cognatii (pl.) (l) - kinsmen

ilk - Erroneously, 'that ilk': That family, class, set, or 'lot'. Also, by further extension, = kind, sort + ins and outs.

ort - fragments of food left over from a meal + ortus (l) - rising, origin + Ort (ger) - place + Ulysses.9.1094: 'orts and offals'.

time of day - the hour or exact time as shown by the clock; hence, a point or stage in any course or period + Timotheus (gr) - "Honoring God": companion of Paul + tay (Irish Pronunciation) - tea + FDV: Much obliged, Ti me-o'-Thay! But where, O clerk?

what o'clock + a clog (a klug) (gael) - o'clock.

vartman (Sanskrit) - path, road, course

path + Pfad (ger) - path.

Pfund (ger) - pound + founded + pounded.

Vater (ger) - father

erred (sinning God)

Himmel (ger) - heaven + Himalaya Mountains + Lord's Prayer: 'Our Father, Which art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name'.

ruadh (rue) (gael) - red + horrid.

bothar (boher) (gael) - road

gow - Sc. variant of gull + gabhar (Irish) - goat + cow.

steer - castrated bull

tiger + Tiger - 'Felis tigris': old name of the Lynx, a northern constellation + tigara (Rumanian) - cigarette.

elephant + lio (l) - to make smooth + fans (l) - speaking, saying + liofans (l) - speaking smoothly.

thurst - obs. ff. thirst; dial. var. thrust

athar - a perfume obtained from flowers + athair (ahir) (gael) - father + under the name Athar, Ishtar became a male god in Saudi Arabia at time of abandonment of matriarchy.

trefoil - a plant of the genus Trifolium, having triple or trifoliate leaves; a clover: commonly applied to species or varieties other (esp. smaller) than those cultivated under the name of 'clover'.

slip - to pass or go lightly or quietly; to move quickly and softly, without attracting notice

sable - black + Weekly Irish Times 18 Jul 1936: article on the name Finnegan: (Finnegan family arms) 'Argent a lion rampant sable between three trefoils slipped gules'.

rampant - a bold, vulgar, ill-behaved woman or girl (obs.); Of beasts, esp. lions: Rearing or standing with the fore-paws in the air.


pous, podos (gr) - foot + pes, pedis (l) - foot + pada (Sanskrit) - a step.

tung - any of three trees of the genus Aleurites or Vernicia (family Euphorbiaceæ), A. fordii, A. cordata, and A. montana, which are native to China and Japan and are cultivated there and elsewhere for the oil from their seeds + things + tunge (Danish) - tongue.

talk + tolca (tulke) (gael) - flood, torrent + tolka (Swedish) - to interpret, to translate + Tolka river, Dublin.

primeval - of or pertaining to the first age of the world or of anything ancient

emplacement - the action of placing in a certain position

intermittence - periodic cessation or interruption, discontinuance or cessation for a time

fulminate - to issue as a thunderbolt, to flash forth like lightning

nuptial - to speak of (a wedding), to marry

sepulture - interment, burial

providential - of, pertaining to, or ordained by divine providence; lucky, fortunate

divining - soothsaying, prophecy, divination + Four-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, providence.

millenary - consisting of or pertaining to a thousand, esp. a period of a thousand years

meritory - Of actions: Serving to earn reward, productive of merit to the agent.

morphological - of or pertaining to the history of form + (a city).

equus (l) - horse + economic

equa (l) - mare

equi (l) - horse's, of a horse

equilibrium (l) - a horse's balance + aequilibrium (l) - equilibrium, level position.

gam - Of whales: To gather together and form a 'gam' or school + gam (gom) (gael) - soft foolish person + gammon (Slang) - humbug, chatter + come on.

George Moore

morpheme - a meaningful linguistic unit + nomomorphopheme (gr) - utterance in the form of law + Morpheus (sleep).

angard - brag, boastfulness, arrogance + let's not be unguardsmanlike (Roland McHugh: Annotations to Finnegans wake).

gat - arhaic past of get

tache - a distinctive mark, quality, or habit; a trait, a characteristic, good or bad + tache (fr) - stain, spot.

'An army marches on its stomach' (proverb)

ångare (Swedish) - steamer

anker - a unit of capacity (30 - 40 liters); keg of one anker + Anker (German) = anker (Dutch) = ankare (Swedish) - anchor.

aequitinctus (l) - equally dyed + ecquo (l) - anywhere? + aequus (l) - level, equal + aquatints - type of graphics.

sevärd (Swedish) - worth seeing (literally 'see-worthy') + seaworthy.


tavarn - obs. form of tavern + There Is a Tavern in the Town (song).

tarn - a small mountain lake, having no significant tributaries + taarn (Danish) - tower.

Tamino - tenor hero of The Magic Flute 

topical - of or pertaining to the topics of the day; containing local or temporary allusions + topical tip (Slang) - tip to back horse, based on fortuitous coincidence.

advert - to turn one's attention; to take notice, take heed, attend, pay attention; esp. To turn one's attention in a discourse written or spoken + advertisement.

cumulo - combining form of 'cumulus', used in naming cloud-forms + nubilous - cloudy + cirrus - Meteor. A form of cloud, generally at a high elevation, presenting the appearance of diverging filaments or wisps, often resembling a curl or lock of hair or wool + nimbus - Meteorol. A rain-cloud + cumulonubilocirronimbans (l) - heaped-cloudy-curly-thunderclouding.

gore - to pierce or stab deeply, with a sharp weapon, spike, spur, or the like (obs.)

poplar - a tree of the genus Populus, comprising large trees of rapid growth, natives of temperate regions, some species remarkable for tremulous leaves, and producing soft light timber of loose texture + popularest.

toil - to engage in severe and continuous labour or exertion; to labour arduously

domb - dumb (obs.) + done.

Still used in ppl. combinations, with the meaning, 'earlier in time or order, previously in a discourse or document,' as in aforesaid, aforegoing...

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, vol. VI, 53: The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman: features an 'Old Man of the Sea', who mounts on Sindbad's shoulders and would not get off.

Old Man River (song): 'don't say nothing'

gist - the substance or pith of a matter, the essence or main part + jest.