messy - marked by confusion, disorder or dirt + Retreating to his bath, Kevin attempts to isolate himself from life: in Joyce's words he forsakes the "messy messy" of life for the "douche douche" of chastity and religious seclusion.

douche - a shower of water + douche (fr) - shower-bath + dusha (Russian, Serbian) - soul + mishe/tauf (motif).

yad (Hebrew) - hand (Hebrew is written right-to-left) + yad (Slang) - day (spelled right-to-left) + jad (Serbian) - misery, wretchedness.

procreate - to produce offspring

encyclical - Of an ecclesiastical epistle: Circular, intended for extensive circulation. Now chiefly of letters issued by the pope.

archipelago - any sea, or sheet of water, in which there are numerous islands; and transf. a group of islands + FDV: Kevin born on the island of Ireland in the Irish ocean

christener - one who christens or baptizes

voluntary poverty (notebook 1923) The Catholic Encyclopedia vol. III, 'Christianity', 718a: 'what is new in the moral teachings of Christ... it embodied ethical perfection... Never till His time were the Evangelical counsels — voluntary poverty, perpetual chastity, and entire obedience — preached or practised'.

'Kevineen (9 names)' (notebook 1923) → Kevin named nine times in increasing states of sanctity) [.07] [.13] [.22] [.25] [.27] [.33] [.36] [606.02] [606.04]

privilege + pravilogos (l+gr) - ugly talk + pravilo (Russian, Serbian) - rule, regulation + (notebook 1922-23): 'Fr Bern. Vaughan granted privilege of portable altar' Irish Times 1 Nov 1922, 5/3: 'As a mark of special favour in 1916 Father Vaughan received a letter from Pope Benedict XV, congratulating him upon his jubilee in the priesthood and granting him the privilege of a portable altar'.

altare cum balneo (l) - altar together with bath + cum (l) - with + balnae (l) - bath + FDV: having been granted privilege of a portable altar goes to Lough Glendalough

espouse - to take (a person) as spouse, to marry; to choose, attach oneself to (any object); to adopt, embrace (a doctrine, opinion, profession, mode of life)

invented - devised, contrived; made up, fabricated

exalted - raised or set up on high + (notebook 1923): 'True Cross invented & exalted' The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Cross, The True': 'The 3rd of May was called the feast of the Invention of the Cross, and it commemorated in a special manner Saint Helena's discovery of the sacred wood of the Cross; the 14th of September, the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, commemorated above all the circumstances in which Heraclius recovered from the Persians the True Cross, which they had carried off'.

celibate - unmarried, single; bound not to marry

matrimony - the rite of marriage, the action of marrying; the state or condition of being husband and wife

matin - Eccl. One of the canonical hours of the breviary; properly a midnight office, but sometimes recited at daybreak, and followed immediately by lauds [Joyce's note: 'Matins,'].

alb - a tunic or vestment of white cloth reaching to the feet, and enveloping the entire person; a variety of the surplice, but with close sleeves; worn by clerics in religious ceremonies, and by some consecrated kings.

midmost - that is in the very middle, with regard to position, age, etc.; most intimate

Gleann da Loch (gloun da lukh) (gael) - Two Lake Valley; monastic settlement, Co. Wicklow, S. of Dublin + Glendalough, in the Wicklow Hills, is not only the site of St. Kevin's hermitage, but also the source of the waters of Liffey + Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 48: 'St. Kevin dwelt alone for seven years in a small cave at Glendalough'.

vert (fr) - green + Joyce's note: 'green'.

ise (ishi) (gael) - she (emphatic) + *I*

eisin (eshin) (gael) - he (emphatic) + *J*

(two lakes at Glendalough)

lawd - obs. form of laud + Joyce's note: 'Lauds'.

triune - three in one, constituting a trinity in unity

trishagion (gr) - trice holy, holy trinity + trishagion - an ancient hymn, used especially in the Oriental Churches, beginning with a threefold invocation of God as holy.

amidships - in the middle of a ship; rarely, to or towards the middle of the ship

conducible - capable of conducing, tending or fitted to promote (a specified end or purpose); expedient, serviceable, beneficial

raft - to go upon or cross (a river) by means of a raft

centripetally - from the exterior towards the interior or centre

diaconal - of or belonging to a deacon (in various senses of the word) + deacon, one of 7 Levels of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

serventism - the system which countenances the devotion of a man to the service of a married woman + servant

Hibernian - of or belonging to Ireland; Irish

midway - in the middle of the way or distance, half-way

supreme - highest, ultimate, final

whereof - of what, of which

centrifugal + ventrifugalis (l) - belly-fleeing.

principalty - supreme station of power, headship, sovreignty

whereon - on which

prime - a Canonical Hour of the Divine Office, appointed for the first hour of the day (beginning originally at 6 a.m., but sometimes at sunrise) [Joyce's note: 'Prime,']

circumfluent - flowing round or surrounding in the manner of fluid

uisce fian (ushki fien) (gael) - wild water + uisce fion (ishki fin) (gael) - wine water.

uisce fionn (ishki fin) (gael) - clear water + Fionn-uisce (finishki) (gael) - Clear-water; anglic. Phoenix [Park].

enisle - to make an island of; to make into an isle

lakelet - a little lake + FDV: between rives where pious Kevin lives alone on an isle in the lake on which isle a plot perrymetered with 5 watercourses is a pond

island - to make into or as into an island; to place as an island

lacustrine - of or pertaining to a lake or lakes

islet - a little island + FDV: in which is an islet

whereupon - upon which, upon what, on surface of which

beached - Of a ship: Driven or dragged up on the beach.

subdiaconal - rel. to subdeacon + subdeacon, one of 7 Levels of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

propter (l) - near, beside

bide - to remain in expectation, to wait

Terce, (Joyce's note) + tierce, one of 7 Canonical Hours.

rubric - red, ruddy; red ochre, ruddle + Joyce's note: 'red'.

penitential - relating to or expressing penitence or penance

honeybee - a bee that gathers and stores honey, esp. the common hive-bee + beehive - a receptacle used as a home for bees; usually made of thick straw work in the shape  of a dome + (notebook 1923): 'first beehive huts' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 115: 'The first Christian architecture in Ireland... missionaries adopted the same style of building that was practised by the natives... They built their small oratories and bee-hive huts within the boundaries of the stone fort or cashel' + PICTURE.

enclosure - that wherewith something is enclosed, an outer covering or case

fortitude - moral strength or courage. Now only in passive sense: Unyielding courage in the endurance of pain or adversity. (One of the cardinal virtues.)

acolyte - Eccl. An inferior officer in the church who attended the priests and deacons, and performed subordinate duties, as lighting and bearing candles, etc.; an attendant or junior assistant in any ceremony or operation (one of 7 Levels of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy).

cardinal virtues - prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope and charity

whereof - of which, in objective senses

arenary (obs.) - 'of or belonging to sand or gravel'

fathom - 1,83 meters + FDV: whereon holy Kevin builds a beehive hut the floor of which most holy Kevin excavates to a depth of one foot after which done venerable Kevin goes to the lakeside and fills time after time

anchorite - a person who has withdrawn or secluded himself from the world; usually one who has done so for religious reasons, a recluse, a hermit

counsel - spec. in Theol. One of the advisory declarations of Christ and the apostles, in mediæval theology reckoned as twelve, which are considered not to be universally binding, but to be given as a means of attaining greater moral perfection + take counsel - to consult, deliberate.

whereat - at which

entire obedience (notebook 1923)

sext - Eccl. The third of the lesser canonical hours and one of 7 Canonical Hours; so called because belonging orig. to the sixth hour of the day (midday) [Joyce's note: 'Sext,'].

Gregorian - rel. to Pope Gregory I (reigned 590-600); chiefly applied to the ancient system of ritual music, otherwise known as plain-chant or plain-song (characterized by free rhythm, a limited scale, etc.), which is founded on the Antiphonarium of which Gregory is presumed to have been the compiler + Joyce's note: 'collected water'.

sevenfold - seven times increased or repeated

Ambrosian - of, pertaining to, or instituted by, St. Ambrose; of or pertaining to the immortal gods, divine

Eucharistic - of or pertaining to the Eucharist, of or pertaining to thanksgiving

..."carrying the / lustral domination contained within his most portable / privileged altar unacumque bath"... (Jack Dalton has drawn attention to this line in the first fair copy of the Kevin episode, which was accidentally left out by Joyce himself when he made a second fair copy). 

una cumque (l) - one, however; one, howsoever + unacumque (l) - and with one.

severally - separately, individually, each successively or in turn

lector - Eccl. An ecclesiastic belonging to one of the minor orders, whose duty originally consisted in reading the 'lessons'; one of the 7 Levels of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

effuse - to pour forth or out (a liquid) + FDV: a tub which with water which time after time most venerable Kevin empties into the cavity of his hut thereof creating a pool having done which blessed Kevin half fills the tub once with water

thereby - by that

therefore - up to that time + Genesis 1:9: 'Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear'.

concreate - to create together + concreated (Archaic) - created together.

exorcise - to drive away (an evil spirit) by the invocation or use of some holy name; to clear (a person or place) of evil spirits; to purify or set free from malignant influences + exorcist, one of 7 Levels of Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.