perpetual chastity (Joyce's note)

None (Joyce's note) → nones, one of 7 Canonical Hours

enthrone - to seat on a throne; esp. to set (a king, bishop, etc.) on a throne as a formal induction to office; to invest with regal or episcopal authority

translatus (l) - carried across

violet - of a blue or bluish-purple colour [Joyce's note: 'violet' → one of 7 Liturgical Colours]

vesper - Eccl. The sixth of the Canonical Hours of the breviary, said or celebrated towards evening [Joyce's note: 'Vespers,' → one of 7 Canonical Hours].

vail - to fall (down), to descend (obs.)

hydrophilous - water-loving

sable - black + Joyce's note: 'black' → one of 7 Liturgical Colours.

cappa - a cloak forming part of a religious habit + magna (l) - great + cappa magna - great cloak.

cherubical - angelic + cherubim, one of 9 Levels of Celestial Hierarchy + FDV: which tub then most blessed Kevin sets in the centre of the pool after which Saint Kevin pulls girds up his frock to his loins

compline - In Catholic ritual: The last service of the day, completing the services of the canonical hours; also, the hour of that service [Joyce's note: 'Compline' → one of 7 Canonical Hours].

sate (Irish Pronunciation) - seat + FDV: and seats himself, blessed S. Kevin, in his hiptubbath where with ardour circus fluentral, Doctor solidarius

Joyce's note: 'S Kevin - hip bath' MS 47488-24, MT: Saint Kevin pulls ^+girds+^ up his frock to his loins and seats himself, blessed S. Kevin, in his hiptubbath | JJA 63:038a | Jul 1923 |

recreate - to create again.

doctor insularis (l) - insular teacher, instructor belonging to an island + Joyce's note: 'doc universal ch'

extempore - at the moment, without premeditation or preparation, offhand + (notebook 1923): 'extempore prayer'.

propose - to put forward or present for consideration, discussion, solution, imitation, or other treatment

recluse - a person shut up from the world for the purpose of religious meditation; a monk, hermit, anchorite or anchoress, spec. one who remains perpetually shut up in a cell under a vow of strict seclusion.

seraphic - resembling a seraph, either in beauty or in fervour of exalted devotion + seraphim, one of 9 Levels of Celestial Hierarchy.

ardour - fig. Heat of passion or desire, vehemence, ardent desire.

sacrament - a formal religious act; a mystery; something secret or having a secret meaning

affusion - a pouring on or into; the act of baptizing someone by pouring water on their head + FDV: he meditates with ardour the sacrament of baptism or the regeneration of man by water.

jee - the verb-stem used adverbially or as an exclamation

bishops (chess) + FDV: Bisships, bevel to rock's right rite! Sarver buoy, extinguish! Nuotabene. The rare view from the gr three Benns is on the other end something to right hume about. They were erected in a purvious century. Whether they were franklings by name also has not been fully probed. Their design is a whosold word and the charming details of light in dark are freshed from the feminiairity which breathes content. The first exploder to make his ablations in these parks was indeed that lucky mortal. He comes out of the soil very well after all. There is always something racy about a sailor on a horse. Great sinner, great sonner, is in fact the motto of the MacCowell family. The gloved hand was introduced into their sacerdotal tree before the fourth of the twelfth and it is even a little odd all four horologeries horolodgeries still gonging restage Jakob van der Bethel smolking behind his pipe and with Esav of Messagepostumia lentling out his [borrowed] chafingdish and sound the apostles at all every hours of changeover. It is the The their signal for old Champelysed Champelysed to seeks seek the shades of his retirement and for young Chappielassies to tear around a round and tease their partners lovesoftfun at  __________ __________ (In the next draft Joyce wrote "at Finnegans Wake.")

bevel - to recede in a slope from the right angle, to slant

rite - a formal procedure or act in a religious or other solemn observance + rook's right (chess) + (notice to shipping, on rock).

sarve - obs. form of serve

nota bene - mark well, observe particularly

rare (Irish Pronunciation) - rear

beinn (ben) (gael) - peak, headland + Ben of Howth - highest point on Howth peninsula (three distinct peaks visible) + FDV: The rare view from the gr three Benns is on the other end something to right hume about.

åskan (Swedish) - the thunder

blixten (Swedish) = bliksem (Dutch) - lightning.

dimman (Swedish) - the fog

blåsten (Swedish) - the wind

Hume, David (1711–76) - Scottish philosopher whose sceptical philosophy restricted human knowledge to that which can be perceived by the senses + nothing to write home about - denoting something that is unworthy of comment, unremarkable or mediocre.


coop - a kind of basket placed over fowls when sitting or being fattened; a cage or pen of basketwork or the like for confining poultry, etc.; Also hen-coop + Hellfire Club, on hill over Dublin.

Bristol - a city of England upon the Wiltshire or Lower Avon, famous since early times for its maritime trade and manufactures, and giving its name to various commercial and natural products. Henry II gave Dublin to citizens of Bristol (subsequent migration to Dublin).

trudge - to walk laboriously, wearily, or without spirit, but steadily and persistently. Sometimes merely an undignified equivalent of 'walk', 'go on foot'.

trolly - a low truck without sides or ends, esp. one with flanged wheels for running on a railway, or a track of rails in a factory, etc. + holy + trolls.

elven - Originally, a female elf, but in later use applied to both sexes + heaven

Kobold (ger) - goblin + cobbled.


scribble - to write something hastily or carelessly, either as to handwriting or composition

franklin - freeholder + Benjamin Franklin (lightning) [.14]

probe - fig. To search into, so as thoroughly to explore, or to discover or ascertain something.

fresh - to refresh, strengthen

femininity - the characteristic quality or assemblage of qualities pertaining to the female sex, womanliness + familiarity breeds contempt - a long and close relationship causes feelings of scorn and dislike.

O ferax cupla (l) - (1) O fertile tub; (2) O fruitful bond (connection) + O felix culpa (l) - O happy sin + cupla (kuple) (gael) - couple, pair, twins.

exploder - one who or that which explodes; one who refutes a theory, etc. + explorer

ablation - surgical removal of a body part or tissue + ablution - the act or process of washing clean + oblation - the presentation of bread and wine to God in the Eucharist.

First day - the name given (chiefly by members of the Society of Friends) to Sunday, as being the first day of the week

ark papper (Swedish) - sheet of paper

anticido (l) - to cut in front + antecedently - at an earlier time or formerly.

ink - to mark (words or a design) with ink + linked.

Tristan died at Cliff of Penmarks, Brittany

prov (Swedish) - sample + simple proof.

covertly - in a concealed manner; secretly, privately + Kuvert (ger) - envelope.

gefaltet (ger) - folded + faulted.

stink - a foul, disgusting, or offensive smell + stylus and ink.

stigmatophoron (gr) - a thing bearing tattoo-marks + stigma - a mark made upon the skin by burning with a hot iron (rarely, by cutting or pricking), as a token of infamy or subjection; a brand. Also fig. + (paper wounds made by professor [124.03])

tofflor (Swedish) = tøffler (Danish) - slippers + tøfler (Danish) - one who shuffles, trudges + tøffelhelt (Danish) - henpecked husband (literally 'slippers hero').

shuffling - the action of moving the feet along the ground without lifting them

also + alongside.

pannikin - a small metal (usually tinned iron) drinking vessel; the head + panni (it) - clothes + Pannika (Hungarian) - Anne (diminutive) + Prankquean [021.15]


talon - the powerful claws of a bird of prey, or of a dragon, griffin, etc. + talents.

wandle - 'to walk unsteadily or wearily; to move with a slow, trembling step' + wanderer.

seeking + lurking.

rute - route (obs.)

Unterrock (ger) - petticoat

appeler (French) - invite + faire des appels (French Slang) - to make amorous overtures + appealed.

clothes + fancy-clad + kläder (Swedish) - clothes + Cladach (kladokh) (gael) - Stony-seashore; fishing settlement in Galway town.

ply - to use, handle, or wield vigorously or diligently + played

poker - a card game + polka - a lively dance of Bohemian origin.

flickor (Swedish) - girls

flore - obs. form of floor + flores (l) - flowers.

humpy - humped, humpbacked

dumpy - short and stout; deficient in length or stature

racy - Of persons: Having a distinctive quality or vigour of character or intellect; lively, spirited, full of 'go' + FDV: He comes out of the soil very well after all. There is always something racy about a sailor on a horse.

sale - to sell + Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price'.