sandhya - [Skr. samdhya, a holding together, junction] time when day and night border on each other, morning and evening twilight; morning or evening prayers; the period which precedes a yuga or age of the world + sanctus sanctus sanctus (l) - holy holy holy + Sunday (i.e. dream takes place on Saturday night).

FDV: Calling all dawns. Calling all dawns to day dayne. Eirewecker to the whole wohld bludyn world. O rally, O rally, O rally! Sonne feine, somme foehn avaunt! Guld modning, have yous viewsed Piers' aube? Thane yaars agon we have used yoors up since when we have fused now orther. Calling all daynes. Calling all daynes to down. The old breeding broadsted culminwielth culminwillth of natures to Foyn MacHooligan. The leader, the leader! Securest jubilends albas Temoram. Quake up, dim dusky, wake doom for husky! Genghis is ghoon for you.

dayne = obs. forms of deign - to condescend to bestow or grant, to vouchsafe + bdenye or bdenje (Serbian) - wake, vigil + FDV: Calling all dawns to day dayne.

array - to set or place in order of readiness, to marshall. esp. To draw up prepared for battle + eirghe (eri) (gael) - rising, ascending + a ray (of light) + hurray!

surrection - a rising in rebellion, insurrection (obs.); rising (in general) (Obs. exc. as nonce-wd. after resurrection.)

wohl (ger) - well

bludni (Serbian) - carnal, lascivious, lecherous + whole bloody world + FDV: Eirewecker to the whole wohld bludyn world. O rally, O rally, O rally!

O'Reilly, Planxty - air to T. Moore's "What Life Like That of the Bard Can Be?" + Persse O'Reilly

thyne = thence 

haze - to make hazy, to involve in a haze

Oceania - a general name for the islands of the Pacific and its adjacent seas + Oisin (ushin) (gael) - Fawn; son of Fionn Mac Cumhail, Macpherson's Ossian.

Hear, hear!

tass - a cup or small goblet, esp. one of silver or the like

patt - the position of stalemate

blue + News agencies: Tass (Russia), Pat (Poland), Stefani (Italy), Wolff (pre-Nazi Germany), Havas (France), Reuters (Great Britain).

rutter - a gay cavalier, a dashing gallant + red + bread and butter.

smog - fog intensified by smoke

loft - an upper chamber, an attic + lifting + lfte (Danish) - lift.

alderman + gentleman's gentleman - valet + oldwoman's oldwoman, i.e. maid (*K*).

gotten up

othertimes (obs.) - at other times + 'of other times' is a frequent reference to the past in James Macpherson's "The Poems of Ossian".

litany - a prayer consisting of a series of invocations by the priest with responses from the congregation

bon amour (French) - good love + Catholic sodality of the Bona Mors (Good Death), founded in 17th century with a purpose to prepare each member for a peaceful death.

Sinn Fein - [f. Ir. sinn fin we ourselves.] the name of an Irish movement founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith (1872-1922), Irish journalist and politician, orig. aiming at the independence of Ireland and a revival of Irish culture and language and now dedicated to the political unification of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland + Sonne (ger) - sun.

somme (fr) - nap, snooze

avaunt - interjectionally. orig. and lit.: Onward! move on! + amhain (Ir.) - alone + Sinn fein, sinn fein amhain! (shin fen shin fen avan) (gael) - Ourselves, ourselves alone! + FDV: Sonne feine, somme foehn avaunt!

guld (Danish) - gold + Good morning.

modning (Danish) - ripening

yous (Anglo-Irish) - ye, you (plural) + FDV: Guld modning, have yous viewsed Piers' aube?

aube (fr) - dawn + "At his armpit Bantam Lyons' voice and hand said: -- Hello, Bloom, what's the best news? Is that today's? Show us a minute. Shaved off his moustache again, by Jove! Long cold upper lip. To look younger. He does look balmy. Younger than I am. Bantam Lyons' yellow blacknailed fingers unrolled the baton. Wants a wash too. Take off the rough dirt. Good morning, have you used Pears' soap? Dandruff on his shoulders. Scalp wants oiling." (Ulysses

thane - a Scottish feudal lord + ten

agon - a verbal contest or dispute between two characters in a Greek play + ago

fuse - fig. Often with the sense: To blend intimately, amalgamate, as by melting together.

orthros (gr) - dawn + new order + 'Three years ago I used your soap since when I have used no other' (tramp depicted in a Punch cartoon) + FDV: Thane yaars agon we have used yoors up since when we have fused now orther.

breeding - bringing to the birth, hatching, production of young; fig. Origination, production, development + whole bleeding blasted commonwealth of nations.

commonwealth - the whole body of people constituting a nation or state + Culmin = Cul-min (kul min) (gael) - Smooth-head; masc. personal name in Macpherson's Temora, explained as "soft-haired" + culmination. 

Fionn Mac Cumhail (fin mok kul) (gael) - Fair son of Cumhal, 3rd c. hero of saga cycle.

hooligan - a young street rough, a member of a street gang + O'hUallachain (o'hulekhan) (gael) - descendant of Uallachan (diminutive of uallach, "proud").

letter + Xenophon: Anabasis IV.VII.24: 'Thalatta! Thalatta!' (the cry 'Sea! Sea!' of the ten thousand men led by Xenophon out of Persia upon sighting the sea; also in Ulysses.1.80).

securus iudicat orbis terrarum (l) - the verdict of the world is secure (McH); untroubled, the world judges (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M.); St. Augustine: "the calm judgement of the world is that those men cannot be good who in any part of the world cut themselves off from the rest of the world" + securus (l) - free from care + jubilans (l) - rejoicing, jubilant + albus (l) - white + albas (Portuguese) - daybreaks + timorem (l) - fear + Teach/Tigh an mhoirriogh (t'okh/ti un vor ri) [?] (gael) - House of the great king; Macpherson's strained eymology for his Temora.

clogan (Ir.) - little bell, small clock + Colgan (kulugan) (gael) - "pointed": swordfish, salmon; masc. personal name in Macpherson's Temora ['Colgan... the bard of high Temora'] + klog (Danish) - wise, clever.

slogan - the distinctive note, phrase, cry, etc. of any person or body of persons

quake - to shake, tremble + wake

dusky - somewhat dark or deficient in light; not bright or luminous; dim, obscure

wook - obs. pa. tense of wake (v.) + make room.

husky - a strong, stoutly-built person + 'Move up Mick, Make Room for Dick' - Note left on grave of Michael Collins in 1922 to warn Richard Mulcahy that he could be assassinated next (McH).

O'Feichin (o'fekhin) (gael) - descendant of Feichin (diminutive of fiach, "raven").

baal (Danish) - bonfire + ballad (of Finnegan's Wake) + baal (Cornish) - spade, shovel.

humiliation + humus.

Publikum (ger) - public, audience + puteus publicus (l) - a public well or cistern + pudor publicus (l) - a public shame + P.T. Publikum (German) - written address for 'the public in general' (found on public notices, theatre programs, etc.; probably from Latin pleno titulo: with full title, and German Publikum: public, audience; apparently used primarily in Austria and Czechoslovakia) + porter publikumst + future publication.

praty (Irish) - potato

go for - to set out, leave, start for (a destination); to be enamoured of or enthusiastic about + Guinness is good for you (advertising slogan) (McH).

HCE + Weekly Irish Times 18 Jul 1936: article on the name Finnegan: (alternative Finnegan family crest) 'Out of a cloud a hand erect holding a book expanded proper'.

sower - one who sows seed + overseer + I Sowed the Seeds of Love (song).

sowl - obs. or dial. form of soul + cowld owld sowls (Irish Pronunciation) - cold old souls + FDV: The eversower of the seeds of light to owl your sowls the cowld owld sowls that are in the domnatory of Defmut after the night of the carrying of the word of Nuahs and the night of making Mehs to cuddle up in a coddlepot, Pu Nuseht, lord of risings in the yonderworld, tohp triumphant, speaketh.

dormitory - a sleeping-chamber; spec. a room containing a number of beds, or a gallery or building divided into cells or chambers each having a bed or beds in it, for the inmates of a monastery, school, or other institution + St Domnat of Gheel - according to P. W. Joyce, she fled her father and Ireland to become tutelary saint of the insane. 

deaf-mute + Tefnut - Egyptian goddess of moisture and sunlight + Mutt and Jeff - American comic-strip characters.

nuadhacht (nuokht) (gael) - news + Nuadhat (nut) (gael) - ancient Celtic god; king of Tuatha De Danann; surnamed Airgead-Lamh ("Silver-hand") + Nu - Egyptian sky-god + Noah + Shaun.

Shem + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XX: 'on the night of making to stand up the double Tet... on the night of the things of the night'.

cuddle up - to arrange comfortably + codul (Irish) - sleep.

coddle - to boil gently, parboil, stew + coddle (Anglo-Irish) - a stew made from rashers, sausages, tripe, vegetables, milk and seasonings + coffeepot.

otherworld + underworld + (Osiris).

Dublin (in Modern Greek, 'd' written 'nt', 'b' written 'mp')

Ptah - Egyptian god, artist, masterbuilder + phot- (gr) - light- + tobh (Hebrew) - good.

triumphant - that has achieved victory or success; splendid, glorious, magnificent (obs.) + 'The overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Nu, triumphant, saith:' (frequent introduction in The Book of the Dead).