden - arch. p.p. of hold + song Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back.

amok = amuck - needlessly + among + amok (Malay) - attack fiercely, run amuck killing.

harumscarum - a reckless, unregulated person

gialla (it) - yellow (feminine)

Chloris (gr) - "Greenness": goddess of flowers + Flora (l) - goddess of flowers.

-een (diminutive)

ilk - each, every

hues + [h]umores (l) - liquids, fluids.

whilk - which + hvilken (Danish) - whatever + whilk (Slang) - a silly girl.

whim - a capricious notion or fancy, a fantastic or freakish idea, an odd fancy

coin - to invent, make up, fabricate

tiffy - given to tiffs (a slight fit of anger, a petty quarrel), pettish, faddy

agelong - everlasting, unending

crippled - deprived of the use of one's limbs; lame, disabled + Crippled-with-Children, Dropping-with-Sweat - Eve and Adam after the fall. 

speak up - to speak strongly for (= on behalf of, in defence of) a person

(notebook 1924): 'dripping with sweet' (sic) Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 32: 'McCormack dripping with perspiration'.

lease - pasture, meadow land; untruth, falsehood; a contract between parties, by which the one conveys lands or tenements to the other for life, for years, or at will, usually in consideration of rent or other periodical compensation; the period of time for which the contract is made.

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman

undress - partial or incomplete dress, dishabille

goo - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush + goo (Anglo-Irish) - a useless person, a fool (from guag (Anglo-Irish) - silly, vain or light-headed person).

groot (Dutch) - great, big, large

gudgeon - one that will bite at any bait or swallow anything: a credulous, gullible person.

gulp - to swallow in large draughts or morsels hastily or with greediness

C.O.D. - 'cash (costs, or collect) on delivery' + song At Trinity Church I Met My Doom: 'She told me her age was five-and-twenty, / Cash in the bank of course she'd plenty, / I like a lamb believed it all, / I was an M-U-G (Drum)'.