agreeable - affording pleasure; pleasing, pleasant

singer + sine (l) - without + sine cura (l) - without care + sinecure - a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit.

churches + (gearless clutchless car).

absolent - erroneous form due to a confusion between absolute and obsolete + there's no time like the present (proverb) - now (i.e., the present time) is an appropriate time to take a particular action + 'There's no place like home' (song).

mix up - to mix or associate irrelevantly, unsuitably, or confusingly

Petty, Sir William (1623-87) - English statistician, made the Down Survey of Ireland, so called because the results were set down in maps + Vaughan, Father Bernard, S. J. (1847-1922) - noted English preacher, original of Father Purdon in "Grace," mentioned in Ulysses (443). In Buffalo Workbook #10: "Fr Bern. Vaughan granted privilege of portable altar" + Polly Vaughan (song).

populace - people in general considered as a whole + populus (l) - the people + FDV: mixing up pettyvaughan people populose with the magnumoore genstries,

magnus (l) - large + mór (Irish) - great.

gentry - people of gentle birth and breeding

Joyce's note: 'lloyd (grey)' + oily-haired.

mercenary - Of persons: Working merely for the sake of monetary or other reward; actuated by considerations of self-interest.

broker - a retailer of commodities; a second-hand dealer; one who acts as a middleman in bargains + General Blücher (Waterloo) + whitehaired missionary (mercenary) blokes + FDV: lloydhaired mersscenary blot blookers with boydskinned pigthetails pigthetailers

buidhe (bwi) (gael) - yellow

pigtail - a plait or queue of hair hanging down from the back of the head; transf. The wearer of a pigtail; a Chinese.

goo (slang.) - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush.

gwyn (Welsh) - white

dubh (duv) (gael) - black + "MR. JAMES DUFFY lived in Chapelizod because he wished to live as far as possible from the city of which he was a citizen and because he found all the other suburbs of Dublin mean, modern and pretentious." (A Painful Case) + FDV: and goochlipped gwendolenes with duffyeyed dolores;

lipped - having lips of a specified kind

unprobable (obs.) - improbable, unlikely

pursuit - the action of seeking, or striving to obtain, attain, or accomplish something + Wilde on fox hunters: 'The unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable' + FDV: like so many unprobables in their poor suit of the improssable.

Mata - seven-headed tortoise, born of Eve and the serpent, who hollowed out the Boyne valley. The men of Ireland killed it and used its ribs to build the hurdleford + Mathew

John + yoni - The Sanskrit word for female genitals + FDV: With Mata and after please with Matamaru and after please stop with Matamaruluka and after stop do please with Matamarulukajoni. And anotherum. Ah es ess, dapple ass.

ess - the name of the letter S + ass

dapple - marked with roundish spots, patches, or blotches of a different colour or shade

grogram - a coarse fabric of silk, of mohair and wool, or of these mixed with silk + gruagan gre (grugan gre) (gael) - grey-hairdye hue.

ministello (obs.) - a petty minister + mister

Rosina - heroine of Rossini's Barber of Seville + Rosine (ger) - raisin.

amaryllis - a genus of autumn-flowering bulbous plants, typical of the N.O. Amaryllidaceć, species of which are cultivated as garden or hot-house flowers.

atravers - crosswise, sidewise; across

multitudinous - very numerous + millet - a graminaceous plant, Panicum miliaceum, native of India but extensively cultivated as a cereal in the warmer parts of Europe, growing three or four feet high + mille (l) - thousand + testudineus (l) - belonging to a tortoise.

ricorso (it) - recurring (Vico)

stoneglass - a kind of transparent stone, ? mica; also ? Brazilian pebble + stained glass.

in plain English

WYNN'S HOTEL - At 35-37 Lower Abbey Street since the 19th century.


BALBEC - The imaginary seaside resort in Normandy which figures largely in Proust's A la Recherche du Temps Perdus; the Narrator's sojourns there are at the Grand Hotel de la Plage. Proust took the name from Bolbec (a town on the Seine NE of Le Havre), the ambience from Cabourg, and other place-names from the areas around Cabourg and Cherbourg. In Sodome et Gomorrhe, the Academician Brichot etymologizes endlessly on place-names. Refs for the following names are to the Pleiade edition, Vol II.

Oldboof - Elbeuf, town on the Seine above Rouen (1098) 

Sassondale - springs of Sissonne, named for the Saxons (1099) 

Jorsey - the packetboat to Jersey (998) 

Uppygard - ? Heudicourt, location not given (487) 

Mundelonde - ?

Abbeytotte - ? (Abbeville, in Somme Dept, not mentioned by Proust) 

Bracqueytuitte - Braquetuit, location not given (890) 

Hockeyvilla - Orgeville, or Octeville (near Cherbourg) (1100) 

Fockeyvilla - Forcheville (after Swann's death, Odette marries the Comte de Forcheville) 

Wille (ger) - will, desire 

Walhalla (ger) - Valhalla, home of the gods

Thingmote - Viking parliament in Dublin


oriel - a large recess with a window, of polygonal plan, projecting from the outer face of the wall of a building, usually, in an upper story, and either supported from the ground or on corbels.

seeable - a thing capable of being seen (obs. rare.)

hearable - that can be heard, audible

horam (l) - hour

hymn - a song of praise to God + him.

muta - a direction to a player on a horn, trumpet, etc., or on drums, to change the key of his instrument + mutus (l) - dumb + Muta - a Roman goddess of silence, formerly Lara + muta! (l) - change! + FDV: Muta: Quodestnunc fumusiste vohlvuns ex volhvuns ex Domoyno?

quod (l) - why + nunc (l) - now.

fumeus (l) - fume

dominus (l) - master + domoi (Russian) - home + Quod est nunc fumus iste volvens ex Domino? (l) - What now is that smoke rolling out of the Lord?

iuvenis (l) - young + juvare (l) - to help + juva! (l) - help!

'the top of the morning to you' - Irish phrase, like good morning: top is the highest point, and can also mean best, like tiptop shape; so best of the morning, "have a good morning".

ought to + Odin + Edda.

thoroughly + Thor.

host - a man who lodges and entertains another in his house: the correlative of guest

dies (l) - day, time

dormio (l) - to sleep

illy - in an ill manner; badly; ill + all + commandant of all tenebrae.

tenebrae (l) - darkness + Deus est Dominus noster et commandant ille tenebras (l) - God is our Lord and he commands the darkness + Dies est Dominus noster et... (l) - Our Lord is the Day and...

diminuse - obs. Sc. form of diminish

aster - a plant of the daisy family that has bright rayed flowers, typically purple or pink + astęr (gr) = aster (l) - star + diminitus aster (l) - a star broken into bits.

an (Archaic) - if


amongst = among + monks.

gathering - that which is gathered or brought together

Wolke (ger) = wolk (Dutch) - cloud + walk + Work in Progress - Joyce's name for Finnegans Wake during composition.

khub (Persian) - good + dah (Serbian) - breath, exhalation.

chrysanthemon (gr) - golden-flower: garden ranunculus + Christian + anthem + (Saint Patrick).

Bonzo - the figure of a comically-shaped puppy which came into vogue through a series of drawings by G. E. Studdy (the first of which appeared in 'The Sketch' 8 Nov. 1922), and is used in various forms, as toys, etc. + bonze - a term applied by Europeans to the Buddhist clergy of Japan.

pompom - a representation of a repetitive sound, e.g. the beat of a popular tune or poem + pom-pom (machine gun).

plonkplonk - the sound of or as of one hard object hitting another

ghar (Persian) - cave + gharry (Anglo-Indian) - horsed vehicle, cart + wallah (Anglo-Indian) - fellow + Gallagher in A Little Cloud.


Cabrach (kobrokh) (gael) - Badland; N. Dublin district; anglic. Cabra + battlefield + FDV: Juva: It is the Chrystanthemlander with his porters of bonzos moveyovering the cabbra cabrattlefield of Slaine slaine.

slain - that has been slain; killed, slaughtered + SLANE - Village, County Meath, on Boyne River. The scene of many battles, from the 1st Viking attack in 948 to the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. Saint Patrick lit the Paschal fire at Slane, challenging the druids at Tara. 

pongo - a name in early writers of a large anthropoid African ape: variously identified with the Chimpanzee, and the Gorilla + pongo da panza (it) - I put from belly.

an (Archaic) - if

ascertain - to establish as a certainty (obs.) + "The presently accepted transcription of the name Osiris is Wsir, which is pronounced like one of the minor variations listed by Budge, "User" (Gods, II, 113). The Egyptian name of Osiris is thus probably a part of the word "uscertain" as found at 609.35. Here, the use of "uscertain" rather than "ascertain" the "scatterings" suggests the dismemberment of Osiris. "Druidful" instead of "dreadful" brings to mind not only the tree-spirits of the druids (and with Ani and User, the tree of Osiris), but also Joyce's statement that "Ireland . . . the religion and civilization of this ancient people, later known by the name of Druidism were Egyptian''. The phrase "stand one piece same place" suggests both the reassembly of the god's body and the replacement of his phallus, the "one piece same place"." (Mark L. Troy)

scattering - that which is scattered

someplace - somewhere; a particular or unspecified place