Exmouth, town, Devonshire

postboys + Ost (ger) - east + östby (Swedish) - east-village + østbys (Danish) - east of the town + by (Danish) - town, city + öst (Swedish) = øst (Danish) - east + ost (Swedish) = ost (Danish) - cheese.

var och en (Swedish) - everybody (literally 'each and one')

bane - to kill, to do injury + bone

quick - pl. (Without article or -s.) Living persons

quoke - obs. pa. tense of quake + "He points the deathbone and the quick are still." [193.29]

wend - to move, flow, run (in a specified course or direction)

domb - obs. ff. dumb + domb (Hungarian) - hill.

spake - obs., poet., or arch. f. pa. tense of speak + "He lifts the lifewand and the dumb speak." [195.05]

Hafiz - Persian poet + Howth.

cnoc (knuk) (gael) = knock (Anglo-Irish) - hill

sasanach (sosenokh) (gael) - English + nach (ger) - after + Sache (ger) - affair.

relief - sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

landscape + lang (Chinese) - wolf.

strauch = strech (v.) + Strauch (ger) - bush + Cape Strauch, New Ireland + stretches his limbs on.

Lamusong - town, New Ireland

unto - at, in

gazelle - a small delicately-formed antelope + Gazelle Channel, New Ireland.

bryne (obs.) - eyebrows, eye-brow + brine

shin - the front part of the human leg between the knee and the ankle + Chiang Kai-shek - 20th century Chinese political leader.

dotter - to walk shakily, totter + dotter (Swedish) - daughter.

damsel + dance with her father.

lambel - In Fr. Heraldry, a file used as a mark of cadency + Mount Lambel, New Ireland.

geoglyphe (gr) - earth-carving + geroglifico (it) - hieroglyph, hieroglyphic + Liffey river + presently hear geography's.

Bett (ger) - bed + goodbye and wishing to see you soon.

liv (Danish) - life + Anna Livia.

forty winks - a very brief sleep, a short nap (colloq.)


tup - a male sheep, a ram

New Ireland (England) + 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary' (song).

VI.C.12.114h (b) (notebook 1924): 'Tipperary | J's premier Co' === VI.B.14.112b (notebook 1924): 'Tipperary (I's premier Co' → County Tipperary is also known as Ireland's Premier County, being the first to be established, in the 13th century.

County Cork (thirty-two 'for' clauses, reflecting the thirty-two counties of Ireland) + korv (Swedish) - sausage.

steamed fish + strömming (Swedish) - herring

confect - a sweetmeat made of fruit, seed, etc., preserved in sugar + konfekt (Swedish) - sweetmeats, candy, sweets

buljong (Swedish) - clear soup, bouillon

smeerworst (Dutch) - sausage spread + smörsås (Swedish) - sauce made with melted butter + smörgås (Swedish) - sandwich + sassage (Dublin Pronunciation) - sausage.

patata = potato (obs.) + patate (it) - potatoes.

stekt (Swedish) - roasted, baked

Mayo - Irish county.

Limerick - [said to be from a custom at convivial parties, according to which each member sang an extemporized 'nonsense-verse', which was followed by a chorus containing the words 'Will you come up to Limerick?'] a form of 'nonsense-verse' + Limerick - Irish county.

waterfowl - any bird that frequents the water, or inhabits the margin of lakes, rivers, seas, etc.; in mod. use chiefly applied to the larger kinds of swimming birds, esp. those which are regarded as game + Waterford - Irish county.

Wexford - Irish county

lout - an awkward ill-mannered fellow; a bumpkin, clown + Louth - Irish county.

cold air - the air outside, as opposed to the hot air of a room + Kildare - Irish county.

Leitrim - Irish county

curry - a preparation of meat, fish, fruit, or vegetables, cooked with a quantity of bruised spices and turmeric, and used as a relish or flavouring, esp. for dishes composed of or served with rice + Kerry - Irish county.

curlew - a grallatorial bird of the genus Numenius (family Scolopacidæ), with a long slender curved bill + Carlow - Irish county.

Laoighis (or Leix) - Irish county

orphaline - obs. variant of orphelin (an orphan) + Offaly - Irish county.

Donegal - Irish county + tunny (fish).

Clare, Galway - Irish counties (Clare and Galway are counties, Claregalway a town)

Longford - Irish county

moony - inclined to moon or act in a listless, aimless manner; given to mooning; stupidly dreamy + Monaghan - Irish county.

Fermanagh - Irish county

Cavan - Irish county

tantrum - an outburst or display of petulance or ill-temper + (notebook 1923): 'Trist uses warpath words: tantrums' ["you bloody bitch" in extension?] + Antrim - Irish county.

Armagh - Irish county

Wicklow - Irish county

Roscommon - Irish county

Sligo - Irish county

Meath - Irish county

quail's meat + kvällsmat (Swedish) - supper + Westmeath - Irish county.

Coill a'Dubhlaoich (kil a dulekh) (gael) - Wood of the Black Hero, town Co. Laoighis; anglic. Killadoooley + Cill Dha-Lua (kilgolu) (gael) - Church of St. Dalue; towns in Counties Clare and Derry; anglic. Killaloe, Killaloo + Cill Choinnigh (kil khini) (gael) - Church of Cainneach ("fair one"); S. E. county and city; anglic. Kilkenny.

tep - early form of tap (to strike) + Tip (motif) + Tipperary - Irish county + missing: Derry, Down, Dublin, Tyrone.

cromlech - a structure of prehistoric age consisting of a large flat or flattish unhewn stone resting horizontally on three or more stones set upright; found in various parts of the British Isles, esp. in Wales, Devonshire, Cornwall, and Ireland + crom (welsh) - bent + lech (welsh) - stone + "To my lead, Toomey lout, Tommy lad" [526.08]

Briton - a Welshman

withdraw - to take back, retract (one's words, an expression) + McH: Sir Richard Burton withdrew theory of origin of Nile at Lake Tanganyika and accompanied Speke part of the way.

absolutely + alp (Irish) - lump + ALP.

perporto (l) - I transport + rogo (l) - to ask, to question + boring you perhaps?

Namantanai - town, New Ireland. It translates into Barok as La Marana, "The Very Epicenter" "A clearing in the bush is a mara, as is an eye or opening of any sort; the big town Namatanai (La Marana in Barok) is "the eye, generic," the very epicenter." (Roy Wagner: An Anthropology of the Subject: Holographic Worldview in New Guinea and Its Meaning and Significance for the World of Anthropology)

grieving + je reviens (fr) - I come back + Kavieng - chief town, New Ireland

Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XVII: 'Amsu is Horus, the avenger of his father, and his coming forth is his birth'.

also gut (ger) - well all right then

apud (l) - beside, close to, near + apad (Sanskrit) - calamity + opad (Danish) - at the top of + about

muniment - a document (such as a title-deed, charter, etc.) preserved as evidence in defence of rights or privileges belonging to a person, family, or corporation + munimentum (l) - fortification + Wellington's Monument + Muniment Room, City Hall, Dublin.

Arann (arun) (gael) - g. [of a] Kidney; islands off Co. Galway; anglic. Aran.

duhkha (Sanskrit) - suffering (the first of the four Buddhist noble truths, also called Dukkha Arya Satya) + Iron Duke - a nickname of Wellington.

horseshoes + Horse Shows (Dublin).

cheriot - obs. Sc. form of chariot + charioteers.

et cetera (l) - and the rest, and the others + heterogenes (gr) - of different kinds.

bargain - a small farm-holding (obs.) + bout - outside, without.

barrow - a cart for carrying small loads, a wheelbarrow

over and under + över och under (Swedish) - up and down.

preposition - any word or particle prefixed to another word

conjunction - Gram. One of the Parts of Speech; an uninflected word used to connect clauses or sentences, or to co-ordinate words in the same clause.

mudden (rare.) - made of mud + midden + modern.

topoi (pl.) (gr) - places + topia (l) - ornamental gardening + topaia (it) - hovel, dump, mousehole, rat's nest + Topaia - district, New Ireland + Utopia.

Mankai - town, New Ireland + Isle of Man + Monkey island.

Balaclava + pica (Serbian) - pussy (vulgar.) + New Ireland natives are divided into two classes, Pikalaba and Maramara, with strict laws governing their relationships.

marama (Serbian) - a woman's headscarf tied below the chin in the Eastern European manner + Marama (mythology) (or 'malama') is a widespread Polynesian word for 'moon' or 'light' + Mara, also Marzanna, Murava, Morana, Moréna or Morena, in Slavic peoples mythology, the goddess of darkness, death, winter, the Moon and horror + Mara (Hindu goddess) - the goddess of death according to Hindu mythology.

melma - any thick, viscous matter; an inferior state resulting from the process of decaying

Tiperrrary + 'It's a long long way to Tipperary / But my heart's - right there' (song).

cock a doodle doo - a conventional representation of the crow of the cock + conk - to break down, give out; nose (Slang) + dook - a wooden plug driven into a brick or stone wall, in order to hold a nail; large nose (Slang) + doo - obs. form of do + FDV: Conk a dook'll dook he'll doo.

svap (Sanskrit) - to sleep

sleep + slapen (Dutch) - to sleep.

sap - a simpleton, a fool + sap (Gipsy) - snake, serpent + pas (Serbian) - dog.

shatter - something scattered or shed + shutter - a movable wooden or iron screen, applied to the outside or the inside of a window, to shut out the light or to ensure privacy or safety.


Pekinese  - a lapdog of a short-legged breed with long hair and a snub nose, originally brought to Europe from the Summer Palace at Beijing (Peking) in 1860 + he can (rest at) ease.

stap - Sc. form of stop

friarbird - an Australian bird of the genus Philemon, with bare head and neck. Friarbird ('four o'clock bird') repeats 'four o'clock' (four p.m. in Australia = five to eight a.m. in Dublin).

syd (Danish) - South + Sydney, Australia.

aya (Sanskrit) - going

conjure - to invoke by supernatural power, to effect by magic or jugglery + FDV: The child, a natural child, was kidnapped at an age of recent probably, possibly remoter: behold, he returns: no puler as of old but as of young a paladin: sure, straight, slim, sturdy, serene, synthetical, swift.

sight + side.