Stalking Wolf, the master shaman teacher in the books by Tom Brown Jr, describes the shaman in the following way "A shaman was one who has transcended the very religion that brought him to the final path of enlightenment. The shaman needs no religious toys or crutches, no ceremony, custom, gaudy religious dogmas or cathedrals. The shaman needs nothing but the purity of her/his own spiritual mind." He goes on to say, "There is no right or wrong religion or belief, for they all lead up the mountain of spiritual enlightenment. However, at one point, far up the mountain, all of these paths come together and fuse into one well-defined trail. This is the path of the shaman, where all come together as one, where all speak a common tongue, and religious beliefs and differences are cast aside. It is this path that we should all seek."

(Awakening Spirits by Tom Brown Jr. pg. 205)  

SHAMANA is a name for the force that flows through All That Is.
A SHAMANA is One who learns how to move with this flow.

A SHAMANA is a modern One who is called to the path of the
ancient One who has had many names, one of which is SHAMAN.