second + seeking (seeks).

lithe - Of persons, their actions, dispositions and utterances: Gentle, meek, mild.

Leeward Islands, Polynesia + to the leeward - on or toward the lee or sheltered side of the ship.

curling - that curls + Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 373: (Grainne on seeing Diarmuid at a banquet) "Who is that freckled sweet-worded man, upon whom is the curling dusky-black hair" REFERENCE.

portion - to divide into portions, to mix in due proportion

fleckled - marked with little flecks or spots, dappled; also of a person: freckled

hued - having a hue, coloured. In early use in a wider sense: Figured, formed, fashioned in outward appearance, including but not confined to colour.

Windward Islands, Polynesia + to the windward -  of or on the side exposed to the wind.

in particular - as one of a number distinguished from the rest; in distinction from others; particularly, especially

summarise - to make a summary of

FDV: What does Coemhghen? It is the voice of Roga. His face is the face of a son. Be thine the silent hall, O Jarama! A virgin, the one, shall mourn thee. Roga's stream is solence. The ass of the O'Dwyer of Greyglens is abrowtobayse afeald of the Potterton's forecoroners. And here comes the sorter, Mr. Hansen, feed up to the noxen with their geese and peeas and oats. Bay is for Baker who bakes baxters our bread. O, what an ovenly odour! But diss is the doss for Eilder Downes and dass is what our the hardworking officials who trow to form our G.M.P.'s pass muster generally shay for shee and sloe for slee when butting their head headd to the pillow for a night nights shared rest makeshift with the alter girl they took tuck in to for sweep [sweepsake]. Dutiful wealker for his hydes of march. Have Havd you the timas time, Hans ahike? Heard you the crime, senny boy? [The man was giddy on lettis on the dewry and this, that and the other seen to his fleece & in after his foull.] He had not the declaimation but it mights be anything after darks. Grantevvents Greanteavvents! It is a lable iction on the porte of the Cuthulic church and summun must atole for it. Where is that blinkety blanketer, that sound of a pealer, the sunt of a hunt what foxes goodmen?

Coemghen - Old Irish form of Kevin, Mr O Hehir says, which means "fair born" or "comely-birth" + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The War of Caros: 'What does Caros, king of ships?'

hiding - the condition of being hidden, concealment + tidings - reports, news, intelligence, information [Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 378: 'As for Finn mac Cumaill, I will tell his tidings clearly. All that were in Tara rose at early morn on the morrow, and they found Diarmuid and Grainne wanting from among them and a burning jealousy and rage seized upon Finn.']

moraltacht (moraltokht) (gael) - morality + Móralltach (Irish) - 'Very wild' (name of Diarmuid's sword, mentioned in Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 387).

Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 375: (Grainne telling Diarmuid she first saw him at) "a great goaling match" REFERENCE.

goold - obs. form of gold

'rolling stone gathers no moss' (proverb) + Rolleston, T. W. (1857-1920) - editor of Dublin University Review + gadder - one who gads; Also 'gadder-about' + Rowley the Barrel: song, "Roll Out the Barrel." The principal reference, Mr Keblehem says, is to an adventure of Dermot's in which he does tricks for his enemies - keeps upright on a barrel rolling downhill and walks on the edge of a sword (Mór-alltach) [Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 385: 'Diarmuid lifted the tun and took it to the top of the hill, and he himself mounted upon it, and rolled it down the steep of the hill until it reached the lower part of it... and remained himself upon the tun as it both came and went'].  

roga (l) - ask! + roga (pl. l) - funeral piles, graves + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The Songs of Selma: 'the voice of Cona' (glossed in a footnote: 'Ossian is sometimes poetically called the voice of Cona') + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song: Silence Is In Our Festal Halls [air: The Green Woods of Truigha] + raga (Sanskrit) - attachment (the cause of suffering, according to the Buddha) + Genesis 27:22: 'The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau'.

Jarama - river in central Spain + aj- (Sanskrit) - birthless + amar (Sanskrit) - deathless + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cathlin of Clutha: 'Oscar of Lego... be thine the secret hill to-night' (glossed in a footnote: 'the well-known custom among the ancient kings of Scotland, to retire from their army on the night preceding a battle') + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Lathmon: (begins) 'Selma, thy halls are silent'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Comala: 'let one virgin mourn thee!'

solance (obs.) - solace + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: The War of Caros: 'stream of Balva' (glossed in a footnote: 'signifies a silent stream').

Croona - stream in one of the Ossian poems, explained by Macpherson as "murmuring" [James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Colna-dona: 'Crona of the streams' (glossed in a footnote: 'Crona, "murmuring," was the name of a small stream which discharged itself in the river Carron')] + Crona (krone) (gael) - Dark, darkening (possible correct etymology for Macpherson's Crona).

adeste (l) - draw near! be at hand! be present! + adesta! (l) - come! + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Conlath and Cuthona: 'Cuthona sits at a distance and weeps' (glossed in a footnote: 'Cuthona the daughter of Rumar, whom Toscar had carried away by force').

Gray, Dwyer (d. 1888) - Irish nationalist, editor of the Freeman's Journal (which also employed L. Bloom and F. Higgins), Lord Mayor of Dublin + John O Dwyer of the Glen - hero of 17th c. song.

abrowse + about to bray afeared.

terroir (obs. rare) - territory + terroir (fr) - soil + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Carric-thura: 'the spirit of Loda. He came to his place in his terrors' (glossed in a footnote: 'He is described, in a simile, in the poem concerning the death of Cuchullin').

coroner - an officer of a county, district, or municipality (formerly also of the royal household), originally charged with maintaining the rights of the private property of the crown; in modern times his chief function is to hold inquest on the bodies of those supposed to have died by violence or accident + four corners.

Reek - a mountain, used spec. in pl. in Macgillicuddy's Reeks (also, the Reeks), county Kerry

Bearla (berle) (gael) - English language + "It was upon a Lammas night, / When corn rigs are bonnie, / Beneath the moon's unclouded light, / I held away to Annie: ... I lock'd her in my fond embrace; / Her heart was beating rarely: / My blessings on that happy place, / Amang the rigs o' barley!" (Robert Burns: Rigs O' Barley)

Mac Parthaláin (Irish) - son of Bartholomew 

burrow - fig. To lodge as in a burrow, hide oneself + tomorrow morning.


gortan (gurtan) (gael) - miser

questure - the office of qućstor (the chief financial officer, the Treasurer, of the University of  St. Andrews and, formerly, of other universities, esp. in Scotland) + question + questura (it) - police headquarters.

mike - to 'hang about', doing nothing or waiting for a job + makes

fallowing - the action or operation of ploughing and breaking up land + following

Durban - city in south Africa + Durban Gazette - South African periodical + Dublin Gazette - Gazette, or official newspaper, of the Irish Executive, Britain's government in Ireland based at Dublin Castle, between 1705 and 1922. It published notices of government business, including Royal Proclamations, the granting of Royal Assent to bills, writs of election, appointments to public offices, commissions and promotions in the Armed Forces, and awards of honours, as well as notices of insolvency, and of changes of names or of arms.


correspondent - one who contributes letters to a newspaper or journal; spec. one employed by a journal to contribute news and other material to its columns from some particular place + collis (l) - hill.

doomsday - the judgement day + Dienstag (ger) - Tuesday.

bosse - obs. form of boss + bosse (fr) - hump.

BAGGOT STREET - Runs South-East from Stephen's Green, "Lower" North of the Grand Canal, "Upper" South of the canal. Formerly called Baggotrath (Battle of Baggotrath, 1649) Lane + bygge (Danish) - build + strade (it) - streets + Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt.

reka (Serbian) - river + cvarak or čvarak (Serbian) - cracklig(s).

pomp - splendid display or celebration, magnificent show + Saturday Evening Post, newspaper.

caricature + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Carric-thura + Joyce's note: 'ass = caricature of a horse'.

Oscar (usker) (gael) - Champion; son of Oisin, grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhail + Oscar Wilde.

Kamerad (ger) - comrade + camera obscura.

Schultz, Dutch - American gangster, shot dead in 1935 + Schuld (ger) = schuld (Dutch) - guilt, debt.


cluse - a (monastic) cell

outrage - extravagant, violent, or disorderly action; mad or passionate behaviour, fury; tumult of passion, disorder

at length - after a long time, at or in the end

affected - moved, influenced, or touched in the feelings; influenced or touched by an external factor

mob - the common mass of people + The Mob - a supposed permanent gang controlling much of organized crime in the U.S. and elsewhere; cf. mafia.

silence + Sullivani.

reinvent - to invent again

vestige - a mark, trace, or visible sign of something, esp. a building or other material structure, which no longer exists or is present; a surviving memorial or trace of some condition, quality, practice, etc., serving as an indication of its former existence; Usu. in pl.; a very small or slight trace, indication, or amount (of something).

Buddha + buddhi (Sanskrit) - intellect, mind.

scenic - of or belonging to the stage, dramatic, theatrical

scuit (skit') (gael) - excitement, fuss + skotia (gr) - darkness + city + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Carthon: 'restless wanderer' (glossed in a footnote: 'Scuta, which is the true origin of the Scoti of the Romans; an approbrious name imposed by the Britons, on the Caledonians, on account of the continual incursions into their country').

misty - covered with, clouded or obscured by, mist + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cath-loda I: 'On thy top dwells the misty Loda: the house of the spirits of men!' (the Ossianic Valhalla).

caravan - a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file; Also attrib., as in caravan route + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Comala: 'Carun' (glossed in a footnote: 'Cara'on, a winding river') + O'Ceanndubhain (o kyanduvan) (gael) - descendant of Ceanndubhan ("black-headed"); anglic. Canavan.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Oina-morul: 'Con-cathlin' (glossed in a footnote: '"mild beam of the wave"... Some now distinguish the pole-star by that name').

steerer - one who steers, a steersman; a coxswain (of a rowing boat) + Sterne (ger) = stjärnar (Swedish) - stars.

TON-THENA - The name of a star in Macpherson's Temora and Cathlin of Clutha; it guided Larthon to Ireland. Macpherson explains the name as meaning ''fire of the wave'' [James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cathlin of Clutha: 'Ton-thena' (glossed in a footnote: '"fire of the wave," was the remarkable star... which directed the course of Larthon to Ireland')]. 

sorter - one who sorts, arranges, selects, or classifies; spec. A letter-sorter + *V*.

Herr (ger) - Mr. + FDV: And here comes the sorter, Mr. Hansen, feed up to the noxen with their geese and peeas and oats.


foule (fr) - crowd

knuckle - a joint of a finger when the fist is closed + nyckel (Swedish) - key.

fob - a small pocket formerly made in the waistband of the breeches and used for carrying a watch, money, or other valuables

passable - tolerable, fairly good; moderate, sufficient

compatriot - one who is of the same country with another, a fellow-countryman

Grimstad, where Ibsen worked as a druggist's assistant

galleon - a kind of vessel, shorter but higher than the galley; a ship of war, esp. Spanish

frieze - a coarse heavy woolen material with a very rough feel to it; so 'frieze coat'

nox (l) - night + Noxen - a township in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, United States.

G...P...O - General Post Office + Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow (song and Children’s game).

trencher - a flat piece of wood, square or circular, on which meat was served and cut up + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: The Time I've Lost in Wooing [air: Peas upon a Trencher].