vah - an exclamation expressive of exultation, contempt, or disgust + vah (Sanskrit) - to flow, carry, lead, transport, experience, take in marriage, convey in carriage.

Suvarn sur (Sanskrit) - 'God of good shape' (i.e. golden) + suvarna (Sanskrit) - golden, of good colour + sur (Sanskrit) - sun, god, sage + sovereign sir.

brand (Danish) - fire + scatterbrain - a person who tends to be disorganized and lacking in concentration + FDV: Scatter fire to the reneweller of the sky. Kilt by kelt shall kithagain with kinagain. The spearpoint of dawnlight touches the tablestone in the centre of the circle of the macroliths. [Great ghostly gossips [growing grubber in the glow].] It's a long long ray to Eruland's premier. Come lead, crom lech! We seem to understand from vellumtomes muniment [among horsehows, chariotcairns and etceterogenious bargain boutbarrows, on, over and under,] how recent the mudden research has gone to prove show prove that while a successive generation has been In the deep deep deeps of Deeper Deepereras. Buried hearts. Rest here.

newel - in architecture, the pillar forming the centre from which the steps of a winding stair radiate (Ulysses.17.1536: 'staircase, three continuous flights at successive right angles, of varnished cleargrained oak, treads and risers, newel, balusters and handrail') + renewer.

agnitus (pp.) (l) - recognized, acknowledged + ignitest + agni (Sanskrit) - fire.

dah - a dash in radio or telegraphic code + dah (Sanskrit) - to burn, scorch.

Arcturus (l) - "Bear-Guard": the star; the time of its rising (mid-September) + arcturos (gr) - guardian + Arthur is coming.

verbum principians (l) - beginning to speak the word + In principio erat verbum (l) - In the beginning was the word (Vulgate John 1:1) + principiant - constituting the beginning or source of something, originating, primary (obs.).

transitive - that itself passes through stages + transitive verb - a verb (or verb construction) that requires an object in order to be grammatical + trance.

kilt - a part of the modern Highland dress, consisting of a skirt or petticoat reaching from the waist to the knee + kilt (Irish Pronunciation) - killed.

kelt - a kind of homespun cloth or frieze, usually of black and white wool mixed, formerly used for outer garments by country people in Scotland and N. England; obs. form of kilt.

kith and kin - orig. Country and kinsfolk; in later use, Acquaintance and kinsfolk, one's friends and relatives; in mod. use often taken merely as a pleonastic phrase for Kinsfolk, relatives, family connexions.

tir (Irish) - land + Tintagel, Cornwall - site of Mark's castle and birthplace of Arthur (a 'rotten borough' before 1832).

Svadesia (Hindustani) - self-government + svadesia (Sanskrit) - self-guider, thou who movest spontaneously in thy proper course.

salve - to heal or remedy (a disease). Chiefly fig., to heal (sin, sorrow, etc.) + salve (l) - hail! be well!

Dubliners + durbala, durvala (Sanskrit) - of little strength, weak + nar (Sanskrit) - man + nar (Dutch) - fool.

adjure - to charge or entreat (any one) solemnly or earnestly, as if under oath, or under the penalty of a curse

marga (Sanskrit) - way, path + morgen (ger) - tommorow.

Tim/Tom + 'thy kingdom come' in the Lord's Prayer.

kindling - that kindles (to set on fire, ignite) + John Henry, Cardinal Newman: Lead, Kindly Light (song).

hoppas (Swedish) - hope

Geryon - monster Hercules killed. In the Inferno, Dante and Virgil journey on his back to Maleboge + journée (fr) - day

iter - a Roman road or line of travel + itinerant - journeying, travelling from place to place + iter, itineris (l) - journey, course, route, road.

kal - obs. form of call + kal (Sanskrit) - supreme spirit regarded as destroyer of universe + Joyce's note: 'kal = gill'.

cemetery + semita (l) - path, lane.

somnium (l) - a dream

Heliotropolis (Joyce's note) + Heliopolis ("City of the Sun") was one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, the capital of the 13th Lower Egyptian nome that was located five miles (8 km) east of the Nile to the north of the apex of the Nile Delta. Heliopolis has been occupied since the Predynastic Period, with extensive building campaigns during the Old and Middle Kingdoms. Today it is mostly destroyed; its temples and other buildings were used for the construction of medieval Cairo. Originally, this ancient city was known by the Egyptians as Iunu, from the transliteration ỉwnw, probably pronounced Āwanu, and means "(Place of) Pillars". The Egyptian god Atum, was the chief deity of the city Iunu (Heliopolis), who was worshipped in the primary temple, known as Per-Aat ('Great House') and Per-Atum ('Temple [lit. 'House'] of Atum'). Iunu was also the original source of the worship of the Ennead pantheon.

castellated - built like a castle, having battlements + three castles on Dublin coat of arms (when Tim Healy became Irish Free State's Governor-General, Dubliners called Viceregal Lodge 'Healiopolis').

enchanting - capturing interest as if by a spell

fetched + filch - to pilfer or steal (something, esp. a thing of small value) in a casual way.

towel + tvål (Swedish) - soap.

someone else

watter = water + varmet vatten (Swedish) - warm water.

mörkret (Swedish) - the dark + Margaret Mary.

smudsig (Danish) - dirty

brunt - the main force of a blow or an attack + brunt (Swedish) - brown + Smith, Brown and Robinson.

sunlike - like or resembling the sun, or that of the sun; esp. very bright or resplendent + Sunlight Soap.

warful (obs. rare.) - bellicose + Woeful Dane Bottom - valley in Gloucestershire, possibly site of a Danish defeat.

charity begins at home (proverb) - a person's first obligation should be to help the member of his own family before he can begin thinking of talking about helping others.

whither - to what place?

whence - from what place? from what source, origin, or cause?

zie maar (Dutch) = sieh' nur (German) - just have a look (literally 'see but')

Leverhulme, William H., first viscount (1851-1925) - British soap-maker. His soap is called "Sunlight Soap" and he built a model town, Port Sunlight. 

respass (Swedish) - travel ticket, travel voucher

accoutred - attired, dressed, equipped (for some purpose) + trespassers will be prosecuted.

qui stabat (l) - who was standing? + Stabat Mater - [From the opening words, L. stabat mater dolorosa, 'Stood the mother, full of grief'.] A sequence, composed by Jacobus de Benedictis in the 13th c., in commemoration of the sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Also a musical setting of this sequence. There are other sequences beginning with the same words: 'Stabat mater regis nostri' (13-14th c.), 'Stabat mater anxiata' (1519), 'Stabat mater speciosa' (late 15th c.). None of these are in regular liturgical use, but some of them have well-known musical settings.

mein (ger) - my

quantum (l) - as much as

Pein (ger) - pain, torture


Annu - Heliopolis

mingling - combining or mixing; the action of people mingling and coming into contact

mengle - obs. form of mingle (v.)

rasch (ger) - quickly

pasch - the Jewish feast of the Passover + Pasch (ger) - dice + pass

tenderest + tander (Norwegian) - delicate + tandenstoker (Dutch) - tooth-pick.

stock - a stocking (Now only dial.)

HILL OF ALLEN - Hill (676 feet), 8 miles North-East of Kildare, County Kildare; famous in legend as the Otherworld seat of Finn MacCool. Seefin, a mound on its summit, is known as Finn's Chair. Alma on Almhain, Ir. "whitened."  

clubber - one who belongs to a club, a member of a club

general store - one in which miscellaneous goods are sold

atria = atrium (l) - house + afterwards.

Lugh (lu) (gael) - god of sun and genius; surnamed Lamh-fhada ("Long-Arm)

brath (bra) (gael) - judgement, doom + wacker (ger) - brave + Earwicker + breakwater - a barrier built out into the sea to protect a coast or harbor from the force of waves.

larrup - to thrash or whip (someone)

tiny + teine (tini) (gael) - fire.

spit - the point of a spear (obs.) + spids (Danish) - point, tip.

tablestone - a flat stone supported by two or more upright stones; a cromlech or dolmen; also, the horizontal stone forming the top of this + But the first beam of direct light does not appear until 594.21-5, when it strikes the tablestone at Stonehenge i.e. ear of dreamer, three pages prior to reaching Dublin (597.24-5).

at + ath (a) (gael) - ford.

monolith - a single block of stone, esp. one of notable size, shaped into a pillar or monument + lithos (gr) - stone.

Belus or Behos - legendary Asian king, builder of Babylon + hell's bells! (oath) + Heliopolis, Egypt. 

bushman - a member of an aboriginal people of Southern Africa

brush - the small growing trees or shrubs of a wood, a thicket of small trees or underwood

paneplain - an erosion surface of considerable area

Fine-Gall (finigoul) (gael) - Foreign Kindred; N. Co. Dublin district; anglic. Fingal + Fionn-ghal (fingal) (gael) - Fair-fight: Fingal, Macpherson's version of Fionn Mac Cumhail + Fionn-gall (fingoul) (gael) - Fair-foreigner; i.e., Norwegian + Fangelava Bay, New Ireland.

Gaillimh (goliv) (gael) - Foreign; W. co. and town; anglic. Galway + glava (Serbian) - head.

bight - a bending or bend; bay

whence - from which place, from or out of which

horned - having horn-like projections or excrescenses

cairn - a pyramid of rough stones, raised for a memorial or mark of some kind

ergon (gr) - work

stanse (Norwegian) - stop, check

froh (ger) - merry + fron- (ger) - holy.

isthmian - an inhabitant of an isthmus or neck of land (spec. rel. to the Isthmus of Corinth)

uber[all] (ger) - everywhere

gaunt - Of inanimate things: Grim or desolate of aspect.

gossip - trifling or groundless rumour + (notebook 1924): 'the gossips (menhirs)' → The Gossips: a pair of menhirs on the isle of Sein off the coast of Brittany (also the name of a few menhirs south of Penmarch, Brittany, France).

grub (obs. rare.) = grubby - dirty, grimy + grob (Serbian) - grave + grobar (Serbian) - gravedigger.

glow - brightness and warmth of colour; a state of glowing brightness, a flush + 'John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave' (song).

post no bills

cur - an aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, esp. a mongrel + cur (l) - why, wherefore.

great Dane (also simply Dane) - a large, powerful, shorthaired breed of dog, between the mastiff and greyhound types

trespass + tread the path.

Ben Edar - anciently Howth, said to be named for Edar, a Dedanaan chief, buried on the hill + eder (Swedish) - your (polite use, e.g. in correspondence).

humoristisk (Swedish) - humourous 

pit - to put or cast into a pit; to inter, bury + put the cart before the horse (phrase).

nox (l) - night + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 385 (XIX.13): 'Another instance of secretion is -en as a plural ending in E. oexn, G. ochsen, etc. Here originally n belonged to the word in all cases and all numbers'.

shrill - to utter, give forth (a sound, cry, words) in shrill tones; to exclaim or proclaim with a shrill voice

duan - a poem or song; a canto of an epic or long poem + dawn + duan (Cornish) - grief, sorrow.

gallus (l, fr) - rooster + Dun na nGall (dun nu noul) (gael) - Fort of the Foreigners; N.W. co. and town; anglic. Donegal.

Hahn (ger) - cock + han (Swedish) - he.

hon (Swedish) - she

SUSQUEHANNA RIVER - Major river of North-East US, emptying into Chesapeake Bay + Henne (ger) - hen. 

duck - in cricket, out for no runs

crooked - bent from the straight form + cricket.

chanter - one who chants or sings


pother - disturbance, commotion, turmoil; a noise, din + pother (Irish Pronunciation) - porter.

waither (Irish Pronunciation) - waiter

inedible - not edible, unfit to be eaten

turn out - to drive out or forth, to expel

invisibile + An Invisible Black  a small role in an 1867 burlesque of Robinson Crusoe (co-written and played by W.S. Gilbert).

Allemagne (fr) - Germany

sailor + säljare (Swedish) - seller.

turnkey - one who has charge of the keys of a prison; a jailer, esp. a subordinate + turkey trot - American ballroom dance introduced ca. 1912.

SEAPOINT - Residental area between Blackrock and Monkstown, South-East of Dublin. 

Pierrot - a typical character in French pantomime: now, in English, applied to a buffoon or itinerant minstrel having, like the stage Pierrot, a whitened face, and loose white fancy dress.

Noël (fr) - Christmas

jul (Danish) = Yule (Archaic) - Christmas.

by Jove - exp. of surprise or agreement

Tappertit, Simon - anarchist apprentice in Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens

curses + Kersse, the tailor [311.05]

henge - Archæol. A term (first applied by T. D. Kendrick) for classes of monuments more or less akin to the stone circle of Stonehenge + henge (Norwegian) - hang.

ceol (kyol) (gael) - music, singing + colleges