grill - to torment with heat; to subject to severe questioning.

bumper - a cup or glass of wine, etc., filled to the brim, esp. when drunk as a toast + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song One Bumper at Parting [air: Moll Roe in the Morning].

elicit - to extract, draw out (information) from a person by interrogation

morse - the sea-horse or walrus + walrus moustache - a large moustache which overhangs the lips (thus resembling the whiskers of a walrus).

mustacci (it) - moustache

god bless + gob (gob) (geal) - beak, snout.

bonafide - (orig. used with agent nouns, or those involving some quality, as in 'bona fide purchaser', 'bona fide poverty', 'bona fide traveller'.) Acting or done in good faith; sincere, genuine.

..."be (sleeping) ^doorbringing^ there that night and how he was pleased to remember"... (The typesetter who reset the lines and produced the actual transition text dropped the doubled "that" and somehow managed to misread the instruction about "doorbringing"--though it is clearly marked with matching indexing symbols and a connecting line to replace "sleeping". But (and here's where the opportunity for new interpretation presents itself) why in the world is "doorbringing" a substitute for "sleeping"? What can he mean when he says he'll be doorbringing there that night?) (Bill Cadbury, 10 Sep. 1996).


rowdy - a rough, disorderly person; one addicted to quarrelling, fighting, or disturbing the peace.

jubilee - the fiftieth anniversary of an event + giboulées d'avril (fr) - April showers.

Juno - Roman godess (daughter of Saturn, wife of Jupiter)

ould = old + song 'days of Auld Lang Syne'.

rainmaker - a member of a tribal community believed or claiming to be able to procure rain by the use of magic + Pluvius (l) - epithet of Jupiter.

decem (l) - ten + December (l) - tenth month of the Roman year.

ephemerides - an almanac or calendar of any kind; in early use esp. one containing astrological or meteorological predictions for each day of the period embraced.

profane - not possessing esoteric or expert knowledge

all one - alone

TOURNAY - City, 45 miles South-West of Brussels, Belgium + today 

Teamhair (t'our) (geal) - Prospective Hill, Co. Meath, ancient seat of high king: anglic. Tara; distorted to Temora by Macpherson.

pigstick - to hunt the wild boar on a horseback with a spear stright + particularly

sorely - painfully; severely, violently, extremely

tried - found good or trusworthy through experience or testing; subjected to trials or distress.

their's not to reason why - Tennyson, Charge of the Light Brigade: Their's not to make reply, Their's not to reason why, Their's but to do and die.

Hyacinthus (l) - Laconian youth beloved by Apollo who accidentally killed him, the flower sprang from his blood.

O'Domhnaill (o'donel) (geal) - descendant of Domhnall ("world-mighty") + (notebook 1924): 'BA'.

calendar - a list or register of any kind

mixer - one that mixes (paint, drug...); a person marked by easy sociability; a trouble maker; a bartender.

wordpainter - a writer of vivid or graphic descriptive power

si vis pacem (l) - if you want peace + si vis pacem, para bellum (l) - 'if you would have peace, prepare for war' (i.e. parabellum pistol) + civis (l) - citizen.

Gaeltacht - a region in Ireland in which Irish is the vernacular; also, these regions collectively.

dungfork - a three- or four-pronged fork used to lift or spread dung

BALLYCASSIDY - Town, County Fermanagh + BULLY ACRE - Ancient cemetery of Kilmainham, corner of SCR and Royal Hospital Road. Closed 1832 after thousands of burials in cholera epidemic + Baile Ui Chaiside (bolyi khoshidi) (geal) - Town of the Descendants of Caiside ("curled"); anglic. Ballycassidy.

friedhof (ger) - cemetery

sack - to put (a person) in a sack to be drowned

sock - to beat, strike hard, hit

stab - to wound (often to kill) with a thrust of a pointed weapon (chiefly, with a short weapon, as a dagger).

'ghus Mac Cathail (gus mok kohil) (geal) - "-choice, son of Battle-mighty".


changeling - a child secretly substituted for another in infancy; a half-witted person (arch.)

unlocalized - not fixed in, attached or restricted to, a certain locality

noncommunicable - not capable of being communicated

eversince - throughout all the time before or after a specified date

wallop - a heavy resounding blow; a whack

LEWES - The county town of Sussex, England. After Simon de Montfort defeated Henry III on 14 May 1264, he extracted from Henry the document called the "Mise of Lewes," in which Henry promised to abide by the Magma Carta and other documents and customs limiting royal prerogative.  

bad blood - resentment, ill feeling

on the ground of - by reason of

boer (Dutch) - farmer

twoway - extending in two directions or dimensions

fox and grapes

nippy - Formerly, a waitress in one of the restaurants of J. Lyons & Co. Ltd., London; hence, any waitress; sharp, quick, active, nimble.

novelette - a story of moderate length having the characteristics of a novel + novelletta (it) - short story.

meathe - a maggot, worm + Midhe (mi) (geal) - "Middle," former fifth (royal) province, now Co. Meath, N.W. of Dublin.

litigant - a person engaged in a lawsuit or dispute

Conga (kunge) (geal) - "Strait," religious settlement, Co. Mayo; anglic. Cong, where Ruaidhri O'Conchobhair, last high king, retired in old age + kingsman - a partisan of the king; a royalist; the King's men: a name for the dramatic company otherwise known as 'the King's Majesty's Servants' under James I.

Domhnall (donel) (geal) - "World-mighty"

king of arms - an officer of arms (herald) of the highest rank + ARAN ISLANDS - Islands off Galway Bay.

Dalkey, King of - "His facetious Majesty, King of Dalkey, King of Mugleins Sovereign of the Illustrious Order of the Periwinkle and the Lobster." He was a figure in an 18th-century burlesque ceremony, which the English suppressed and the Free State revived.  

Mud Island, King of - hereditary robber chieftain who ruled a gang of smugglers and highwaymen. 

TORY ISLAND - Island, 7 miles off North coast of County Donegal; The island was noted for its various clays, used for heat-resistant pottery. The islanders traditionally elected a "king."

god king - a human ruler believed to be a god

Killorglin, Goat King of - Killorglin, Co. Kerry, holds a Puck Fair at Lammas. A male goat, called Puck, is king of the fair, is paraded, wreathed, driven out. 

egg - to provoke to action, incite, encourage

bowstring - to strangle with a bowstirng (the string of a bow)

CARTHAGE - Ancient Phoenician city, North Africa, on coast North-East of modern Tunis, noted for sea power and the Punic Wars with Rome. Cato the Elder proclaimed that Rome must destroy Carthage: "Delenda est Carthago." An 18th-century theory held that the Irish people was of Carthaginian origin. The women of Carthage, at the final siege by the Romans, 146 B.C., cut off their hair to make bowstrings. 

ruddiness - the quality or state of being ruddy (red or reddish)

crimson - deep red somewhat inclining towards purple

petty - petticoat

thickset - set or placed close together; closely arranged

bohereen - a narrow country road esp. in hilly country + BOHERNABREENA - Bóthar-na-Bruighne, "Road of the mansion." Townland, road, and reservoir, 2 miles South of Tallaght in Glenasmole; named for the famous "Hostel of Da Derga," destroyed by pirates ca 1st century AD. It was the site of a famous murder and execution in 1816: one Kearney and his 2 sons were hanged for the hatchet slaying of a gamekeeper.  

to bang banagher - to surpass everything + BANAGHER - Village, County Offaly, on Shannon River. To anything unusual, people say, "Well, that bangs Banagher" (P W Joyce).  

mick - Irishman + Mic (mik) (geal) - Son; Mr. in Mac names.

O'Donnabhair (o'donawir) (geal) - descendant of Donnabhar ("brown eyebrow") + song O'Donnell abú.

ay - Ah! O! (now the common northern exclamation of surprise, invocation, earnestness).

relics - the remains of a person; the body, or part of the body, of one deceased + relics (Slang) - male sex organs.

bu = boo - a sound imitating the lowing of oxen; also used to express contempt, disapprobation, aversion.

to give tongue - properly of a hound: to give forth its voice when on the scent or in sight of the quarry. Also transf. of persons.

mor = more

ooze - to pass as through pores or minute interstices, and so slowly or gradually

deadman - corpse + Joyce's note: 'deadmen's dark scenery court' Douglas: London Street Games 5: 'Dead Man's Rise (also called Dead Man's Dark Scenery or Coat) is one of these jacket-games, where one party has to hide, covered up in their coats'.

crossexamination - a careful examination + exanimatio (l) - terror.

case hardened - insensible, callous [(notebook 1924): 'casehardened']

testis (l) - a witness; a testicle

night of nights

threeparted - having three parts, tripartite

spout - to discharge a liquid or other substance in a copious jet or stream; fig. To engage in declamation or recitation; to make a speech or speeches, esp. at great length or without much matter.

twixt - between