exute - to strip (a person) of, to divest of + exutio (l) - an exclusion + [a venia] exutio (eccl. l) - they who are excluded from divine forgivenness, the utterly reprobate (St. Ambrose) + (notebook 1924): 'exutoire' exutoire (fr) - outlet, release.

fluor - a flow or flowing; pl. = flowers + fluor (l) - flow.

sparse - to spread or disseminate (a rumour, doctrine, etc.) + speech

(notebook 1924): 'had the vocabulary royal Irish -' (dash dittoes 'vocabulary')

Peter, Jack, Martin - in Swift's Tale of a Tub, they are the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran churches. In FW they are also the Three. 

suet - suit + three-piece suit + piezo-electricity - electric polarity in a substance (especially crystals [.04]) resulting from the application of mechanical pressure + "But the dour handworded her grace in dootch nossow: Shut!"

sulfate + soot and sulphur (i.e traces of gunpowder).

copperas - protosulphates of copper, iron and zinc

quite + quartz. 

unaccountably - inexplicably

crystallization - the action of forming crystals, or of assuming a crystalline structure + fluorspar (fluorite) [.01], copperas [.03], quartz [.03] and alum [.04] are all crystalline.

alum - a whitish transparent mineral salt, crystallizing in octahedrons + Adam

strike fire - to produce (fire, a spark) by percussion, esp. by the percussion of flint and steel + Joyce's note: 'stick fire' lit. Feuer anzustecken (ger) - to light a fire.

feacht (fyokht) (geal) - turn, time, occasion + fact.

drip - Of a person or object: To have moisture or liquid falling off in drops; to be so copiously wet or saturated with as to shed drops; to complain, grumble.

pipkin - a small earthenware pot or pan, used chiefly in cookery

coold = cold

crown lawyer - a lawyer in the service of the Crown; a lawyer who practises in criminal cases

P.C. - police constable (*S*)

Robert (Slang) - a policeman + rob (Serbian) - slave + Ort (ger) - place + robot.


crowbar - an iron bar with a wedge-shaped end + crowbar brigade (Slang) - Irish constabulary + Cathal Crobhdhearg Ó Conchobhair deposed Roderick O'Connor, last High King of Ireland, in 1189 (Irish Crobh-dhearg: Red-fist).

milk + melecky (Arabic) = melekh (Hebrew) - king + Malachy II succeeded Brian Boru as High King of Ireland.

impersonate - to represent in a personal or bodily form; to personify; to play the part of

pieces + pix (l) - tar.

peat moss - moss from which peat is forming + peat, moor.

pluck (Anglo-Irish) = pluc (pluk) (geal) - cheek

puss (Anglo-Irish) = pus (Irish) = pusa (puse) (geal) - lips, mouth

clane = clean + Clane - village, County Kildare + Clontarf.

Middle White - a Yorkshire breed of pig

(notebook 1924): 'Eng. villages / White Ladies Aston / Martyr Worthy / Swine / Foulmire / Mucking / Mudford / Barton in the Beans / Great Snoring / Eggbuckland / Toft Monks / Nether Wallop / Toller Porcorum / Huish Champflower'.

of (Dublin Colloquial) - on (when referring to days of the week)

thoor (Anglo-Irish) - tower + Thursday + FDV: It was attempted to show that having come to rubbed some dirt on his face to disguise himself he was at the door fair of a Monday with a pig this animal ate some of the doorpost, King selling it because it ______ ate the woodwork off her sty.

feast + feis (fesh) (geal) - festival, convention + feist (ger) - fat.

peeler (Slang) - policeman + Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, or the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, is a liturgical feast in honour of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which is observed on 29 June. The celebration is of ancient origin, the date selected being the anniversary either of their death or of the translation of their relics + In a dialogue between Jesus and his disciples (Matthew 16:13-20), Jesus asks, "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" The disciples give various answers. When he asks, "Who do you say that I am?" Simon Peter [Saint Peter] answers, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." In turn, Jesus declares Peter to be "blessed" for having recognized Jesus' true identity and attributes this recognition to a divine revelation. Then Jesus addresses Simon by what seems to have been the nickname "Peter" (Cephas in Aramaic, Petros [rock] in Greek) and says, "On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it." 

rab (rob) (geal) - hog + Festy King and Crowbar.

Anthony - the patron saint of swine heards + Anthony (Slang) - smallest or favourite pig of a litter.

telephone book - a book containing an alphabetical list of the names, addresses, and numbers of telephone subscribers

allegedly - in an alleged (cited, quoted, asserted but not proved) manner

pedigree - having a pedigree or recorded line of descent

unlicensed - unauthorized by license, lawless

hyacinth - bulbous plant with bell-shaped six-parted flowers, of various colours

Eire + three brothers, Heber, Heremon, and Ir, led the Milesian invasion of Ireland.

they were on that sea 300 years (notebook 1924)

cry crack - to give up, to desist

paddle wheel - a wheel used for propelling a boat or ship + Paddy Whack (song): This old man, he played one, / He played knick-knack on my thumb. / With a knick-knack, paddy whack, / Give a dog a bone, / This old man came rolling home + paddywhack - a spank or spanking.

trifling - frivolous, trivial, insignificant

amidst - in or into the middle or centre of

greybeard - an old man

suckling - an infant that is at the breast or is unweaned; a young animal that is suckled; esp. a sucking calf

pauper - a person destitute of property or means of livelihood, a beggar

matron - a married woman, usu. with the accessory idea of (moral or social) rank or dignity

meg - woman, a country girl, boisterous woman

meddle - the action of meddling; a medley + middle

maelstrom - a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water

convene - to come together, to assemble + (notebook 1924): 'convened' Irish Rivers, The Tolka 391/1: (of the village of Mullahuddart) 'boasted of an ancient society, established so early as the reign of Henry VI., A.D. 1532, the "Guild or fraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mullahuddart." This guild is stated by Mr. Mason (Hist. St. Patrick's Cathedral) to have been established by Act of Parliament, convened by Richard Talbot, Archbishop of Dublin, and then Lord Justice'

pastoral - of or pertaining to shepherds or their occupation + prepostor - a senior pupil with delegated authority in certain English public schools (elsewhere known as a prefect or monitor) + Irish Agricultural Organisation Society - a union of agricultural co-operatives founded by Sir Horace Plunkett in 1894.

muck - the dung of cattle (usually mixed with decomposing vegetable refuse) used for manure + muc (muk) (geal) - pig.

looked me in face (Joyce's note) + (competition between Danish and Irish bacon industries).

attend - to present oneself, for the purpose of taking some part in the proceedings, at a meeting for business, worship, instruction, entertainment 

larry - confusion, noise, excitement

pig is a taboo animal of Jews (totem and taboo animals are often connected)  

despite - in spite of + to spiti (gr) - the house.

distinctly - clearly, plainly, unmistakably

scattery - scattered, marked by scattering

bally - bloody (a vague epithet expressing anger, resentment, detestation) + (notebook 1924): 'Ballybricken pigs (Waterford)' Freeman's Journal 3 May 1924, 10/6: 'By the Way': 'Not far from the picturesque and busy Quay at Waterford is the far-famed Ballybricken, the heart of the bacon industry, and the home of the best-known body of pig-buyers in Ireland' + Joyce's note: 'get no good of her' ['...nails'?].

cock of the walk - one that dominates a group or situation esp. overbaringly

fancy - executed with skill, complex or intricate; of superior grade, fine + the fancy (Slang) - prizefighting.

main - a principal channel, duct, or conductor for conveying water, sewage, etc. along the street of a town + mains (Slang) - cockfights.

doorway - the opening or passage which a door serves to close or open + Weg (ger) = weg (Dutch) - way + doorweg (Dutch) - way through.

pikey - a vagrant, a tramp (i.e. King)

ratepayer - taxpayer + the gentleman that (or who) pays the rent - a pig.

Saint Francis called all animals his brothers and sisters  

sty - an enclosed place where swine are kept, usually a low shed with an uncovered forecourt + (Festy).

stragglestreet (notebook 1924)

TROY - Ancient Troia, Ilion, on Ilium; city in the Troas, North-West Asia Minor, South of Dardanelles, modern Hissarlik; Troia, It. "sow," slang "whore" + Hic Stat Troia (l) - Here Stands Troy + qui sta Troia (it) - here is Troy + questa troia! (it) - what a whore! + trņia (it) - sow.

pay off - to give all that is owing to and thus settle accounts with

doubloon - a Spanish gold coin (33 to 36 shillings) + six pounds fifteen [082.12-.13]

arrear - moneys due, debts + LDV: It was attempted to show that King rubbed some dirt on his face to disguise himself and was at the fair of a Monday with a pig when the animal ate some of the doorpost, King selling it because she ate a lot of the woodwork of her sty in order to pay off arrears of rent.

villain - Originally, a low-born base-minded rustic; a man of ignoble ideas or instincts; in later use, an unprincipled or depraved scoundrel; a man naturally disposed to base or criminal actions, or deeply involved in the commission of disgraceful crimes + (notebook 1924): 'villain' → Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 13, no. 50, 296: Irish Land Tenures (W.F. Butler): (of thirteenth century English manors) 'tenants fall into two classes: one, a relatively small one, of free tenants holding by military service or by the payment of a fixed rental or by both; the other, and much the larger class, composed of holders described by various names and of varied rank; but who all for convenience sake may be called bond or villein or nativus; and who all have this characteristic in common that they owed to the lord uncertain or unlimited services, very largely in the nature of work to be done in ploughing, sowing and reaping the lands he held in demesne'.

rumbler - one who makes a rumbling noise

rent - a tribute, tax, or similar charge, levied by or paid to a person + (selling the pig to pay the rent).

anon - in a short time, in a little while; at once, instantly

Wesleyan - of or pertaining to Wesley or his (methodist) teaching + W.C. - Wesleyan Chapel; Water Closet [.30] [.34-.35]

plain clothes - unofficial clothes

Wet Pinter [092.07]

situate - situated

null null (ger) - zero zero, sign for toilet

peagreen - (of) a colour like that of fresh green peas, a nearly pure but not deep green + rice and peas (hat).

sullenly - in a sullen manner, with gloomy or morose ill-humour