substantives represent persons, places, objects and things

soever - of any or every kind, to any extent

dromos (l) - race; racecourse + Dromios - twins in William Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors' + dream + drama of today.

todos (sp) - all

withouten - without + (with)out and about.

trower - a believer + ..."withouten a bound to be by. You hild them, the upples, in your trowers."... (The typist doesn't see the last word of the line "by", because it is partly obscured by another addition in the margin, running from bottom to top, "Himkim kimhim" etc (as Joyce wrote it, and not "Himkim kimkim" as it ended up). Instead the typist jumps from "be" two lines down to "your trowers", a mistake facilitated by his or her oversight of the full stop after 'by' as well.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 20 April 2001). 

forsvundet (Danish) = verschwunden (German) - disappeared, gone.

hald - obs. form of hold + had.

tang (Danish) - tongs + tip of the tongue.

salutary - conducive to well-being; calculated to bring about a more satisfactory condition, or to remedy some evil; beneficial, 'wholesome'

sellable - that may be sold, saleable + solitary syllable.

asteer - stirring, up and moving about, out of bed; in commotion + Matthew 5:38: 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth'.

adrift - in a drifting condition, drifting, at the mercy of wind and tide

noctambulous - rel. to walking by night + noctu ambulabamus (l) - we were walking in the night.

nil (l) - nothing + Nil (French, German) - Nile (search for source of).

ne znas (Serbian) - (you) don't know + ni h-annsa (nihounse) (gael) - not hard; formula for answering riddles.

neanthes (gr) - new-blown + néant (fr) - nothingness + Albert and Victoria Nyanza - two western reservoirs of the Nile.

all but - everything short of. Hence (adverbially) Almost, very nearly, well nigh

scarce - barely, only just+ FDV: It was a long, very long, a dark, very dark, an allburt unend, scarce endurable night. Diu! / Thanks, Thomas.  

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Croma: 'the waves dark-tumble... various is the night'.

inde (ine) (gael) - yesterday + ended.

sendee - a person to whom something is send + Sean De (shen d'e) (gael) - Omen/Happiness of God; name of 9th c. hymn.

diu (l) - (1) by day; (2) a long time, long + diu (d'u) (gael) - day + indiu (inu) (gael) - today + Dieu (fr) - God + adieu (fr) - farewell.

greet (obs.) - a greeting

gestern (ger) - yesterday

hie - haste, speed

morgen (ger) - tomorrow + heute morgen (ger) this morning + morgue.

dormite (l) - sleep ye!

destati (it) - awakened + destiny + yesterday.


well done! + "Sackerson is the mystery man of the Wake, the 'summonorother' and 'Watsy Luke' (245.33) whom we are indeed constantly meeting, in various guises. He is encountered in the book, for the most part, as HCE's 'nighboor' (585.34), fatherlow (141.24), the lower part to suppress or keep suppressed: 'Well down, good other!' As ALP tells her husband at the end, Sackerson is for HCE what Kate is for her (620.33), a lower self." (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).


div (Sanskrit) - to shine, to be glad; day + divas (Sanskrit) - day + devises (obs) - divides, separates (third person singular form of the verb) + vases (for flowers).

padma (Sanskrit) - lotus (the first to bud in Hindu creation myth) → Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled I.92: 'the mystic water-lily (lotus)... signifies the emanation of the objective from the concealed or subjective... The sprig of water lilies... typifying fire and water, or the idea of creation and generation, is worked into the earliest dogma of the baptismal sacrament'.

bellflower - the common name of the various species of flowering plants of the genus Campanula, distinguished by their handsome bell-shaped blossoms

of + orisons + (umbrella-like lotus of the world arising from the sleeping god's umbilicus in Hindu mythology).

'Let us pray'

herenext - next to this, immediately after this + til härnäst (Swedish) - until next time.

addio (it) - goodbye + adya (Sanskrit) - today, now.

tamas (Sanskrit) - darkness + Thomas.

Ind - an earlier name of the country now called India; sometimes applied to Asia or the East; the Indian language (obs. rare.) + indé (Irish) - yesterday + indiu (Irish) - today.

supernatural - belonging to a higher realm or system than that of nature; transcending the powers or the ordinary course of nature + nocturnus (l) - that belongs to night + supernocturnus (l) - above or beyond the night + FDV: There is something supernoctual about whatever you called him it.

pan (gr) - all + dire pane al pane e vino al vino (it) - to call a spade a spade (literally 'call bread bread and wine wine').

bhean (van) (gael) - woman + (transubstantiation of bread and wine).

tamal - a Mexican delicacy, made of crushed Indian corn, flavoured with pieces of meat or chicken, red pepper, etc., wrapped in corn-husks and baked + Tamil - South Indian language + tamall (tomel) (gael) - time, period + 'French Without Tears' is a comic play written by Terence Rattigan in 1936. It takes place in a cram school for adults needing to acquire French for business reasons. The play was a raging success on its London debut, establishing Rattigan as a first-rank dramatist. However, the comedy reflected its own time so well that little of it seems funny today. Contemporaries seemed to find the flippant attitudes of the young people towards love and sex amusing and delightful. Scattered throughout are Franglais phrases and schoolboy howler type misunderstandings of the French language.

yesterday + yeast, loaves + Swift's Esther + "(one yeastyday he sternely struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates..." [004.21-.22]

simply and solely - merely, only

odder - obs. form of other

kimkam - crooked, awkward, perverse, contrary

stub - a stump of a tree or, more rarely, of a shrub or smaller plant + stub (Serbian) - pole, pillar + Swift: A Tale of a Tub.

the pitcher goes often to the well, but is broken at last (etc.) - said of a long-continued course of success (or impunity), ending at length in failure (or punishment) + picture turned to the wall.

mildew - a morbid destructive growth upon plants, consisting of minute fungi, and having usually the appearance of a thin whitish coating + Matthew

to have made one's bed and have to lie on it - to have chosen a particular course of action and so be forced to accept the results of it + 'Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Bless the bed that I lie on' (traditional prayer) + FDV: Mildew, murk, leak and jurn jarn yarn now want the bad that they lied on. And the four last words in camparative accoustomology are going to tell stretch of a fanecy where he gets up.

akoustologia (gr) - the skill or science of what is audible                 

comparative + campare (it) - to live + campanology - the art or study of bell casting or bell ringing (from Latin campana: bell).

joyance - the state of feeling or action of showing joy, rejoicing + Joyce + Kraft durch Freude (ger) - Strength through Joy (Nazi slogan; also a Nazi organisation that arranged sport camps and holidays).

adya (Sanskrit) - today, now + anta (Sanskrit) - end.

allay - admixture of metals; esp. admixture with a baser metal + Matthew 5:38: 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth'.

(A clock strikes) (McHugh, Roland: The sigla of Finnegans wake) + FDV: Allay for allay, a threat for a throat. / Tim!

Loka (Sanskrit) - the universe or any division of it + FDV: To them in Ysat Loka.

urbs (l) - city + FDV: The urb orbs.

orb - to enclose in, or as in, an orb or circle + Urbi et Orbi (l) - to the City and the World (papal blessing or announcement).

continuant - continuing, persisting in time, enduring

heard - perceived by the ear + Matthew 11:15: 'he who hath ears to hear, let him hear'.

thud - a dull heavy sound without resonance, such as is produced when a heavy stone strikes the ground + FDV: Upon the thudr thuds trokes truck, chim, it will be exactly so exactlyso fewer hours and by so many minutes of the aube of the diurn of the sennight of the maaned of the yere of the age of the madamanvanturas madamanvantara of Greatguy and Littlelady and their childer and their chattels and their servance and their cognance and their ilks and their orts and their everythings that is theirs.

troke - to fail; to deceive, beguile + The Speaking Clock telephone service: 'On the third stroke it will be... hours... minutes and... seconds' + third stroke (B.B.C. time signal).

ope - opening

door + diurnus (l) - of or belonging to a day.

sennight - a period of seven (days and) nights, a week


yere - repr. a dial. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunc. of here + year

manvantara - In Hindu cosmology: One of the 14 periods, each presided over by a special 'Manu' or cosmic deity, which make up a kalpa (a great age of the world).

gross (ger) - big

jugibus (l) - to, for or by, with [those who are] joined together (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

weewee - to urinate; urine, an act of urination + peewee - small, tiny + wee-wee (Beche-la-Mar) - French (from French: oui, oui).

äkta man (Swedish) - husband

hustru (Swedish) - wife

childer - obs. and dial. pl. of child


chattels - a movable possession, any possession or piece of property other than real estate or a freehold + Exodus 20:17: 'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's'.