stoker - one who feeds and tends a furnace

eavesdrop - to stand within the 'eavesdrop' of a house in order to listen to secrets; hence, to listen secretly to private conversation, to listen to the secrets of (a person).

avatar - the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form; manifestation; display.

dreams + Dromios: twins in William Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors'.

Dromios (gr) - god of the racecourse + dromos (gr) - racecourse + drÝm (Norwegian) - dream.

as like as two peas - having the same or closely resembling characteristics

lentil - the seed of a leguminous plant (Ervum lens, Lens esculenta) + as alike as two peas in a pod - two identical items or people (this simile, of course, derives from the fact that two peas from the same pod are virtually indistinguishable).


pelt - to thrust away or out

coram populo - before the people, in public

by the powers! - Exclamation originating in its application to the pagan divinities

in principal - principally, chiefly

Machiavelli's principles - methods preferring expediency to morality + ma che vuole! (it) - what does he want!

Roosky - Russian

kamerad - comrade, companion



whither - whether

smuke - to smoke

to burst into flames - to go on fire; to inflame with anger, passion or zeal

phlegm - the thick viscid fluid or semifluid substance secreted by the mucous membranes, esp. of the respiratory passages; mucus.

ejaculation - the hasty utterance of words expressing emotion; the discharging of the male sperm + Ajacis (l) - Ajax.

crosscut (intersect) lane + "Cruiskeen Lawn" (little full jug) - Irish air. 

cosa (kuse) (geal) - legs, feet + cossa (Italian Dialect) - what?

corso - a pompous step or walk + curse + corso (it) - course.

cursus - curse + in cursu (l) - in progress, underway.

coarse - rough, rude, uncivil, vulgar + curse + song: Father O'Flynn: 'slŠinte and slŠinte and slŠinte again'.

"Yellow Wat and the Fox" is the air of T Moore's "Oh Doubt Me Not." 

(notebook 1924): 'alter (geld)' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 248 (sec. 247): 'to alter is said in the Southern States instead of to geld'.

O'Dubhda (o'dude) (geal) - descendant of Dubhda ("black")

Joyce's note: 'see you Sunday' Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 424: '"So-long," he replied, "see you Thursday"'.

pederast - lower of boys, one that practices pederasty, a sodomite + pedigree

prig - a thief; a spruce fellow, a dandy + pig

bejabers - by Jesus (exclamation)

the gentleman who pays the rent - a pig + lent - loan.

middle class - the class of society between the 'upper' and the 'lower' class.

portavorax (l) - gate-devouring (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

bynight - a letter dispatched by the night post

god tempers the wind to the shorn lamb - god is merciful to those who had suffered misfortune + (notebook 1924): 'a vomit to a poor man 3d' + phrase useful as damn it!

Ragnar Lodbrok ("shaggy breeches") - viking, saga hero who, tradition says, died in Ireland + recognized 

court martial - a judicial court, consisting of military or naval officers, for the trial of military or naval offences, or the administration of martial law.

Corcaigh (kurki) (geal) - Swamp; anglic. Cork

skilly - an insipid beverage, tea or coffee, watery porridge or soup + sceillig (shkelig) (geal) - Reef; rocky islands off Co. Kerry; anglic. Skelligs; also, the Scillies.

gart (gort) (geal) - planted field; letter G; hospitality

gate - method, way, technique, style

grazing rights - the rights of using grazing ground or pasture land

magistra (l) - mistress 

expiry - expiration

goodsire - grandfather

worshipful - honorific title for persons or bodies of distinguished rank or importance.

waders - waterproof boots reaching above the knee

recipis (l) - you get back, retain, receive

velocipede - wheel; an early form of the bicycle or tricycle

kitcat - whig politician; a portrait of less than half length but including the hands + that

maunder - to talk in the dreamy and foolish manner characteristic of dotage or imbecility; to ramble or wander in one's talk + "A Tuscan tongue in a Roman mouth", ie, Roman pronunciation and Tuscan syntax, is a definition of good Italian + maundering (Archaic) - begging.



distributary - distributive; something whose function is to distribute; applied to branch canals distributing water from a main one.

ending - termination, conclusion, completion

Quare hircum (l) - Why the goat?

Unde gentium fe[stines] (l) - Whence on earth are you hurrying? Where are you hurrying from? + unde (l) - from where.

ah - O! Oh!

siar (shir) (geal) - westward, backward + sir

intendant - one who has the charge, direction, or superintendence of a department of public business, the affairs of a town or province, the household of a prince or nobleman, etc.; a superintendent, a manager + attendant

Ogma Sun-face - Irish god, inventor of ogam (on ogham) letters + Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 47-48 lists types of Ogham ciphers: Shirt-of-two-strokes Ogham, Mac (or Son) Ogham, Finn's-ladder Ogham (has three forms).

threeheaded - having three heads + Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 47-48 lists types of Ogham ciphers: Finn's-three-shanked Ogham, Head-in-a-bush Ogham, Head-uder-a-bush Ogham.

bait - to tease, rouse, to entice by bait + bate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - beat.

millrace - the current of water that drives a mill wheel + Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 47-48 lists types of Ogham ciphers: Serpent-through-the-heather Ogham, Millrace Ogham.

a, b, c, d, e, f + Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 47-48 lists types of Ogham ciphers: Arm Ogham, Bird Ogham, Colour Ogham.

g, h, j

Jotalpheson - Jason. In The Secret Languages of Ireland (90-91), MacAlister says that in Bog Latin certain letters in Irish words are replaced by the name of the Irish letter-of-the-alphabet - "as if a Greek meaning Jason called him 'Jotalphason'."

hokey - a mild oath; hokey pokey, something worthless or untrue + Holy

Jesus + Jason - leader of the Argonauts in the quest for the golden fleece. Legend says he came to Ireland. 

epexegesis (gr) - detailed explanation + Pegasos (gr) - winged horse of the Muses + Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 47-48 lists types of Ogham ciphers: Pig (Muc) Ogham.

pontiff - a chief or high priest (of any religion); a bishop (of the mediæval Western church); spec. and usually, the bishop of Rome, the pope.

true + Ture (ger) - door + phrase sure as there's a tail on a cat.


joss - a Chinese figure of a deity, an idol + Jesus

leally - loyally, truly, free from error + realy