peachy - unusually fine, dandy; resembling a peach

Cross & Slover: Ancient Irish Tales 387: (during Diarmuid's pursuit he was asked after by foreigners who failed to recognise him and replied) '"I have seen him that saw him to-day"'.

Jerry - a German; spec. a German soldier + Diairmin (d'irmin) (gael) - diminutive of Diarmaid ("freeman"); anglic. Jerry + Jeremaiah + gentlemen.

roga (l) - ask

pice - Indian coin

soor ka batcha (Hindustani, Slang) - son of a pig

bog - a bugbear, a source of dread + boy + Bog (Serbian) - God.

pucker - to draw together or contract into wrinkles, bulges, or fullnesses + puckaroo (Slang) - to seize + picked.

posy - a bunch of flowers; a nosegay, a bouquet; a short motto, originally a line or verse of poetry, and usually in patterned language, inscribed on a knife, within a ring, as a heraldic motto, etc. (obs. or arch.)

vinebranch - a branch of a vine-tree + Weekly Irish Times 18 Jul 1936: article on the name Finnegan: (ancient Finnegan family crest) 'A vine-branch leaved vert fructed proper'.

Heremon and Heber - legendary progenitors of Irish race + Finnegan family said to descend from Heremon.

PLAIN OF BREGIA - Ancient name for the plain between the Liffey and the Boyne, County Meath. Named for Breagha, who came to Ireland with Heremon and Heber and the other sons of Milesius. When Heremon and Heber divided Ireland between them, Bregia (and Teffia) were in Heber's territory South of the Boyne, but were soon taken over by Heremon.  

TEFFIA - The ancient name for territory comprising about the West half of County Westmeath and a bit of County Longford; Ir, Teathbha. It lies West of the plain of Bregia + Finnegans originated in Bregia and may have spread to Teffia.

invert - turned upside down + vert (Heraldry) - green.

fructed - Of a tree or plant: Having fruit (of a specified tincture).

proper (Heraldry) - in natural colouring

hatch - the action of hatching, incubation; that which is hatched; a brood (of young) + public houses are not + FDV: The cublic hut haut hatches are not yet open for hourly rincers mess.  

hourly - occurring or performed every hour + early

rinnce (rinki) (gael) - dance + rinnceoir (rinkor) (gael) - dancer.

Cairnes, John Elliot (1823-75) - Irish political economist

HCE + Higgins and Egan families figure in lineage of Finnegans.

T. R. Malthus in his Essay on Population (1798) contended that the rate of increase of the population being out of proportion to the increase of its means of subsistence, it should be checked, mainly by moral restraint. This has often been popularly viewed as a proposal to check marriage + malthouse - a building in which malt is made + hus (Danish) - house.

lukket (Danish) - shut


swathed - enveloped in a wrapping or bandage or in clothes draped round the figure + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: Echo: 'How sweet the answer Echo makes' [air: The Wren].

alcove - a recess, typically in the wall of a room or of a garden

thereinne = therein

Besucher (ger) - visitors + besökare (Swedish) - visitor + soakers (boozers).

preliminary - introductory; preparatory + primilibatorius (l) - pertaining to the one who makes the first libation.

solicatio (l) - a sunning, sunbath + silica, lime and soda fused in manufacture of glass.

absorbable - capable of being absorbed or imbibed

road + Matthew 1:20: 'angel of the Lord' + Angelus: 'The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary...' (said at six in the morning, at noon, and at six in the evening).

hale - to draw or pull along, or from one place to another + FDV: It is not eye even yet the engine of the load with hald haled morries full of crates.

lorry - a long flat wagon without sides running on four low wheels. Also, a truck or wagon used on railways or tramways

crate - a rugged box (usually made of wood) used for shipping + 'Hail Mary, full of grace!' (morning prayers).

matines (fr) - morning + mattino (it) - dawn + matins - morning prayers.

Lord's Prayer: 'Thy Kingdom come'

sideral - of or pertaining to the stars + sidêrios (gr) - made of iron.

réal (Irish) - star + Great Siberian Railway.

avvente (Norwegian) - await + happens.

hästkraft (Swedish) - horsepower

buzzer - a steam apparatus for making a loud buzzing noise as a signal; motorcar (Slang) + FDV: The Greek Siderial Reulthway as it havvents will soon be starting its first shoort quicky danny buzzers instead of the vialact coloured milk train with its endless gallaxian of rotatorattlers.

vialactea - milky way

fartyget (Swedish) - the vessel, the ship + fare ticket.

galaxy + collection.

rotatory - rotating; going round, or coming, in rotation + rattler - a thing which rattles.

small train + smultron (Swedish) - wild strawberry.

elder - an elder person + Eltern (ger) - parents + eldaren (Swedish) - the stoker.

STRAWBERRY BEDS - The area, actually known for its strawberries, along the North bank of the Liffey between Chapehizod and Woodlands + bes (Dutch) - berry. 

Ursa Major also called The Waggon + wobbler - one who or that which wobbles + FDV: Also the waggowobblers waggonwobblers are still yet everdue.

precipitate - to cause to move, pass, act, or proceed very rapidly; to hasten, hurry, urge on

aspect - to look at, behold, face; to survey, watch + aspetta! (it) - wait!

rogus, rogum (l) - funeral-pile, grave + FDV: Aspect, Shemus Shamus Rogua!

or (fr) - gold

taceo (l) - to be silent + tacete (l) - be silent!

hagiographic - pertaining to the writing of saints' lives + Hagiographa (gr) - "Holy Writings": last division of Old Testament, after Law and Prophets + ekklesia (gr) - congregation; the Church + hagiographice canat Ecclesia (l) - the Church sings hagiographically.

Aubrey, John - English antiquary and writer, best known as the author of the collection of short biographical pieces usually referred to as Brief Lives and as the discoverer of the Aubrey holes in Stonehenge.

attendance -  the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.) + FDV: Inattendante who-is-who-is will play that's what's that that'swhat'sthat to what's that what'sthat.

oyes - Imperative verb, and interjection: 'Hear, hear ye'; a call by the public crier or by a court officer (generally thrice uttered), to command silence and attention when a proclamation, etc., is about to be made + FDV: Oyes! Oyeses! Oyesesyeses!

primate - one who is first in rank or importance; a chief, head, superior, leader (Now rare.); Eccl. An archbishop, or formerly sometimes a bishop, holding the first place among the bishops of a province.

proto - first in time, primary + notorious - Of places, persons, etc.: Well or widely known (now rare) + protonotarius (l) - chief clerk; (in the Vatican): a recorder of pontifical events.

Exodus 3:14: 'I AM THAT I AM' + Popeye the Sailor (1930s American cartoon character): 'I yam what I yam'.

micro + free nitrogen (atmospheric) + mitre - a sacerdotal head-dress.

part trans. Saorstat Eireann (serstat erun) (gael) - Irish Free State

aboil - in or into a boiling state, a-boiling + about

gale warning - a gale warning is an advisory or warning issued by the local competent authority in maritime countries about the existence of winds of gale force or above or the imminent occurrence of gales at sea.

inoperation (obs.) - a working within, in-working

eyot - a little island + Ireland's Eye - small island off Howth.

Meganesia (gr) - land of big islands + Melanesia - a region in the western Pacific Ocean, including the Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Fiji.

habitant - resident

Insel (ger) - island + Spaeth: Read 'Em and Weep 122: (of song ''The Eastern Train'') 'The editor first heard it in the late 'Nineties (when it was already an old song) while camping in the Thousand Islands' + Thousand Islands, Saint Lawrence river, Canada + The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night.

Western Approaches - Atlantic searoutes to British and Irish ports

eastern + Ost (ger) - east + Ostern (ger) - Easter.

FDV: (Kevin typescript) Kevin born on the island of Ireland (1. Joyce numbered and renumbered the watery circles surrounding Kevin) in the Irish ocean (3. 2.) having been granted privilege of a portable altar goes to Lough Glendalough (2. 3.) between rives where pious Kevin lives alone on an isle in the lake on which isle a plot perrymetered with 5 watercourses is a pond (3. 4.) in which is an islet (3. 5.) whereon holy Kevin builds a beehive hut the floor of which most holy Kevin excavates to a depth of one foot after which done venerable Kevin goes to the lakeside and fills time after time (4. 6.) a tub which with water which time after time most venerable Kevin empties into the cavity of his hut thereof creating a pool having done which blessed Kevin half fills the tub once with water (5. 7.) which tub then most blessed Kevin sets in the centre of the pool after which Saint Kevin pulls girds (6. 8.) up his frock to his loins and seats himself, blessed S. Kevin, in his hiptubbath where with ardour circus fluentral, Doctor solidarius (7. 9.), he meditates with ardour the sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of man by water. (The following was crossed out in red and not incorporated into later drafts) As an infant The little Stranger Shortly after his coming into this world Kevineen delighted himself by playing with the sponge on tubbing night when (Not completed). As a growing boy under the influence of holy religion which had been instilled into him across his grandmother's knee he grew more & more pious and abstracted like the time God knows he sat down on the plate of mutton broth. He simply had no time for girls and often used to say to his dearest mother & dear sister that his dearest mother & his dear sisters were good enough for him. At the age of six years & six months he wrote a prize essay on kindness to fishes.

increate - not created, uncreated: said of divine beings or attributes + increate (Archaic) - (of God) not created.

filial - Of sentiments, duty, etc.: Due from a child to a parent + filial fear - A mingled feeling of dread and reverence towards God. Wyclif has always drede in this sense. The distinction between servile and filial fear (Fear is twofold; servile, whereby punishment, not fault, is dreaded; filial, by which fault is feared.), in Lat. timor servilis, filialis, is stated (as already generally current) by Thomas Aquinas, Summa ii. ii. xix.

take to - to take in hand, to begin to apply or devote oneself to, to conceive a liking for

springy - marked by lightness of movement; abounding with springs of water

heeler - one who has light heels, a quick runner + Tom, Dick and Harry.

altruism - devotion to the welfare of others, regard for others, as a principle of action; opposed to egoism or selfishness

stupefaction - numbness, torpor, or insensibility, of body or mind; overwhelming consternation or astonishment

wether - a male sheep, a ram; esp. a castrated ram

dairy - a building, room, or establishment for the storage, processing, and distribution of milk and milk products; a farm where dairy products are produced + Dear Dirty Dublin.

lapful - so much as will fill a person's lap

smooth out - to take out, remove (a fold or crease) by pressure or rubbing

Nelly - a fem. Christian name, familiar form of Helen or Eleanor

nettle - any of numerous plants having stinging hairs that cause skin irritation on contact + Saint Kevin at the age of twelve took refuge in a nettle shrub from a pretty girl chasing him, then stung her with nettles until she apologised and promised to dedicate herself to God.

mettle - Of persons: Ardent or spirited temperament; spirit, courage; semen (Slang)