cannibal (Joyce's note) + The King of the Cannibal Islands (song).

'property' (Joyce's note) + Humpty Dumpty: 'king's horses'.

simply and solely

drury - love, esp. sexual love, love-making, courtship + dreary - depressing in character or appearance + Drury Lane, Dublin + Drury Lane Theatre, London.

boil - to cause (a liquid) to bubble with heat, to bring to the boiling point

crutch - a support or prop, with a forked or concave top, for various uses + Joyce's note: 'boil kettle with crutches'.

'lane' (Joyce's note) + "(he is often alluded to as Slypatrick, the llad in the llane)" [051.08]

polycarpic - bearing fruit many times, as a perennial plant + Polykarpos (gr) - "Fruitful": Church father + (pool with many carp) + {the scene unfolds — pool, river, city, tree, stone become visible}

Anna Livia + FDV: Polycarp pool, the pool of Innalavia, minnyhahing here from hiarwather, the river of lives, the regenerations of Cleethaballa Cleethabala, the kongdomain of the Alieni, an accorsaired race infester of Libund Ocean, Moylamore, let it be.

saras (Sanskrit) - lake, pool

Saft (ger) - juice + soft.

meadowy - resembling a meadow

marge = margin - that part of a surface which lies immediately within its boundary, esp. when in some way marked off or distinguished from the rest of the surface; also, the space immediately adjacent to a well, a river, or piece of water.

atween - between

Pisces - Astron. The twelfth zodiacal constellation, the Fishes.

Sagittarius - Astr. The zodiacal constellation of the Archer + astrion (gr) - little star.

whereinne = wherein

laver (fr) - to wash + lave (Irish Pronunciation) - leave.

ave (l) - hail! + alvus (l) - womb + alveus (l) - hollow, cavity; riverbed + alveo (it) - riverbed + alvo (Portuguese) - white.

vale (l) - farewell! + valley + George Moore: Hail and Farewell (autobiographical trilogy composed of 'Ave', 'Salve' and 'Vale').

hah = ha - exp. of surprise, joy or grief + Minnehaha - Hiawatha's girl, whose name means "laughing water."

Hiawatha - Longfellow's Indian hero

poddle = paddle - to walk with short, unsteady, or uncertain steps, like those of a child + Joyce's note: '*A* name for Poddle name of bed' → Poddle river, Dublin (a tributary of the Liffey).


apparentation - affiliation, connection, bringing into close relationship; the relation between an earlier society and a later one that is apparented to it

Finn and Ann

Baile Atha Cliath (blaklie) (gael) - Hurdle Ford Town; (Dublin)

kongedřmme (Danish) - kingdom

alieni (pl.) (l) - others; foreigners

accursed + Lord Byron: The Corsair.

infester (rare.) - one who, or that which, infests (to attack, assail, annoy, or trouble (a person or thing) in a persistent manner)


Moyle - sea between Ireland and Scotland + more (Serbian) - sea.

vignette - an ornamental or decorative design on a blank space in a book or among printed matter, esp. at the beginning or end of a chapter or other division, usually one of small size or occupying a small proportion of the space; spec. any embellishment, illustration, or picture uninclosed in a border, or having the edges shading off into the surrounding paper.

née (fr) - born (feminine) + ne (Serbian) - no + VICTORIA NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) Victoria, in central Africa, the source (through the Albert Nynaza) of the White Nile.  

Linn-fian (linfien) (gael) - Wild/Fierce pool; (Dublin) + Nil (fr) - Nile (reversed).

harrow - an implement consisting of a heavy frame set with teeth or tines that is dragged over plowed land + Tom, Dick and Harry.

sluce - obs. form of 'sluice' (a structure of wood or masonry, a dam or embankment, for impounding the water of river, canal, etc., provided with an adjustable gate or gates by which the volume of water is regulated or controlled) + Schluss (ger) - ending + (dam of Assuan on Nile).

cataract - a waterfall; properly one of considerable size, and falling headlong over a precipice + cataracts (of Nile).

Godspeed - a parting wish for one's success + GOD SPEED THE PLOW -- "God speed the plough, 'a wish for success or prosperity,' was originally a phrase in a 15th-century song sung by ploughmen on Plough Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Day, which is the end of the Christmas holidays, when farm laborers returned to the plough. On this day ploughmen customarily went from door to door dressed in white and drawing a plough, soliciting 'plough money' to spend in celebration. "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins".

Gage's Fane - air to which T. Moore's "Tis Believed That This Harp" is sung.  

beauty spot - feature or place of special beauty; vulva (Slang)

wester - lying (more) towards the west; western

praeter (l) - past, beyond + post (l) - behind, after.

heiress - a female heir

outstretched - stretched in area or compass + orchards

dear + Dwyer, Michael (1771-1826) - Irish rebel. 

blunderbussed - armed with a blunderbuss (a short-barreled large-bored gun with a flared muzzle, used at short range)

pikehead - the metal head of a pike (a weapon consisting of a long wooden shaft with a pointed head of iron or steel) + pike (Slang) - penis.

almond tree - the tree that bears almonds, earliest leafless flowering tree, the harbinger of spring + alom (Dutch) - everywhere + FDV: There an alomdree begins to green.

loveseat - a special form of arm-chair (also, of sofa) designed for two occupants


essentie (obs. rare.) = essence, essency + sentence of law.

saint - spec. to enroll among the number of saints formally recognized by the Church

vita alba (l) - a white life + vit (Swedish) - white + vitalba (it) - old man's beard + FDV: It is scainted to Vitalba.

tvätterska (Swedish) - washerwoman

hobgoblin - a mischievous, tricksy imp or sprite

hanky panky - trickery, double dealing, underhand dealing + (handkerchiefs) + FDV: And her little white bloomkins are hobdoblins' hankypanks.

saxen (Swedish) - the scissors + saxum (l) - stone + Saxons.

darely (Irish Pronunciation) - dearly + like our ancestors thought so dearly of.

soever - whenever (obs.)

The Angli do not seem to have been distinct from the Saxons by the time of the invasion of Britain, although Bede refers to the kingdom of Angulus as well as to the territories of the Saxons and the Jutes. 

Jutes + duty free.

dirt cheap - as cheap as dirt, exceedingly cheap + dyrt (Swedish) - expensively + chape - the metal plate or mounting of a scabbard or sheath.

slab - a flat, broad, and comparatively thick piece or mass of anything solid + cab

slob - to slop (out), to express by slobbering + stops

immer (ger) = immer (Dutch) - always + FDV: There too a slab slobs, immemorial immermemorial.

swamp - a tract of low-lying ground in which water collects, a piece of wet spongy ground

sag - to drag oneself along wearily or feebly

The White Horse of Wanstead is a figure almost 400 ft long cut into the side of a chalk hill near Uffingtom, England; by tradition it originally celebrated Alfred's victory over the Danes at the Battle of Ethandun in 878. 

ought to have at least + FDV: But so bare, so boulder, offering such a brr bll bmm show that, holy smoles, it owed to have at leased some butchup's upperon old Wommany Wyse.

bishop + butcher's apron → "And I'll tie my butcher's apron here. It's suety yet." [213.26]

homos (gr) - one and the same, common, joint + homo (l) - man.

circa (l) - around, in the neighborhood + circus (l) - circle, race-course.

Lochlannensis (l) - pertaining to Lochlann (Gaelic: "Scandinavia"), Scandinavian + homos circa e Lochlannensis (dog gr-l-gael) - the same person in the neighborhood out of Scandinavia (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

showplace - a place for public shows or spectacles; a place much visited for its beauty, antiquities, or the like

Lambay Island, off Dublin coast

wye - a woman, a lady (rare.); a noble, vigorous man; hence gen., a man, a person + womanly ways.

Pfiff (ger) - whistle

swan - to swim like a swan; to move about freely or in an (apparently) aimless way

whispy - variant of 'wispy' (lacking clarity or distinctness, thin and weak) + whiskey.

planter - one who sets plants in the ground to grow + plant

Paidin (pad'in) (gael) - diminutive of Padraig (Patrick): Paddy + poteen (Irish) - illicit whiskey.

pog (pog) (gael) = pogue (Anglo-Irish) - kiss

Dolly Varden - a character in Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens

arrah (Irish) - but, now, really + Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue.

proper - that which is one's own; private possession, private property

feist - a small dog; the fungus usually known as puff-ball + feis (fesh) (gael) - convention, celebration, festival + feast

ferial - a week day not a feast or festival

Cardinal Cullen - archbishop of Dublin + cardinal communal.

he + FDV: And But this shame rock and that whispy planter tell Paudheen and his perty Molly Vardant this place is a proper if so be who who hwo hwso would say celebrate the holy mystery. / Who? / Hwo? Hwy! / Keavn! Keavn! And they all setton voicies about Keavn!

celebrate + celibate.

mainland - the main land mass of a country or continent, as distinguished from an island or peninsula + Ui Maine (i mani) (gael) - [territory of the] descendants of Maine Mor; tribal land along Shannon in Counties Roscommon, Galway, Offaly, Clare + Land's End, Cornwall.

leaved - furnished with leaves

glaum - to snatch at, to maul, to pull about with the hands (from Irish glám: grasp, clutch) + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore [air: The Brown Irish Girl] (glossed in a footnote: 'founded upon one of the many stories related to St. Kevin, whose bed in the rock is to be seen at Glendalough').