presenile - Med. Occurring in or characteristic of the period of life preceding old age, esp. the two or three decades immediately before.

opulence - abundance of resources or power; wealth, riches

ere - rather, in preference to; before

decrepitude - a state of feebleness and decay, esp. that due to old age

lent - post, loan + lente (Dutch) - spring.

lenience - lenient (indisposed to severity, gentle, tolerant) action or behaviour, indulgence.

stuffer - a person who stuffs or fills (dead animals or cushions) + stofferig (Dutch) - dusty.

whale away - to make a vigorous attack on a person or thing; to preach, talk, or lecture away continuously or vehemently.

all the while - during the whole time + while - a period of time, a time marked by bad conditions, trouble + all of (P) - completely, quite (used to emphasize how great, how small etc. something is).

Hypnos - name of the god of sleep in Greek mythology + hypnos chilia aionon (gr) - a sleep for thousands of ages. 

Lethe - a river in Hades, the water of which produced, in those who drank it, forgetfulness of  the past. Hence, the 'waters of oblivion' or forgetfulness of the past + lulled - quieted; reduced to calmness.

Donnerwetter (ger) - thunder, thunderstorm, thunderweather

hunder - hundred + Joyce's note: 'Greeks believe thunderbolts form mines'.

gross - massive, big + Kopf (ger) = kop (Dutch) - head.

mega (gr) - great + pod (gr) - foot.

embalm - to impregnate (a dead body) with spices, to preserve it from decay.

anticipated - looked for, expected

abide - to wait for, await; remain ready for, watch for, expect

Zeus - the ruler of gods and men, and the god of the heavens, whose weapon was the thunderbolt (Greek myth.) + Zeit (ger) - time.

summon - an authoritative call to attend at a specified place for a specified purpose.

after all - after considering everything to the contrary, nevertheless

Blitz (ger) - lightning + bolt - to dart off or away, take flight, escape; to rush suddenly off or away.

hinge - the movable joint or mechanism by which a gate or door is hung upon the side-post.

hallmark - a distinctive mark or token of genuineness, good breeding, or excellence.

habitation - a place of abode or residence

burrow - to hide oneself

gehenna [heb. - valley of hinnom] - hell, a place or state of misery

proliferate - to produce new individuals, to reproduce prolifically

Unterwelt (ger) - underworld

seam - Geol. A thin layer or stratum separating two strata of greater magnitude

Sheol - the underworld; the abode of the dead or departed spirits, conceived by the Hebrews as a subterranean region clothed in thick darkness, return from which is impossible.

uppercrust - having the characteristics of the highest class of society; the human head; the aristocracy.

sideris (l) - star + siderea (l) - starry, pertaining to constellations.

utilitários (Portuguese) - useful, to be useful + utilitas (l) - usefulness, profit.

hoarder - one who hoards or stores up, esp. money; a keeper of the hoard or treasure.

propagate - to breed, to produce offspring; to reproduce itself, i.e. its kind

plut - - wealth + Pluto - Greek god of the underworld. 

progeny - the offspring (of a father or mother, or of both); issue, children collectively; more widely, descendants + progeniem (l) - descent, posterity, offspring.

bidden - p.p. of bid, arhaic p.p. of bide + binnenland (Dutch) - interior (of a country) + in binnenland en buitenland (Dutch) - at home and abroad.

boughten = bought (ppl. a.) Used poet. for the sake of metre; otherwise only dial. and in U.S. in application to purchased as opposed to home-made articles;                buitenland (Dutch) - abroad. 

spur way - a Horse-way through a Man's Ground, which one may ride in by right of Custom.

spoorweg (Dutch) - railway, railroad

Abraham's bosom - the abode of bliss, paradise + FDV: The other spring offensive seems to have been may have come about all quite by accident, though granted, of course [for the sake of argument] men on both sides had grand ideas. All conditions were drawn into the conflict, some for lack of proper feeding, others already carving honourable careers for themselves and, if emaciated, the person garotted may have suggested whigging or the grand old whig in person the flesh when falsesighted by the wouldbe burglar, a tory of the tories, for there circulated pretty clearl freely the feeling that in so hibernating Earwicker was feeding on his own fat. Kate Strong, a widow, did all the scavenging in from good King Charles' days but she cleaned sparingly and her statement was that, there being no macadamised sidewalks barring footpaths which left off where the man was struck, at the time in those R J C days she left, as scavengers will, a filth dump near the dogpond in the park on which fossil boot bootmarks, elbowdints, breechbowls, kneecaves, & fingerprints were all successively found of a very involved description. There It was on that resurfaced spot evidently the attacker, though under medium, with truly native pluck tackled him whom he took to be, saying he wd have his life & lay him out & [made use of sacriligeous language &] catching hold of a long bar he had & with which he usually broke furniture. The struggle went on They struggled for a considerable time and in the course of it the masked man said to the other: Let me go, Pat. Later on the same man asked: Was six pounds fifteen taken from you by anyone two or three months ago? There was severe mauling and then a wooden affair in the shape of a revolver fell from the intruder who thereupon became friendly & wanted to know whether his chance companion who had the fender happened to have the change of a ten pound note because, if so, he would pay the six pounds odd out of that for what was lost last summer. The other then said: Would you be surprised to hear that I have not such a thing as the change of a ten pound note but I am able to see my way to give you at for the present four and 7 pence to buy whisky. At the mention of whisky the wouldbe burglar became calm and left the place said he wd go good to him [remarking [gleefully]: You plucky stunning little Southdowner! You have some pluck Southdowner! This is my goalball, I've' struck this day!] He then went away with the four & ______ (seven) and his huribat while the fenderite who bore up under all of it [with a no of bruises on him] reported the occurrence to the [Vicar Street] watch house, his face being all covered with nonfatal blood as a good proof that he was bleeding from the nose, mouth & ears while some of his hair had been pulled off his head though otherwise his allround health was good middling enough. As regards the fender pierced fender & fireguard the question of unlawfully obtaining is subsidiary to the far more capital point of the political bias of a person who, when mistakenly molested ambushed, was simply exercising one of the most primary liberties of the subject by walking along a public thoroughfare in broad daylight.

Vater Unser (ger) - Our Father

breed (Dutch) - broad + brood (Dutch) - bread.

at length - after a long time, in the end

septuply - sevenfold

Cian - Irish chief, father of Lug. When his murderers tried to bury him, the ground rejected him seven times + (notebook 1923): 'C had been 40 yrs in his grave'.  

monad - An ultimate unit of being, an absolutely simple entity. Chiefly used with reference to the philosophy of Leibniz (1646-1716), according to which the universe of existence consists of entities without parts, extension, or figure, and possessing, in infinitely various degrees, the power of perception. Those among these 'monads' which have the perceptive power in the higher degrees are souls; the rest are formed in the view of the percipient mind into aggregates, which constitute bodies. The term was adopted by Leibniz from Giordano Bruno (d. 1600), with whom the 'monad' has the twofold aspect of a material atom and an ultimate element of psychical existence + Monat (ger) - month.

vigilante - a member of vigilance committee (a volunteer committee of citizens for the oversight and protection of an interest); a night watchman + vigilante (Dutch) - taxi, cab.

riding - a festival or pageant marked by a procession

sweet wine - wine having a sweet taste (as distinguished from dry wine) + spuitwijn (Dutch) - sparkling wine.

pledge - the drinking of a health to a person, party, etc.; a toast

Erdapfel (ger) - potato + aardappel (Dutch) - potato.

putrifaction - the action or process of putrefying; the decomposition of animal and vegetable substances, with its attendant unwholesome loathsomeness of smell and appearance; decomposed or putrid matter + porterum facio (l) - to make the fare (for Charon).

diffused - spread abroad, widespread; dispersed over a large area + drei (ger) - three + Fuss (ger) - foot.

ramp - to trample in triumph; to go about in a loose, immodest way

parch - to dry to extremity, to make hot and dry + song Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching.

hoodwink - one who hoodwinks (to blind by covering the eyes, to prevent (any one) from seeing the truth or fact; to 'throw dust in the eyes' of, deceive, humbug); a deceiver + hoedenwinkel (Dutch) - hat store.

freed - p. of free

Patrizier (ger) - patrician + patrijzen (Dutch) - partridges.

scare - a state of fear, panic

grunter - an animal or person that grunts; esp. a pig; a policeman + groenten (Dutch) - vegetables.

druiven (Dutch) - grapes

Celtiberian - rel. to Celtiberia, a mountanous district of ancient Spain; one of the Celts that inhabited ancient Celtiberia.

onset - beginning, start + FDV: All conditions were drawn into the conflict, some for lack of proper feeding, others already carving honble careers for themselves and, if emaciated, the person garroted may have suggested whigging or the grand old whig in person the flesh when falsesighted by the wouldbe burglar, a tory of the tories, for there circulated pretty clear freely the feeling that in so hibernating Earwicker was feeding on his own fat.  

Joyce's note: 'New Sth Ireland'

ULSTER - North province of Ireland. The name is from ancient Uladh or Ulidia, Ir "tomb" + Vetera Uladh (l + gael) - Old Ulster, Ancient Ulster. 

BLAALAND - Old Norse name ("Blueland") for Africa. In the Sagas, Africans (usually Moors) are called "bluemen" + Blumen (ger) - flowers + bloemen (Dutch) - flowers.  

ferment - a process of the nature of that resulting from the operation of leaven on dough or on saccharine liquids; in Alchemy, it was the name of an internal change supposed to be produced in metals by a 'ferment', operating after the manner of leaven; fig. Agitation, excitement, tumult.

Pope, John (1822-95) - Union general who lost the 2d battle of Bull Run. See Grant. 

more or less - in a greater or less degree; to a greater or less extent

con - a reason, argument, or arguer against, esp. in pros and cons (reasons for and against) + con (French, Slang) - vulva.

dives -  The Latin word for 'rich (man)', occurring in the Vulgate, Luke xvi; whence commonly taken as the proper name of the rich man in that parable; and used generically for 'rich man'.

mor - humus which forms a discrete layer on top of the soil with little or no mineral soil mixed with it, which is characteristic of coniferous forests and is generally strongly acid in reaction + mor (mor) (gael) - big, great.

on the defensive - in a state of defense

the eternal - God


Bellona - proper name of the Roman goddess of war; transf. a spirited woman of commanding presence.

black bottom - the name of a dance, esp. popular in and for a time after 1926

ohibň! (it) - fie!

becrime - to make guilty of crime

carver - one who carves wood, ivory, stone, etc.; a sculptor: most frequently (when not otherwise qualified) applied to one who carves in wood.

in conjunction - in union, association or combination

emaciated - made lean, atrophied, deprived of flesh

'nough - An aphetic form of enough

garotte - to strangle

whomever = whoever - whatever person, no matter who