capture - catching, seizure

recapture - to capture again

all in - in Wrestling: Without restrictions, having almost no holds barred

safe - a fire-proof and burglar-proof receptacle for plate, money, deeds, and other valuables. Usually made of steel and iron, with one or more doors secured by elaborate locks.

Connacht Tribune 26 Apr 1924, 6/6: (Advertisement) 'T. NAUGHTON'S Carefully Selected and Tested SEEDS... Best of All Purple Top Swede' [(notebook 1924): 'all purple top swede'].

Tipperary - county in Ireland + Tiobraid Arann (tibrid aren) (geal) - "Well of Ara [name of district]"; anglic. Tipperary.

sacramented - consecrated, made sacred, sealed by a sacrament

service + Servius - Roman proper name + Marius Servius Honoratus - 4th C commentator on Vergil + Servius Tullius - sixth king of Rome.

divine - religious, sacred

tussle - a vigorous or disorderly conflict; a severe struggle, a hard contest

bully - of the best quality, first rate + bull beggar (Slang) - bogey, someone who scares children.

handy - conveniently situated for

portable - capable of being carried by hand or on the person; capable of being moved from place to place.

distillery - the establishment or works in which the distilling of spirits is carried on.

vat - a cask, tun, or other vessel used for holding or storing water, beer, or other liquid.

stuff + stiff (Slang) - money.

potheen - whisky distilled in Ireland in small quantities, i.e. the produce of an illicit still + Paidin (pad'in) (geal) - Paddy (dim. of Padraig) + song Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye.

solstitial - of or belonging to, connected with, a solstice or the solstices (21st June or 22nd December).

ham - an inexpert performer; (also ham actor, actress) an ineffective or over-emphatic actor, one who rants or overacts. slang (orig. U.S.); An inexpert or over-theatrical performance. slang.

vermicular - resembling a worm + vernacular - the native speech or language of a particular country or district; also, the informal, colloquial, or distinctive speech of a people or a group + Joyce's note: 'vermicular' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 134 (sec. 131): 'It is... surprising how many pairs we have of native nouns and foreign adjectives, e.g.... worm: vermicular'.


chin chin - Used as a drinking toast; as v. intr., to say 'chin-chin'.

offa = off; of + Joyce's note: 'Tell he me = Lei'; Caradoc Evan, 53: "[The Way of the Earth] 'Tell he me, when shall I say to Beca thus: "On such and such a day is the wedding"? Say him a month this day?'" Note: It was a local custom to address one's betters in the third person. MS 47472-158, TsILS: taken off you, tell us by anyone ^+takee offa you, tell he me, strongfella by pickypocky+^ | JJA 46:034 | 1926-7 |

(notebook 1924): 'strongfella = malts'

pickpocket - one who steals from or 'picks' pockets; a thief who follows the practice of stealing things from the pockets of others.

collaborate - to work in conjunction with another or others, to co-operate; to co-operate traitorously with the enemy + collidabantur (l) - they were brought into collision.

severe - pressing hardly, rigorous, making great demands on one's powers or resources

Woden = Odin + wooden + (notebook 1924): 'Woden' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 62 (sec. 60): (quoting from J.R. Green's A Short History of the English People) 'England still remained England; the conquerors sank quietly into the mass of those around them; and Woden yielded without a struggle to Christ'.

Webley - the proprietary name of various types of revolver and other small arms, etc., originally made by the firm of P. Webley and Son.

illtempered - having a bad temper; ill-conditioned; morose, cross, peevish + in illo tempore (l) - 'at that time'; Latin formula used in the Mass to introduce Gospel.

intruse = intrude + intruder - one who intrudes into an estate or benefice or usurps on the rights or privileges of another.

Christchurch Cathedral - The catholic church of the Protestant archdiocese of Dublin and Glendalough; at one time a glass case with the mummified bodies of a cat and a rat which were discovered behind the organ-case.

organ - a musical instrument (in its modern form the largest and most comprehensive of all), consisting of a number of pipes, supplied with wind or compressed air by means of bellows, and sounded by means of keys.


pensive - thoughtful, meditative, musing; reflective: often with some tinge of seriousness or melancholy.

flout - to mock, jeer, insult; to express contempt for, either in word or action + float

pigtail - a tight braid of hair

knobkerrie - a short thick stick with a knobbed head, used as a weapon or missile by South African peoples.

change - exchange

stuck - p. of stick

strongbox - a chest or case for money made very strongly, a small safe + (notebook 1924): 'invention of fender'.

tenacity - firmness of hold or attachment; firmness of purpose, persistence, obstinacy.

corroborate - to strengthen (an opinion, statement, argument, etc.) by concurrent or agreeing statements or evidence; to make more sure or certain; to support; to confirm (a law, legal act, etc.).

territorial + tenitore (it) - holder, keeper.

lots - much + loot - money (slang.); goods taken from an enemy.

change - money of a lower denomination given in exchange for a larger coin; hence generally, coins of low denomination; also coins of one currency given in exchange for those of another.

crickle - to make a sharp, thin sound

addle - to muddle, to confuse (the brain)

hap - to have the fortune, luck, happen, chance + Joyce's note: 'hap = if' Caradoc Evan, 53: "[The Way of the Earth] 'Hap Madlen Tybach need coal?'" note: Welsh "hap": luck, chance, fortune. The meaning here is "Go and ask if Madlen Tybach need coal". MS 47472-158, TsOS: happened to have the loose ^+loots+^change of a ten pound note ^+crickler+^ about him at the moment as ^+addling that,+^ if ^+hap+^ so, he would pay the six pounds ^+vics+^ odd back | JJA 46:034 | 1926-7 |

Victoria - a sovereign minted in the reign of Queen Victoria.

odd - a surplus of lower denomination of money; used in numeration to denote a remainder or numerical surplus over and above a 'round number' (as of units over tens, dozens, or scores); and thus becoming virtually an indefinite cardinal number of lower denomination than the round number named.

juni (Dutch) - june + juli (Dutch) - july

billy - lad, fellow

boule - legislative coucil of ancient Greece; bowl + boule (fr) - ball.

mum - to make an inarticulate sound with closed lips, indicating inability to speak

maul - to beat and bruise (a person)

excel - to be superior or preëminent in the possession of some quality, or in the performance of some action, usually in a good sense.

grossly - excessively, flagrantly

loose change (orig. U.S.) - a quantity of coins kept or left in one's pocket, etc., for casual use.

tinpan - noisy, harsh; a pan made of tin; tympan + ten pound

crackle - something that makes a crackling noise; to emit a rapid succession of slight cracks.

see one's way - to see how one will be able (to do something esp. to pay money)

yuletide - the season of Yule, Christmas-tide

Judenfest (ger) - Jewish holiday

mad as a hatter = mad as a march hare - very mad or silly

nut - a madman; a crank