business girls (Slang) - prostitutes


sundust - the motes in a sunbeam

okey-dokey = O.K. + Oakey Doakes - 1930s American cartoon character.

frond - obs. form of friend + fronds, leaves + The Letter: with fondest love.

offrand = offering (the presenting of something to God (or to a deity or object of worship) as an act of worship or devotion; sacrifice)

owen - obs. f. oven + owen (Anglo-Irish) = abhainn (ouwin) (gael) - river + Eoghan (owen) (gael) - Wellborn; masc. personal name; anglic. Owen + Owen "of the Black Oak" O'Malley - Grace O'Malley's father [.02]

Valmiki: Ramayana (famous Hindu epic) 41:19: 'tasyam kuru salilakriyam': 'peform the last rites in water' (Sanskrit advice given to Ram upon his father's death).

Pfaffe (ger) - priest (derogatory)

bring about - to cause to happen, bring to pass

loke - obs. form of look (v.); variant of lake (n.) + "The buildings submerged beneath Lough Neagh which at 076.21-2 incorporated HCE's mausoleum, begin at 601.04-7 to issue from slumber." (McHugh, Roland: The sigla of Finnegans wake).

late lamented + Lacus Lemanus (l) - Lake Geneva + leman (Archaic) - lover, sweetheart, mistress.

YS (IS) - Legendary Breton city, which became a lost underwater city, like that of Atlantis or Lough Neagh, when the king's scapegrace daughter opened sluicegates in the wall protecting it from the sea + Isis - Egyptian goddess.  

issuant - something that issues or juts out (obs.)

Atlas - giant changed into a mountain who holds up the sky + atlantis (l) - pertaining to Atlas + a king of Atlantis is supposedly buried under Lough Neagh + at last.

orbal (obs. rare.) - of, or of the nature of, an orb; circular + Urbi et Orbi (l) - to the City and the World.

seep - moisture that drips or oozes out (dial.) + zeep (Dutch) - soap.

umber - shade, shadow + under (the) umber of (or for) - under the cloak or colour of.

Wasser (ger) - water

erie = aerie - the nest of any bird of prey; especially, in modern usage, of an eagle + Eire.

lough - a lake + look

diar (dar) (gael) - oak + dair (Irish Pronunciation) - dear + Diarmaid (d'irmid') (gael) - Freeman; hero of Toraidheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghrainne.

asthore - my treasure, (my) darling + Dermot Asthore (song) + Astaroth, Ashtoreth - names of Astarte, Babylonian fertility goddess.

assay - to try to know or learn, to inquire; to try to do, attempt, venture

Lord's Prayer: 'on earth as it is in heaven'

hilsen (Danish) - greeting, salutation + Hell's angels.

mac alla (mokole) (gael) - "son of a cliff": echo James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The Songs of Selma: 'Nought answered, but the son of the rock' (glossed in a footnote: 'the echoing back of the human voice from a rock').

longsome - long, lengthy; long-lasting; esp. tediously long

samphire - the plant Crithmum maritimum (growing on rocks by the sea), the aromatic saline fleshy leaves of which are used in pickles

thoo - variant of tho (those) pron. and adv. + tu (tu) (gael) - you (thou) + tat-tuam-asi (Sanskrit) - 'that thou art' (aphorism identifying Brahma with the individual) + Tea for Two (song).

clann (klon) (gael) - children of the same family + Clann na nGaedheal (klon nu nel) (gael) - "Children of the Irish": the Irish race.

Is when she first counted 15 then 14 (notebook 1923)

novena (l) - nine each + novena - devotion consisting of nine separate days of prayers or services.

vingt (French) - twenty

aiens (l) - saying yes, assenting

dekas, dekados (gr) - group of ten

lunary - monthly, menstrual; the garden plant called honesty; the fern called moonwort + {15 + 14 = 9 + 20 = 8 + 21 = 28 + 1 = 29 (*Q*)}

sicut (l) - as + campanula - a bell-flower + sicut campanulae petaliferentes (l) - just like petal-bearing little bells.

corolla - Bot. The whorl of leaves (petals) either separate or grown together, forming the inner envelope of the flower, and generally its most conspicuous part + corolla (l) - garland.

carol - a song of a joyous strain; often transf. to the joyous warbling of birds + Lewis Carroll.

Botany Bay - [So called by Captain Cook on account of the great variety of plants collected there by the botanist who accompanied him.] proper name of a place in New South Wales, formerly a convict settlement; Kevin Izod O'Doherty was charged with treason and banished to Tasmania but later returned to Dublin, where he was completely pardoned. For good measure, another celebrated prison, Singsing, is thrown into the context.

dirl - a thrill or vibration, with or without sound; a thrilling effect or sensation; a tremulous sound + dirty girls + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: The Dream of Those Days.

suton (Serbian) - twilight + "Mention of Set thickens the underwold-coffin atmosphere, since it was he who, aided by seventy-two companions, took the measure of Osiris' body by stealth and induced him to lie like a Trappist in a coffin tailored to fit, which they immediately fastened down and hurled into the Nile" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Sing - Sing - Music Was Given [air: The Humours of Ballamaguiry; or, The Old Langolee].

Klagelied (ger) - lamentation

vesla (Serbian) - oars + Saint Andrew's church, Westland Row.

CARMELITE (DISCALCED) CHURCH - In Clarendon Street + Clarinda Park, Dún Laoghaire. 

ST PAUL'S CHURCH - On Arran Quay. Usually known as 'the Arran Quay church.' 

CHURCH OF THE THREE PATRONS - In Rathgar, South Dublin + ruadh (Irish) - red. 

ST PAUL'S COLLEGE - In Mount Argus House, South of Mount Jerome cemetery, Harold's Cross; home of the Passionist Fathers. The reference is to the chapel. 

ST MICHAN'S CHURCH - In Church Street. The mummified cadavers in its vaults are for some reason a tourist attraction. 

CHURCH OF THE VISITATION - On Fairview Strand, Fairview + bella vista (Italian) - good view. 

STELLA MARIS CHURCH - The "Star of the Sea," in Sandymount.   

ST PATRICK'S CHURCH - In Ringsend + Sund (ger) - sound (water).

ST MARY'S CHURCH - In Haddington Road.

CARMELITE (CALCED) CHURCH - In Aungier Street; aka "White Friars Church."  

trema (Italian) - it trembles

Umlaut (ger) - vowel modification + applaud.


pray for us

eu (gr) - well, good, fine + heu (l) - alas! ah! + Saint Laurence O'Toole buried at Eu, Normandy.

maighdin (meid'in) (gael) - virgin + ogh (og) (gael) - maiden, virgin + FDV: The meidinogues have tongue tongued togethering.

cavern - a hollow place under ground, a subterranean (or submarine) cavity, a cave + Saint Kevin supposed to have slept in hollow of tree in Glendalough + "Angus arose early, and what he said to Diarmuid was: “I will now depart, O O’Duibne, and this counsel I leave thee; not to go into a tree having but one trunk in flying before Finn; and not to go into a cave of the earth to which there shall be but the one door; and not to go on to an island of the sea with but one channel between it and the land. And in whatever place thou shalt cook thy meal, there eat it not; and in whatever place thou shalt eat, there sleep not; and in whatever place thou shalt sleep, there rise not on the morrow.” (Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales: The Pursuit of Diarmud and Grainne)

shrine - to enclose, envelop, engird, as a shrine or sanctuary does the body or the image of a saint + Isaiah 60:1: 'Arise, shine' + FDV: Ascend out of your bed and shrine!

Cathleen, rejected by Saint Kevin + *K*.

kitchen - to do the work of the kitchen, to cook

sors (l) - die (used in games of chance)

mo bhron (muvron) (gael) = mavrone (Anglo-Irish) - my sorrow! + FDV: Cast soros soros Cast aside, ma brone!

ex terra (l) - out of land, from land + extra.

aqua (l) - water + accurate.

interirrigo (l) - I conduct water along + interrogate.

archipelagos (gr) - chief sea: the Aegean + archipelagos [.36] + FDV: You must be extera acquarate to inter irrigate all the arkypelicans.

astrologer - one who professes astrology in the modern sense, who pretends to judge of the influence of the stars upon human affairs

wallaby - a kangaroo belonging to any of the small species of the genus Macropus + Whalley, Dr John (b. 1653) - Dublin quack, astrologer, maker of almanacks. In trouble, he fled to England, later returned to Dublin.  

Toland, John (1670-1722) - deist and translator of some of Bruno's work, fled from Dublin to England after publishing 'Christianity not Mysterious'

forsake - to abandon, leave entirely, withdraw from; esp. to withdraw one's presence and help or companionship from + forsook our shores.

BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO - Chain of islands East of New Guinea, containing New Ireland and New Britain, separated by St George's Channel. Part of Melanesia

be smart - to be pert, forward, impudent + Bismarck + FDV: The austrologer Wallaby Tolan, who farshook our showrs from Newer Aland, has signed the you and the now our mandate. Milenesia waits. Be smark!