smile + smell + smol (smol) (gael) - smudge, candle-snuff.

beckoning + like greased lightning (colloq.) - Used to denote extreme quickness of movement.

eclipse + grease of bacon and eggs.



letter man

improof - reproof, rebuke, censure + improvement

right as rain - quite all right, definitely correct; just the way it should be (it could just as well be 'right as clouds' or any number of other things, but 'rain' it is, doubtless because of the allure of alliteration; the expression has had heavy work since the late 19th century, but an example from 1909 (in Max Beerbohm's 'Yet Again') has the virtue of offerin two cliches in one sentence: 'He looked.'fit as a fiddle', or 'right as rain'.).

fuddle - intoxication; an intoxicated state + fit as a fiddle - in a very good physical condition.

schon (ger) - good, pretty + schoen (Dutch) - shoe.

shoon - pl. f. shoe; obs. pa. tense of shine (v.); lout, fool (Slang) + Shaun + Schuhe geputzt (ger) - shoes polished + shoon (Gipsy) - to hear + schoon (Dutch) - clean.

tu (nom.), tui (gen.), tibi (dat.), te (acc.), te (abl.) (l) - thou; of thee; to thee; thee; from, with, by thee + tuus (masc.), tua (fem.), tuum (neut.) (l) - thy, thine + teine (t'ini) (gael) - fire.

tay (Irish Pronunciation) = te (te) (gael) - tea

batch - the quantity of bread produced at one baking + A Was an Archer (nursery rhyme): 'T was a tinker and mended a pot'.

baxter - a baker + FDV: Bay is for Baker who bakes baxters our bread.

receive - to greet or acknowledge upon arrival or entrance + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Croma: 'receive me, my friends, from night' + relieve.


winterlong - as (tediously) long as winter

diss - the Algerian name for a Mediterranean grass, Ampelodesma tenax, the fibrous stems of which are used for making cordage, etc. + this

doss - sleep; a place for sleeping in, a bed; esp. a bed in a common lodging-house

eiderdown - the small soft feathers from the breast of the eider duck; a quilt filled with eider-down or any similar soft material

dass - Sc. var. of dess (layer, stratum, ledge) + dass (ger) - that + dat is het dus (Dutch) - that's how it is.

singen (ger) - singing

Sanger (ger) - singers + sänger (Swedis) - beds + sĺngare (Swedish) - singer.

stout - proud, brave, resolute + stamp - to walk with a heavy, 'pounding' tread; to walk noisily or laboriously.

seal - to fasten (a folded letter or other document) with melted wax or some other plastic material and impress a seal upon this, so that opening is impossible unless the seal is broken.

official - one who is invested with an office of a public nature, or has duties in connexion with some public institution

trow - to believe or suppose (a thing or person) to be (so and so) + try.

muster - to call forth, invoke + postmaster general - the head of a country's postal service.

shay = chaise (n.) + sé (Irish) - him (Pronunciation 'shay') + say

(Irish) - her (Pronunciation 'shee')

sloo - obs. f. slay (v.); obs. or dial. f. slough (n.)

slee - obs. or dial. var. slay (v.); sloe (n.); sly (a.) + sleep + 'Tea for Two and two for tea' (song).

butt - to strike, esp. with the head or horns + Parnell's brothers and sisters called him 'butt-head'.

nightshift + makeshift - a temporary substitute of an inferior kind.

alter (ger) - older + other + altarboy.

tuck - to thrust or put away (an object) into a close place where it is snugly held or concealed + FDV: But diss is the doss for Eilder Downes and dass is what our the hardworking officials who trow to form our G.M.P.'s pass muster generally shay for shee and sloe for slee when butting their head headd to the pillow for a night nights shared rest makeshift with the alter girl they took tuck in to for sweep [sweepsake].

sweepstake - the act of sweeping everything away, a clean sweep, total removal or clearance; a form of gambling, esp. on horse races, in which all the stakes are divided among the winners + keepsake - a small item kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.

dutiful - rendering the services, attention, and regard that are due

hyde - obs. f. 'hide' + beautiful weather for the Ides of March (15th of March).

Hans - a familiar abbreviated form in German and Dutch of Johannes, John + FDV: Dutiful wealker for his hydes of march. Have Havd you the timas time, Hans ahike?

sonny boy - from the title of a popular song, a boy; a man younger than the speaker or writer; freq. as a term of address and with disparaging sense + FDV: Heard you the crime, senny boy?

giddy - having a confused sensation of swimming or whirling in the head, with proneness to fall; affected with vertigo, dizzy + Judges 6:39-40: 'Gideon' + guilty. 

letti (it) - beds + lettuce

Judges 6:39-40: 'dew' + ladies of the jury + FDV: [The man was giddy on lettis on the dewry and this, that and the other seen to his fleece & in after his foull.]

pursue - to continue (to do or say something), to go on (speaking) + Sučde (French) - Sweden + proceeded

entre nous - between us, in confidence

midgray - half grey

Dago - a name originally given in the south-western section of the United States to a man of Spanish parentage; now extended to include Spaniards, Portuguese, and Italians in general, or  as a disparaging term for any foreigner.

teatime - the time at which the meal called tea is taken

nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene.

samoan - a native of Samoa

"Several handsome, well-stocked shops" + stock - to cover (the leg) with a stock or stocking (rare) + 'well-stacked filler-outer' (United States College Slang).

plush (United States College Slang) - posh + fever frau (United States College Slang) - lively lady.

dauby - smeary + dope (United States College Slang) - stupid person.

chonk - to chew energetically + cheeks + clonk (United States College Slang) - stupid person.

pigskin - the skin of the pig or hog (called in 18th c. hogskin); leather made of this + pig (United States College Slang) - girl + pigskin (United States College Slang) - footbal.

muffle (United States College Slang) - fumble

pipe (United States College Slang) - easy course

Anguish (United States College Slang) - English course

Judges 6:39-40: 'fleece'


D.A. Chart - Dublin historian, author of The Story of Dublin

Charles S. Parnell + Petrie lived at 21 Great Charles Street, Topographical Office of Irish Ordnance Survey.

backbone - the vertebral column, the spine

declination - slope, inclination from the vertical or horizontal position + FDV: He had not the declaimation but it mights be anything after darks.

Fuss (ger) - foot + Parnell died as result of wet feet.

fay - fairy + face.

hang a goober (United States College Slang) - kiss

proceeding - spec. The instituting or carrying on of an action at law; a legal action or process; pl. A record or account of the doings of a society; sometimes spec. a record of the business done, with abstracts or reports of the less important papers not included in the Transactions.

var... än (Swedish) - wherever (literally 'where... then')

lag (Swedish) - law

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Carthon: 'The deer of the mountain avoids the place, for he beholds a dim ghost standing there' (glossed in a footnote: 'It was the opinion of the times, that deer saw the ghosts of the dead. To this day, when beasts suddenly start without any apparent cause, the vulgar think that they see the spirits of the deceased').

darky - a Black, esp. a Southern U.S. Black (usu. considered patronizing or mildly offensive)

wind up - close, finish, dénouement; final settlement; closing act or proceeding


great events + Great Heavens! + FDV: Grantevvents Greanteavvents!

hyacinth - a name among the ancients for some flower; according to Ovid a deep red or 'purple' lily (? Lilium Martagon), but variously taken by authors as a gladiolus, iris, or larkspur. In ancient mythology the flower is said to have sprung up from the blood of the slain youth Hyacinthus, and the ancients thought they could decipher on the petals the letters AI, or AIAI, exclamation of grief (cf. Moschus iii. 6, Ovid. Met. x. 211). Hence many literary allusions.

heliotrope - a name given to plants of which the flowers turn so as to follow the sun; in early times applied to the sunflower, marigold, etc.; now, a plant of the genus Heliotropium, comprising herbs or shrubs with small clustered purple flowers + trollops + Ulysses.13.1008: 'What is it? Heliotrope? No. Hyacinth? Hm'.

fullvuxen frökener (Swedish) - full-grown young ladies

dubbel (Swedish) - double + hobbledehoys.

liable - Law. Bound or obliged by law or equity, or in accordance with a rule or convention, answerable (for, also const. to with the same sense) + libel action.

porte - the Ottoman court at Constantinople + porte (French) - door.

Catholic + HP Lovecraft's initial short story, The Call of Cthulhu, was published in Weird Tales in 1928 and established the character as a malevolent entity trapped in an underwater city in the South Pacific called R'lyeh. The imprisoned Cthulhu is apparently the source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level, and also the subject of worship by a number of evil cults.

summum (l) - highest; whole + someone

atole - a kind of corn or other meal; gruel or porridge made of this + atone - to expiate, make amends for (a fault or loss) + FDV: It is a lable iction on the porte of the Cuthulic church and summun must atole for it.

blanketer (obs.) - a blanket-maker

sound + hound + FDV: Where is that blinkety blanketer, that sound of a pealer, the sunt of a hunt what foxes goodmen?

pealer - appealer (in various senses) + peeler (Slang) - policeman + (bell).

sunt - a species of acacia, Acacia nilotica, of northern Africa, or its wood + sunt (Norwegian) - sound.

hunt - a hunter, a huntsman + Hund (ger) - dog + son of a gun.

fox - to trick by ingeunity or cunning, fool, confuse + Fox Goodman.

FDV: What does Coemhghen, the fostard? Ask no more, Jerry mine, Roga's voice. The cublic hut haut hatches are not yet open for hourly rincers mess. It is not eye even yet the engine of the load with hald haled morries full of crates. The Greek Siderial Reulthway as it havvents will soon be starting its first shoort quicky danny buzzers instead of the vialact coloured milk train with its endless gallaxian of rotatorattlers. Also the waggowobblers waggonwobblers are still yet everdue. Aspect, Shemus Shamus Rogua! Inattendante who-is-who-is will play that's what's that that'swhat'sthat to what's that what'sthat. / Oyes! Oyeses! Oyesesyeses!

tyro - a beginner or learner in anything + The Tyro: review edited by Wyndham Lewis, 1921-2.

teora (t'ore) (gael) - border, boundary; Tora is a river in Macpherson's Carric-Thura

novena - a devotion consisting of special prayers or services on nine successive days

iconostas - a screen bearing icons, separating the sanctuary of many Eastern churches from the nave

bluey - inclined to blue, more or less blue

vitriol - With adjs. of colour. blue, green, red, white vitriol, sulphate of copper, iron, cobalt, and zinc respectively + vitrail (fr) - stained-glass window.

feint - transf. and fig. An assumed appearance; a pretence, stratagem + faint + (village church windows gradually lit up by dawn).

Phosphoron - "Torch-bearing": epithet of Arthemis.