moscas (sp) - flies

khorosho (Russian) - very well, O.K.

levant - to steal away, 'bolt', to abscond

turbulence - stormy or tempestuous action; violence + Jubal and Tubal Cain - Jubal was "father of all such as handle the harp and organ"; Tubal was "instructor of every artificer in brass and iron" (Genesis, 4.) Their brother Jabal was father of those who live in tents and have cattle. 

BULL RUN - Stream in Virginia, US; gave name to 2 Civil War battles (known to the Confederate side as Manassas). In Second Bull Run, Pope (84.06) was a Union general, Jubal Early (84.02) a Confederate.  

assback - the back on an ass + (notebook 1924): 'assback roof' + pons asinorum (l) - the asses' bridge: a first difficulty.

Danegeld - an annual tax imposed at the end of the 10th c. or in the 11th c., originally (as is supposed) to provide funds for the protection of England from the Danes, and continued after the Norman Conquest as a land-tax.

humoral - of or belonging to, consisting of, or containing, any of the humours or fluids of the body. Also in mod. use, contained in or involving the blood or other body fluid.

hurlbat - a short javelin having a thong for recovering after hurling; some form of club, bat.

lingum vitae - wood of life

evermore - always, forever, at any future time, certainly, definitely

reminiscent - having reminiscence of something

toboggan - originally, a light sledge consisting of a thin strip of wood turned up in front, used  by the Canadian Indians for transport over snow; now, a similar vehicle, sometimes with low runners, used in the sport of coasting.

poop - the aftermost part of a ship, the stern; a short blast in a hollow tube, as a wind instrument; Also, the report of a gun + Pope, John (1822-95) - Union general who lost the 2d battle of Bull Run.

to have a crow to pluck with someone - to have something disagreeable or awkward to settle with someone, to clear up.

rialto - an exchange or market place + rialto (it) - height, rise.

anywheres = anywhere

PEA RIDGE - The battle of Pea Ridge, in South Illinois, US, 7-8 March 1862, was a Union victory in the West theater of the Civil War. 

Delaney, Patrick - the Phoenix Park assassin who testified against Parnell at the Parnell Commission. 

confederate - leagued, allied

fender - a metal frame placed in front of a fire to keep falling coals from rolling out into the room.

albeit - even though, although, though

bluff - to swell out, become distended + BALL'S BLUFF - Locality near Leesburg, North-East Virginia, US. Site of minor Civil War battle 21 Oct 1861, in which Union forces were defeated by the Confederates. 

to bear up - to carry

wunder = wonder

contusion - a bruise

bruised - hurt or damaged by a heavy blow; contused

coccyx - the small triangular bone appended to the point of the sacrum and forming the termination of the spinal column in man.

flabbergast - to put (a person) in such confusion that he does not for the moment know what to do or say; to astonish utterly, to confound.

lab - a laboratory

paddy - policeman; Irishman; the proprietary name of an Irish whiskey + banner - one who bans or curses.

as for - as it regards, so far as it concerns, with respect or reference to.

excellency - a title of honour

daffy - crazy, imbecile + O'Duffy, General - leader of an Irish fascist movement (Blueshirts) in the 1930s.  

justifiable - capable of being legally or morally justified, or shown to be just, righteous, or innocent.

William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar V.5.68: 'This was the noblest Roman of them all'

satisfactory + sitisfactura (l artificial) - a making thirsty.

gentleman's agreement - an agreement which is not enforceable at law, and which is only binding as a matter of honour + Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius of Nettesheim (1486-1535) - writer on occult sciences. 

dein (ger) - your + deinde (l) - thereafter + derivative - characterized by being derived, drawn, obtained, or deduced from another; coming or emanating from a source.

lotion - a liquid preparation used externally for healing wounds, relieving pain, beautifying the skin, etc.

fomentation - the application to the surface of the body either of flannels, etc. soaked in hot water, whether simple or medicated, or of any other warm, soft, medicinal substance + (notebook 1922-23): 'hot fomantations to ear'.

poppyhead - the capsule of the poppy

exhibit - (Med.) To administer (a remedy, etc.)

watchhouse - a house in which a guard is placed, police station

vicar - in early use, a person acting as priest in a parish in place of the real parson or rector, or as the representative of a religious community to which the tithes had been appropriated.

ground - the particular space or area under consideration

red cross - to mark with a red cross

mammalian - rel. to mammals

proofpositive - conclusive proof

stanch - to stop the flow of blood from (a wound)

pavilion - the pinna or auricle of the ear

hitter - one who hits or strikes, as in boxing, cricket, etc. Also fig.

knut - a fashionable or showy young man

Colt - a firearm of a type invented by Samuel Colt (1814-62), esp. a type of repeating pistol.

allround - around all the parts of, including everything in a given circle

to muddle along - to 'get along' in a haphazard way, to escape absolute failure though trusting to chance and makeshift expedients.

corso - proud walk, a promenade + torso - the human trunk.

not a whit - not at all + a whit - a very little.

whacking - beating

Herr (ger) - Mr.

nowthe - now

ash - the ashen shaft or spear

brawn - the arm, muscle

brass - money in general, cash; Historically: The general name for all alloys of copper with tin or zinc.

oust - Law. To put out of possession, eject, dispossess; to eject or expel from any place or position + (notebook 1924): 'ousting of metals by metals' Haldane: Daedalus or Science and the Future 31: 'the production of aluminium from clay... I do not think that even when this is accomplished aluminium will oust iron and steel as they ousted bronze and flint'.

earthborn - born on the earth; of earthly or mortal race, as opposed to angelic or divine + (notebook 1923): 'Earthborn (terrigenae)'.

rockcrystal - transparent quartz

wreck - to shatter, ruin, destroy

isinglass - a firm whitish semitransparent substance (being a comparatively pure form of gelatin) obtained from the sounds or airbladders of some fresh-water fishes, esp. the sturgeon.

Wurm (ger) - worm + worm - to move or progress sinuously like a worm; to make one's way insidiously like a worm into (a person's confidence, secret affairs, etc.)

saving - the action of rescuing or protecting + for one's sake - on account of one's interest in, or regard for (a person), out of consideration for.

mother water - the liquid left after crystallization, e.g. of sea-salt + moddervater (Dutch) - muddy water + The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XVI, 'Lisbon', 771b: (of the Aqueducto das Aguas Livres) 'At the Lisbon end of the aqueduct is the Mae d'Agua (i.e. "Mother of Water"), containing a huge stone hall in the midst of which is the reservoir'.

Olympiad - a period of four years reckoned from one celebration of the Olympic games to the next, by which the ancient Greeks computed time, the year 776 b.c. being taken as the first year of the first Olympiad; a quadrennial celebration of the ancient Olympic Games.


Olaf, Danish prince, source of name Hamlet (Humphrey, Olaf, Oliver and Hamlet are all cognates of sorts; Humphrey = Irish, Amhlaoibh = Olaf = Old Norse, Olafr = Oliver; Irish, Amhlaoibh =Latin, Amlethus = French Hamlet).

boney = bony - abounding in bones; having large or prominent bones; big-boned.

obtain - to come into the possession or enjoyment of (something) by one's own effort, or by request; to acquire, get.

pierced - punctured, perforated + first

parafuoco (it) - fire-guard + fiamme (it) - flames.

claptrap - language designed to catch applause; cheap showy sentiment. In modern use passing into sense 'nonsense, rubbish'.

fireguard - a protecting wire screen or grating before open fireplace, fender

to crop out - to come out, appear, or disclose itself incidentally

salient point - standing out from the rest, prominent or conspicuous (point)

politisch (ger) - political

leaning - inclination, bias; tendency, 'penchant'

pursuit - the action of seeking, or striving to obtain, attain, or accomplish something.


Dan Donnelly - an Irish champion prizefighter who in 1815 knocked out Cooper, the English champion. His footprints have been preserved somewhere or other in Ireland and his fossilized arm "is one of the major attractions of a Kilcullen hostelry" + el don de dunele (Venetian Italian Dialect) - the gift of women, a Don Juan + O'Donnghaile (o'douneli) (geal) - descendant of Donnghal ("brown-valor").

thick - to become thick, thicken