glowworm - a coleopterous insect, the female of which emits a shining green light from the extremity of the abdomen + Thomas Moore: song The Young May Moon: 'The glow-worm's lamp is gleaming, love'.

gleam - a subdued or transient appearence of light

loquax (l) - talkative, wordy

tacit - saying nothing; still, silent + taciturn - characterized by silence or disinclination to conversation; reserved in speech; saying little.

elsewhere - at some other point, in some other place

Guinness - a brand of stout

ruina (l) - a falling down

esto perpetua (l) - it is to be permanent! let it be permanent (said of Venice and also by Grattan at establishment of Irish parliament, 1782) + est tout pour (fr) - is all for.

crackling - the production of a rapid succession of slight cracking sounds

crick - to make a slight abrupt sound

pest - any deadly epidemic disease; pestilence; spec. the bubonic plague; any thing or person that is noxious, destructive, or troublesome; a bane, 'curse', 'plague'.

pist - a sibilant sound to attract attention

sledgy - sledge like + sledge - a carriage mounted upon runners instead of wheels, and generally used for travelling over snow or ice.

pust- (ger) - blow + puste (Danish) - to be out of breath.

Morse = 'Morse telegraph'

nuisance - anything obnoxious or annoying to the community or individual by offensiveness of smell or appearance, by causing obstruction or damage, etc.

noise - to talk much, to make noise

loose - unbound, at liberty

at large - without restraint or confinement, without plan or aim

Standbild (ger) - statue (here presumably a pun on 'stature')

corpulenta (l) - corpulent

gigas (gr) - giant

attracted + Herbert Asbury: Hatrack (a story of a small-town prostitute; appeared in 1925 in American Mercury, barred in Boston, and the editor Mencken (also printed two stories from Joyce's Dubliners, 'A Little Cloud' and 'The Boarding House') arrested and tried).

arbitrary - derived from mere opinion or preference, capricious; despotic, tyrannical.

conduct - behaviour (usually with more or less reference to its moral quality)

omnibus - a man or boy who assists a waiter at an hotel, restaurant, etc. + omnibus (l) - for everyone, for all.

aerial - an antenna + FDV: Aerials reported buzzed of a finding of a bloody [antichill cloak] with a tailor's tab reading V. P. H. & all shivered to think what beast had devoured him The black hand had done him in.

buzz - to make the humming sibilant sound characteristic of bees and other insects.

coastal - located on a coast

overtax - to tax too greatly or heavily, to exact or demand too much of; esp. to overburden or oppress with taxes + ortyx (gr) - the quail + re (Danish) - ear.

brer - brother + bror (Danish) - brother.

budget - pouch, bag, wallet, usually of leather (obs. exc. dial.); the contents of a bag or wallet.

filibeg - a kilt

sporran - a pouch or large purse made of skin, usually with the hair left on and with ornamental tassels, etc., worn in front of the kilt by Scottish Highlanders.

tuft - an ornamental tassel on a cap

tabard - the official dress of a herald or pursuivant, a coat or jerkin having short sleeves, or none, and emblazoned with the arms of the sovereign.

tab - each of the projecting square pieces formed by cutting out the lower edge of a jacket or other article of dress, or sewn on to its uncut edge, and usually embellished with buttons, embroidery, etc. + (notebook 1922-23): 'tailor's tab'.

SCALDBROTHER'S HOLE - A subterranean building once in Oxmantown, named after a thief who lived there until he was caught and hanged. 

divers - several, more than one, some number of

croppy - one who has his hair cropped short; applied esp. to the Irish rebels of 1798, who wore their hair cut very short as a sign of sympathy with the French Revolution.

four penny - that costs or is valued at four pence + (notebook 1924): 'wolf or friar 4d each' Kinane: St. Patrick 184: (of attempts to crush Irish Catholicism) 'The same price was laid upon the head of a wolf or friar'.

hvid (Danish) - white

lyk = like + lykke (Danish) - joy, luck, fortune.

sverte (Norwegian) - black

pinkster = Whit Sunday and the days immediately following + FDV: On his postern had been nailed the title: Move up, Dumpty. Make room for Humpty! and this time no mistake the boys had done him in.

postern - back door, private way

Whit-week - the week beginning with Whit Sunday

nail - to fix or fasten with nails

ink up - to cover completely with ink

inscribed - marked with writing or other characters

cursive - a cursive character; written with a running hand, so that the characters are rapidly formed without raising the pen, and in consequence have their angles rounded, and separate strokes joined, and at length become slanted + (notebook 1924): ''national' hand' + (notebook 1924): 'cursive hand'.

accelerated - hastened, quickened

regressive - acting in a backward direction, moving or directed backwards; decadent.

filiform - having the form of a thread

turreted - furnished with a turret or turrets (a small tower on the top of another).

enveloped + envenom - to infuse venom or bitterness into (actions, relations, etc.)

bigotry - obstinate and unenlightened attachment to a particular creed, opinion, or system + Pigott, Richard - obscure Irish journalist ("he played Falstaff to my Hal," Bernard Shaw wrote) who forged the letters which the Times published in "Parnellism and Crime." The forged letters linked Parnell to the assassinating-dynamiting faction of the Irish nationalists, indicated his approval of the Phoenix Park murders. Pigott's forgery was exposed when, before a government tribunal, he misspelt "hesitancy" as "hesitency." Pigott fled across Europe, pursued by Scotland Yard, and, in Madrid, he shot himself. In FW, the pursuit is mixed with the pursuit of Parnell. Who sent Pigott a-forging has not been surely established. FW seems to think it was Gladstone or the O'Sheas. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake)  

rumpty - (something) excellent + nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty + (notebook 1922-23): 'Move up, Mick, Make room for Dick'.

by order - by authoritative direction or command, in obedience to constituted authority or usage.

pentecostal - of or pertaining to Pentecost (Whit-Sunday)

jest - an idle tale, a story, tale, joke

gregarious - of or pertaining to a flock or community; characteristic of or affecting persons gathered together in crowds + Weekly Irish Times 21 Jan 1933: article on the name O'Reilly: 'Count Alexander O'Reilly, who was a Spanish general; Count Andrew O'Reilly who was an Austrian Field-Marshal, who thereby exemplified the name "gregarious"'.

soever - in any conceivable manner

skilful - having practical ability, possessing skill, expert, dexterous, clever + Weekly Irish Times 21 Jan 1933: article on the name O'Reilly: 'The most usually accepted is that the name comes from the Irish words for RAGHEALLACH - ragh, "a race", and eallach, "learned or skillful"'.

fortitudo (l) - strength, power

fraught - supplied, furnished, filled, attended with

prudentia (l) - foresight, providence, sagacity

Weekly Irish Times 21 Jan 1933: article on the name O'Reilly: 'The family derives its descent from the O'Rourke's kingly line'

slasher - one who slashes; a fighter

milemarbhadh (milyemoru) (gael) - great commotion and destruction + meila murder (Anglo-Irish) - great commotion, destruction, lamentation (from mle (Irish) - thousand and English 'murder').

mansion - a structure or edifice serving as a dwelling or lodging place

BREFFNY - Name of ancient tribe, which survived as name of districts in Counties Cavan and Leitrim. East Breffny is associated with the O'Reilly's, while West Breffny is associated with the O'Rourkes. Tullymongan is in East Breffny.  

inauguration - rormal or ceremonial induction to an office or dignity

TULLYMONGAN - Name of 2 townlands near Cavan, County Cavan, in ancient territory of Breffny; originally the name of a hill above Cavan Town. Called Tulach Mongain, "Hill of Mongan," by the Four Masters. Mongan was the 7th-century reincarnation of Finn MacCool.  

REILIG NA RIOGH - Ancient "Cemetery of the Kings," near Rathcroghan, County Roscommon, one of the 3 royal burial places of ancient Ireland (with Tailteann and Brugh). 

variety - diversity of nature or character; absence of monotony, sameness, or uniformity.

MacMahon, Marie Edme Patrice Maurice de, duke of Magenta (1808-93) - French marshal, president. Descendant of a wild goose, he commanded a division whose assault led to the fall of Sebastopol. Maurice Mahan is a name of the Man Servant.

do in - to kill

field of honour - the ground on which a battle is fought, a battle-field + verdor (sp) - greenness, verdure.

rampart - a mound of earth raised for the defence of a place

combatant - one who combats, a fighter, warrior

dexter - right; skilful in the use of the limbs and in bodily movements generally (obs.) + dexter (l) - the right hand.

wrest - to pull, pluck, drag away, or detach (a person or thing) with a wrench or twist.

puredee - thoroughgoing, 'regular' + pure de pommes (fr) - applesauce.

thick and thin - blindly loyal or devoted, ready to go through every difficulty and obstacle.

wellwisher - one who wishes well to another + FDV: Indeed several wellwishers bought went so far as to buy copies of the evening editions just to make sure whether he was genuinely quite dead.      

for example + ferox (l) - wild, warlike + amplus (l) - large, glorious.

venture - to dare, presume, go so far as, be so bold as (to do something).

beg - to ask as a favour or act of grace; hence to ask humbly, earnestly, supplicatingly + (notebook 1922-23): 'bought a paper to see had he really committed suicide (W)' (last word not crayoned).

Joyce's note: 'a triweekly of pertinent interest'

scatter brain - one who is incapable of serious connected thought + Saturday

evening + aften (Danish) - evening.

one time - at once, immediately

quasi cum tribus sodaliciarius (l) - as it were comrade with three (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

genuinely - in a genuine (real, true) manner + (notebook 1923): 'Yes, genuinely (T)'.